Weekly wrapup: YouTube XL, XBox 360 and Facebook, WD HD Media Player review, Disney on Vudu, INQ's Twitter phone, and more

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Internet TV

YouTube relaunches TV-friendly version of the site, Android ‘remote control’ debuts too

It’s not the first time that YouTube has rolled out a version of the video sharing site designed specifically for viewing on a television but the application’s been given a polish and a new name to boot.

XBox 360 to support Twitter and Facebook. Whose the biggest social network on TV now?

Microsoft announced at E3 that the XBox 360 will soon be adding support for two competing social networks – Twitter and Facebook – making the XBox 360 undoubtedly the most socially networked set-top box, but not necessarily a Microsoft-owned social network the biggest one on the television.

Review: WD HD Media Player, a ‘kitchen sink an all’ media player that just works

Sometimes a seemingly complex problem requires the simplest of solutions. Case in point is Western Digital’s WD HD Media Player, which provides a near fool-proof way of watching almost any video downloaded from the Internet on the TV.

Vudu now offering Disney HD movies for purchase on same ‘day and date’ as Blu-ray

Vudu (U.S.-only) is to offer new Disney HD releases for purchase through its set-top box movie service on the same “day and date” as their competing DVD/Blu-ray release.


INQ working on a mass market ‘Twitter phone’

Hutchison-owned INQ, makers of the Skype phone and INQ1 – dubbed the Facebook phone – is said to be targeting Twitter next, according to news report.

BBC iPlayer and the Creative Zen X-Fi

Yesterday, I was out tech shopping with a friend and a simple brief. Purchase a 4-8 GB flash-based MP3 player, and one that wasn’t an iPod. What we came away with was the Creative Zen X-Fi, which isn’t the newest of players but has its fair share of iPod-trumping features nonetheless.

Smartphone and Netbook, meet Smartbook (but haven’t we met before?)

On the day that Intel secured the right from Psion to legally use the trademarked term Netbook, rival chip designer Qualcomm is pushing a “new” category of mobile device, which the company is calling a Smartbook.

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