Weekly wrapup, 19-23 May 2008

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Internet TV news

Roku delivers first Netflix set-top box

This week Netflix announced that Roku, best known for its line of networked audio players, has become the first company to offer a dedicated set-top box designed to bring Netflix’s ‘Watch Now’ Internet TV service to the television.

In just two months, Hulu becomes 10th largest online video streaming site

In just over two months, Hulu has moved from private beta to the No. 10 online video streaming site. In doing so, Hulu bests all of the major networks — NBC and Fox (Hulu’s parents), ABC, and CBS.

PlayStation 3 games can now offer YouTube uploads

By taking advantage of YouTube’s recently updated API and tools, Sony has added support for the video sharing site to its Software Development Kit for the PlayStation 3. Developers can now create games that enable direct upload of in-game video captures to YouTube.

Viacom seems to have cooled on Joost; is it headed to the Deadpool?

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman was less than enthusiastic about Joost in a recent interview. “We come at Joost or any other platforms from the point of view that we cannot predict… which ones are going to be hugely successful, moderately successful, [or] which won’t work.”

Mobile news

Google prepping more iPhone-native apps

With Apple set to roll out the next major software update for the iPhone, and with it official support for third-party applications, it will come as no surprise that Google is busy prepping some new wares. “We expect to have applications at Day One”, says Google’s vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra.

Finding streaming content for iPhone, iPod touch: There’s a lot available

We surveyed streaming content for the iPhone (and iPod touch) and was pleasantly surprised by what we found.

Digital Music news

Napster: DRM is dead, long live DRM

While the company’s a la carte download store has finally ditched DRM in line with the rest of the music industry, Napster is still very much in the music subscriptions game, and with it a major peddler of copy-protection.

That’s a wrap for the week. Hope you had a nice weekend!

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