Wrapup: Motorola DEXT/CLIQ review, 5 mobile trends for the next decade, Internet-connected TVs at CES, and more

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Review: Motorola DEXT / CLIQ – another social networking play with MotoBLUR

It seems that 2009 is the year of the comeback handset. Palm saw its Second Coming with the Palm Pre (review). Sony Ericsson relaunched with the Symbian-powered Satio (for what good that did them) and a new slogan. And Motorola, after years in hibernation and having completely missed the smartphone boat, unveiled its first Android-powered device, the Motorola DEXT as it’s known in Europe or CLIQ in the states. The DEXT isn’t just any old Android handset, either.

My 5 mobile trends for the next decade #m2020

Rudy De Waele (@mtrends), who has been tracking the mobile space for as long as I can remember, asked a number of his personal “mobile heroes” to predict five game-changing mobile trends for the next decade. Not quite sure how I made the list – there are some real heavyweights included – but I’m flattered none-the-less. Here are my 5 mobile trends for the next ten years.

CES 2010: Internet-connected TVs: Yahoo, Samsung, Roku and PopBox

Internet TV and Connected TVs were big topics at last year CES. This year we are seeing content-filled products coming to fruition, and deals being made to make watching Internet TV on the big screen a comfortable reality.  At CES this year the Internet set top boxes (STBs) evolved. But with the innovation comes fear.

More details on the Boxee Box – geeks and early adopters need only apply

We knew it was coming (it was semi-announced in December) but now more details of the Boxee set-top box have been unveiled. Most interesting is the price point – $200 – and the way Boxee and hardware partner D-Link are pitching the device.

Skype on your telly! Might be time to upgrade

With today’s news, I can see myself upgrading my 37 inch 1080p HD television a lot sooner than I planned. Skype announced today that the VoIP/video conferencing service is coming to Internet-connected TVs. Combine this with Internet widgets and online video-capability, and my relatively modern TV will soon look a bit long in the tooth.

Project Canvas to give Internet TV a big push or why the market doesn’t always know best

It looks like Project Canvas will go ahead after the BBC Trust, which oversees the UK public broadcaster, gave the thumbs up to the proposal, concluding that the positive impact it will have on the Internet-connected future of TV outweighed any anti-competitive repercussions.

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