Win a HP HDX Dragon 20inch notebook; name your top five digital lifestyle products and services

Please note: the competition is now closed. The winner has been announced.

The 31 Days of the Dragon giveaway continues, and today it’s our turn.

To qualify for a chance of winning a top of the line HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook loaded with features and software — 20.1″ display, Intel Core 2 Extreme x9000, 4GB of Ram, Blu-Ray drive and lots more including a good few games and Blu-Ray movies to get you started (total retail price approx $5,000) — you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Leave a comment on this post listing your top five digital lifestyle products and/or services. They don’t need to all be products you own, and they could be digital lifestyle services you use, but they must all be currently available. It would also be useful to add in brackets what they do (see example below).
  2. Make sure you leave a working email address in the ’email’ field of the comments form.
  3. You may only enter once.
  4. If you are the winner and based in the U.S. you must be willing to file a tax return form with Buzz Corps who are administrating the competition. However, they will issue a check to offset the taxes in the U.S. relating to the prize.
  5. After seven days from this post, the winner will be chosen randomly from all complete entries.
  6. Our decision is final and we reserve the right to change the rules if there has been an omission on our part or we suspect unfair conduct on the part of an entrant.

As an example, my top five current digital lifestyle products and services are:

  • iPod touch
  • BBC iPlayer (for iPhone/iPod touch)
  • PlayStayion 3
  • Zattoo (Live TV on a PC)
  • Pandora (Internet radio)

Good luck!

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Please note: the competition is now closed. The winner has been announced.

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1,393 Responses to “Win a HP HDX Dragon 20inch notebook; name your top five digital lifestyle products and services”

  1. Jamie Jahnke says:

    Zune (Digital Audio Player)
    HTC Tytn II (Windows Mobile based PDA/Phone)
    Dish Network 625 (or any DBS DVR)
    Nintendo DS

  2. LilyMaster says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    2. Total Commander (File browser)
    3. Skype (VoIP telephony)
    4. Winamp (Audio/video player)
    5. µTorrent (BitTorrent client)

  3. Mastersson says:

    HP mini-note 2133
    imeem (audio and visual streamer)
    Nokia N95
    InDtube (Digital TV Tuner by evga)
    Sony HDR-TG3E camcorder

  4. Vipralion says:

    1. Xbox Live on Xbox 360
    2. Windows Live (Messenger, Mail)
    3. Zune (Music Social, Software, and Device)
    4. PlayStation 3
    5. Digsby (for my various other IM profiles plus Myspace/Facebook integration)

  5. Pedro Amorim says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. Evernote (cross platform notes storage service)
    3. Panasonic Lumix FZ8
    4. Google Mail
    5. Winamp Shoutcast Streaming

  6. Ryan R says:

    Macbook Pro
    Nintendo Wii
    XBox 360 (Media Center Extender)
    Sirius (Internet Radio)

  7. Leone says:

    1.Eee PC 900
    2.Nokia 810 internet tablet
    3.Windows Live
    4.Canon Rebel XSi camera
    5.B&O Beosound 2 (mp3 player)

  8. Vivek says:

    iPod Touch
    Eten Glofiish M700 with WM6 (Windows Mobile based Smartphone)
    Sony Cybershot DSC W-100 (Digital Camera)
    WorldSpace Satellite Radio Service
    Wordpress (Web Blogging Service)

  9. Dan G says:

    1. iPhone
    3. iLife ’08 (mostly for iWeb, iPhoto and iMovie)
    4. YouTube (on iPhone)
    5. FoxyTunes (iTunes or other media player controller — Firefox plugin)

  10. eerational says:

    Asus W5F Notebook PC (Can’t live without my laptop)
    Nokia N82 (Mobile Phone cum Digital Camera)
    Launchy (Keystroke launcher for Windows)
    Mozilla Firefox + various extensions/add-ons (Web browser)
    Logitech VX Nano (Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks)

  11. mfmjos says:

    Windows Home Server (centralized digital media storage)
    iPod (any portable digital music/video player)
    Windows Media Center (or any DVR)
    Mozy (online data backup)

  12. Jessica Gugel says:

    Mozilla Firefox (best browser on the web)
    Xbox 360
    iPod Touch
    Windows Live
    BBC iPlayer

  13. laylaholic says:

    Samsung P2 MP3 Player – Greatest thing since sliced bread
    Mozilla Firefox – Do I need to say more?
    Youtube – I am such an addict
    Kodad Z740 Camera – Not the newest but still great shots
    Freecom 500GB Backup HDD – saved my ass so many times!

