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Just for laughs: 8 comedy video sites

cc web showsIf comedy is your thing, the Web can be a funny place. Finding the laughs, however, is no laughing matter.

I thought it would be easy to put together a review of my top 5 or 10 comedy video podcasts. But narrowing down favorite comedy into 5 or 10 shows is like finding my 5 favorite grains of sand on a California beach.

So instead of 5 or 10 video podcast comedies, I’ve collected some of my favorite places to find video comedy on the Web. I’ll mostly leave it up to your funny bone to find something that makes you laugh, although I’ve snuck in a few for your viewing pleasure.

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Videos of the week: all in HD

hidden universe imageWhile there is no high definition content to purchase from the iTunes Music Store yet, there are HD video podcasts that can be downloaded and viewed on various devices including PCs, video iPods, XBox 360, and the AppleTV. These, no doubt, are showing us what the future of downloadable HD content looks like.

All I can say is: Wow.

I chose to watch five HD video podcasts from the Featured Video Podcasts tab at the iTMS — “DiveFilm,” “Hidden Universe,” “Beautiful Places,” “Cool Hunting Video,” and “TRGtv”. These “programs” range from user-generated content to indie professionals. I’ve always heard from my HD buddies that the best HD has to offer is seen in nature shows, and these do not disappoint even as downloadable content.

Let me say it again: Wow.

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Video of the week: "the show with zefrank"

ze frank logoIt’s a bit odd to be writing a review about a video podcast that began on March 17, 2006 and ended on March 17, 2007. Today, in case you don’t know or have to look it up, is August 3, 2007.

But this is no ordinary video podcast. It’s living beyond the end. “the show with zefrank” is still a Featured Video Podcast (comedy) on the iTunes Music Store. “zefrank the songs”, a soundtrack for “the show” featuring such ditties as “If the Earth Were a Sandwich” and “Stinky Nipples”, is also being sold on the iTMS.

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Video of the week: "Ask A Ninja"

ask a ninjaI have to write a positive review about the video podcast “Ask A Ninja“, or I will be attacked, maybe killed by a silent sword-wielding Ninja. My family will never be safe. Even the dogs will be threatened.

It’s a good thing I love “Ask A Ninja”.

“Ask A Ninja” is the clever award-winning (YouTube’s best series of 2006) creation of two Los Angeles improvisational comedians, Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine. Sarine is the man in the Ninja mask and assassin attire who karate-chops his way through an email-a-show question from viewers on subjects such as Ninja training, Ninja skills, Ninja love, how to kill a ninja, Ninja recipes, and non-ninja subjects like podcasting, Net Neutrality, Pop!Tech, and reviews of the movies “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” and “Blades of Glory.”

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Video of the week: "InDigital"

in digital logoHi, my name is Dan, and I’m a gadget head.

See, there. I’ve admitted what my wife and friends have said for years. I am a gadget head, whether I own the equipment or not. And this love affair with technology and gadgets is what attracts me to tech podcasts and video podcasts like Revision3’s gadget show “InDigital”.

Billed as “Your Life in Gear”, “InDigital” explores the devices of our digital lifestyles: cameras, camcorders, cell phones, GPS, media centers, HD Radio, music players, computers, accessories. Name a gadget, “InDigital” and it’s hosts Hahn Choi, Jessica Corbin and Will Wheaton have deftly covered it.

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Video of the week: "Bad Sinatra"

This is a new weekly feature where we’ll be reviewing an online video show or podcast every Friday. It’s our goal to introduce interesting content for all of our cool digital lifestyle devices, including iPods and PSPs, Apple TV, Windows Media Centers, gaming consoles, TiVo, even cell phones.

Steve Gillmor

I’m giving Steve Gillmor a mulligan on this one.

Steve Gillmor, the irascible technology journalist of ZDNet fame (and others), has finally returned to the podcasting airwaves with a wonderfully-named show called “Bad Sinatra,” only this time he’s wielding a camcorder, not a microphone.

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