Ten things you might not know about me (tenthings.me)

Introducing tenthings.me

What started off as a bit of fun on a long New Year’s day weekend, has launched as TenThings.me:

… a place to share (up to) ten things about yourself that your friends and co-workers might not know.

It’s in part inspired by the recent viral hit threewords.me but also an old blogging meme whereby bloggers wrote a post dedicated to letting their readers know a bit more about themselves. Just for fun. And so in the age of Twitter and Facebook in which most people don’t blog anymore, tenthings.me was born so that the old ‘ten things’ meme could live on.

Here’s 10 things you might not know about me

There’s also an interesting (to me anyway) aside to the story of tenthings.me. I actually wrote some of the app’s code, along with my friend Pete Harris, but prior to TenThings I hadn’t programed for years. Inspired on New Year’s day to get my hands dirty again, I browsed the Amazon Kindle book store and within a few minutes had bought a PHP refresher book electronically. A few minutes later, I was writing code again. If I’d had to wait till a dead-tree book arrived in the post, I’m pretty sure the moment would have been lost.

Another reason to love my Kindle.

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12 Responses to “Ten things you might not know about me (tenthings.me)”

  1. Steve says:

    I am inspired by how quick you were in refreshing your skills and were coding again with no time. Your right once the moment is lost then its very hard to catch up.

  2. Andy says:

    Interesting idea about the ten things, actually there are a so many different view about anyone, and it’s interesting to know what others are thinking about. great idea on ten things

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  3. John says:

    Very nice post. Would be hard to list ten things that i know of if i had to

  4. cs joshi says:

    However, with Symbian’s modest power requirements in comparison to other mobile platforms and the N8’s modest processor, battery life shouldn’t be an issue for at least a full day’s use and some.

  5. kode aplikasi, bersama dengan teman saya Pete Harris, tetapi sebelum TenThings saya belum memprogram selama bertahun-tahun. Terinspirasi pada hari Tahun Baru untuk membuat tangan saya kotor lagi, saya melihat-lihat toko buku Amazon Kindle dan dalam beberapa menit telah membeli

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