  14. Vignesh says:

    1) Sony Ericsson w610i walkman series phone
    2) Windows Vista Ultimate
    3) Gmail
    4) µTorrent (BitTorrent client)
    5) Skype (VOIP)

  15. Kevin says:

    1. Lenovo Thinkpad x300 (best ultraportable laptop by far)
    2. Sony Ericsson P1i
    3. Youtube
    4. iPod
    5. Gmail

  16. blue.o7 says:

    1: iPod Touch
    2: Wii
    3: XBOX 360
    4: PS3
    5: iMac

  17. MSUser says:

    iPhone (THE mobile phone)
    Zune (Digital Audio Player)
    Office Outlook (Mail/Time managing software)
    Live Messenger (chat program)
    Asus EeePC (notebook)

  18. 1. Windows Media Center – Vista (DVR)
    2. Zune 2 80 GB (Portable Media Player)
    3. XBOX 360 MCX (Media Center Extender)
    4. My Movies (Movie management plug-in for media center)
    5. Sony PSP (Portable games console / remote control for my media center PC)

  19. Onzo says:

    1) Maxthon (even better web browser, every ff extension worth having built in already)
    2) Newsleecher +subscription
    3) Winamp
    5) TED.COM

  20. Scott Banks says:

    I-pod Nano (3rd Gen.)
    Tivo (DVR)
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 (camera)
    Motorola Krzr K1m (Cell phone)
    Dell XPS M1530 (Laptop)

  21. 1: iPhone
    2: Skype
    3: PS3
    4: Youtube
    5: iMac

  22. Eileen says:

    Nintendo Wii
    Hp HDX notebook
    ipod shuffle

  23. Megan Latham says:

    MSN Messenger
    Playstation 3
    Foxytunes (Firefox plugin for media player)

  24. Scott says:

    LogMeIn [easily work on your work PC from home]
    Fogbugz [bug management software that I use for everything I do]
    Carbonite [online backup]

  25. Lawrence says:

    iPhone (next best thing to getting an HDX Dragon)
    Canon PowerShot (digital camera) (digital audio news and information)
    Linksys Wireless-G Internet Video Security Camera (surveillance)
    Motorola DVR (digital video recorder)

  26. surrealvortex says:

    1. Nokia 5500 Sport ( the smallest smartphone ever )

    2. Transcend JF V30 2gb pendrive

    3. Sony MDR-91 “in-canal” earplugs ( amazing sound on the move )

    4. Creative 4400 4.1 surround sound system

    5. HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (don’t have this one yet.. but its very cool!)

  27. xemone says:

    Apple iPod
    HTC Shift (Intel McCaslin-based Ultra Mobile PC) Full Episode Player (ABC’s online video streamer)
    Sony Playstation 3

  28. 1. Sharp Aquos LCD TV
    2. Altec Lansing FX4021
    3. HP Deskjet F4180 All-in-One Printer, Scanner and Copier
    4. Nokia N73 Music Edition
    5. Fluke 280 Series Digital Mulimeter

  29. Tom Escott says:

    1. Tablet PC (HP Compaq tc4200)
    2. iPod Nano (audiobooks, calendar, contacts)
    3. RSS / Google Reader (the world is flat again)
    4. Microsoft OneNote (organizing my ink)
    5. HD HDX Dragon (the boombox of notebooks)

  30. Linu says:

    iPodSoft (iPod Music Player)
    RealPlayer (Media Player)
    AVS DVD Player
    Pandora (Internet radio Player)
    Skype (VOIP)

  31. Richard Shaw says:

    1)windows vista untimate
    2)broardband internet
    3)Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico(all pc security on a usb need to install)
    4)ipod touch
    5)borland turbo C++(C++ program developing software)

  32. Angelique Smola says:

    1. Sharp Aquos LCD TV
    2. Zune 2 80 GB (Portable Media Player)
    3. XBOX 360 MCX (Media Center Extender)
    4. iPod
    5. Nokia N82 (Mobile Phone cum Digital Camera)

  33. Jordan says:

    Xbox 360 and Live Connection
    Harman Kardon AVR645
    Internet Connection

  34. Micah Ovadia says:

    1) iPod Touch
    2) (video conferencing)
    3) Sennheiser PX100 headphones
    4) Nintendo Wii
    5) HD HDX Dragon

  35. DaddyBear says:

    1. Kohjinsha SH6 (UMPC laptop)
    2. MythTV PVR
    3. iTunes
    4. Google (docs, alerts, reader)
    5. Twitter

  36. DakkonA says:

    1. Microsoft Zune (Digital Media Player)
    2. (Tech News)
    3. Canon PowerShot SD450 (Digital Camera)
    4. (Streaming Music)
    5. Samsung Series 6 HDTV

