PlayStation 3 games can now offer YouTube uploads

PlayStation 3 games can now offer YouTube uploadsIt’s no secret that we’re fans of the PlayStation 3. And with the news that Sony’s next-generation console will now offer game developers an easy way to integrate YouTube uploads, we’re gushing once again.

By taking advantage of YouTube’s recently updated API and tools, Sony has added support for the video sharing site to its Software Development Kit to allow developers “to create games that enable direct upload of in-game video captures to YouTube”. While a few titles on both Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s XBox 360 already offer the ability to save game replays and share them over the Web, it’s the first time that a games console has offered YouTube support as a built-in and officially supported developer feature.

Best of all, the new YouTube upload functionality can be potentially incorporated into existing PS3 titles, not just new releases, through the ability of games to push out network updates. Typical use cases for YouTube uploads could include action replays from sports simulations or first-person shooters, as well as user-generated content from titles such as Sony’s Singstar karaoke offering.

In our Year in review 2007 for Internet TV we noted how YouTube remains the largest online video destination, both in terms of traffic and mind share:

When people talk about online video they often refer only to YouTube. As a result, a number of hardware companies have added YouTube support to their devices in 2007, such as YouTube-compatible cameras and mobile phones capable of viewing and publishing video to YouTube. And then there’s the strong relationship between Google and Apple, which this year has led to YouTube support being added to both the AppleTV and iPhone

And in 2008, this trend continues. TiVo has announced support for YouTube, along with a number of television makers. Now we can add PlayStation 3 games to the list.

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    Thats great news. But after reading the entire post I still wonder that how will the competitors like ninetendo and others react to this?

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