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Top ten Digital Lifestyle products of 08

There was lots of activity in the Digital Lifestyle space in 08 with new devices, services and platforms being launched, and some of our favorites from last year receiving significant updates. One notable trend throughout is the way in which these products and services began to converge. Not in the sense of all-in-one devices, although these do exist, but through hardware, services and content playing nicely, often through open standards, platforms or partnerships, with the Internet acting as a conduit. On that note, here’s my pick of the best ten Digital Lifestyle products of 08.

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Feature posts on last100 in 2007, editor's picks

last100As the year comes to a close, here are ten of my favorite feature posts from last100 in 2007. These weren’t necessarily the most popular in terms of page views or reader comments, but give a great overview of the breadth and depth of digital lifestyle coverage we’ve tried to deliver since we launched on May 20 2007. Here’s to more of the same in 2008 and wishing you all a happy new year!

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Digital music: 2007 year in review

iTunes PlusDitching DRM, new mobile offerings, pay-what-you-want and other alternative business models — one word to sum up activity in the digital music space in 2007: “experimentation”. In this post we look back at 2007 through the lens of last100’s coverage, highlighting some of the important stories and trends, and how they point to what we might expect for digital music in 2008.

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