Weekly wrapup: GSM Palm Pre review, Macbook melted key mystery, Sony Ericsson Satio launch, Adobe Flash vs Apple iPhone, 7Digital and BlackBerry, and more

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Gadgets and canapés: PR, Paranoia and the Palm Pre [review]

I’ve written up my Day One impressions of the UK version of the Palm Pre, along with a tongue-in-cheek description of the PR back-story, in my debut column — working title: Gadgets and canapés — for Ewan MacLeod’s Mobile Industry Review (MIR).

The unsolved Macbook Melted Key Mystery

Late last night I looked down at my unibody Macbook’s keyboard and, shock-horror, the zero key had melted!

Back from the Sony Ericsson Satio launch – first impressions

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a really fun Sony Ericsson launch party – a kind of rebranding of sorts underpinned by the slogan ‘make.believe’ and used to officially launch the company’s new flagship Satio handset.

Palm to developers: “We love you man”

Palm have made a number of announcements after listening to feedback from the community, the biggest of which is that developers will be able to ’self-sign’ their apps and distribute them via the Web, and in doing so, bypass any formal approval process.

Without Apple’s help, Adobe building Flash to iPhone development bridge

The upcoming version of the latest Flash developer tools – Adobe Flash Professional CS5 – will offer Flash developers a way to output their finished creations as a native app for iPhone and iPod touch.

Internet TV

Adobe Flash seen running on Palm Pre – Netbooks, MIDs, and other smartphones also set to win (iPhone aside)

Adobe has long talked up its ambition to have Flash running on all manner of screens, not just the humble PC, and today the company got a lot closer to walking the walk not just talking.

Video: YouTube on the WD TV Live HD Media Player

The newly released WD TV Live HD adds an Ethernet port and support for YouTube and Flickr, Internet radio from Live365 and Pandora, along with content stored on a Windows PC or Mac on the same local network.

Digital Music

7digital launches in the US, BlackBerry music download store provides the splash

Like many British acts, UK-based music download service 7digital is hoping to conquer America. Today the company announced that its 6 million plus strong MP3 music store has opened its doors in the US, with tracked offered from Universal Music Group, Warner, EMI, Sony and an array independent labels.

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