  37. 1: Macbook Pro [running Leopard and Vista … I haven’t powered on my Dell XPS in months]
    2: iPaq 4355 Pocket PC [I have my life in this thing, sync’d to my work Outlook]
    3: iPod Touch [music & video & portable personal email … which is blocked at work]
    4: Nintendo DS [loves me some gaming!]
    5: Sony PSP [for gaming and Skype]

  38. charlotte says:

    1. Skype (VoIP telephony)
    2. iPod Touch
    3. Last FM (streaming music)
    4. Google
    5. Opera (web browser)

  39. Carrie says:

    1. (official website with tv shows)
    2. iPod (preferably a touch, but I make do with a shuffle).
    3. Asus eee (extremely portable low cost laptop).
    4. Skype (VOIP)
    5. Sony PSP

  40. iPhone
    Drive + Play 2
    XBOX 360

  41. BlackNemesis says:

    Nintendo Wii (Game System / Nintendo rocks and SSBB is just epic)
    Sirius Satellite Radio (Gotta have Howard Stern)
    Broadband Internet (Can’t live without it)
    Opera (Web Browser) (Awesome place to buy anything computer related)

  42. Jeff says:

    PS3 (Blu-ray player / DLNA media client / Games)
    EyeTV (watch and record TV on a Mac)
    Apple TV (streaming TV shows, movies from laptop to the big screen)
    Yamaha RX-V563 (HDMI switching and that glorious 7.1 surround sound)
    iPhone (watch recorded TV shows and movies on the go)

  43. Chris Dalton says:

    Blackberry 8820 (phone, PIM, music player, mobile connectivity)
    Google Apps (Mail, Maps)
    Remember the Milk (Task Management)
    Windows Media Player 11

  44. Stephen Boots says:

    1. Zune (Media Player)
    2. AT&T/HTC 8525 Mobile Phone
    3. Forte Agent (nntp Newreader)
    4. Windows Home Server ( for backups, Shares, Remote Access)
    5. Microsoft Outlook 2007

  45. Elena Soltau says:

    1. AT&T Tilt (Without it, I would not know where I am or where I am supposed to be.)
    2. TomTom (At least I know how to get there)
    3. Playstation3 (All work and no play……)
    4. iTouch
    5. Twitter (At least I know the mundane things my friends are doing.)

  46. Jesse Smith says:

    1. BlackBerry Pearl (smartphone)
    2. Playstation 3
    3. DirecTV DVR (satellite TV receiver / recorder)
    4. HP MediaSmart Server EX475 (home network file / media server)
    5. T-Mobile Hotspot @Home (WiFi cell phone service)

  47. Manuel says:

    Microsoft Surface
    iMac 24”
    Google Earth
    Last FM

  48. Josky says: (streaming music)
    Nokia N82 phone
    FotoFusion (photo collage)
    Panasonic HDC-HS9 (Camcorder)
    Nikon D60 (digital camera)

  49. Bob Walters says:

    1. YP-K3JAB Samsung MP3 player (Music)

    2. Firefox 3 (web browser)

    3. Xbox 360 w/wireless adapter and Gold Live (Gaming)

    4.Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD DVR (Digital HD Recording)

    5.Canon EOS-40D 10.1 MP SLR Digital Camera (DigitalPhotography)

  50. Jürgen says:

    Mozilla Firefox (web browser)
    Nokia N-Gage (mobile phone)
    Hotmail (mail service)
    iPod Nano
    Google (search engine)

  51. bernd0g says:

    Mozilla Firefox
    iPod Nano
    Verizon FiOS (Internet and television service both)
    PlanOn RC800 Professional Color Scanning Pen (highly portable document scanner)

  52. Barbara Baker says:

    1) Microsoft Ultimate 2007 (email, word, publisher, accounting program)

    2) iPod touch (Music player)

    3) Microsoft Zune (Music player)

    4) Asus Eee PC (the cutest notebooks ever)

    5) Yahoo Instant Messenger (Instant messenger)

  53. Rui Costa says:

    Motorola MPx220 Smartphone
    Windows Live

  54. Matthew Risser says:

    1) HP HDX Dragon (duh.)
    2) Media Player Classic (Best Media player out there)
    3) Firefox
    4) Last.FM (online radio)
    5) Guild Wars (MMO Game)

  55. Yenna says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (The best web browser)
    2. iPod (My music player is my life)
    3. Wii (Only way I get exercise -__- )
    4. GMAIL (I live on my email)
    5. iTunes (Music music music!)

  56. 1. Sony Ericsson W580 Walkman Phone
    2. Plantronics 855 Stereo Bluetooth headset
    3. Yahoo Instant Messenger
    4. MSN Messenger
    5. Facebook

  57. 1. Google-, search, mail, calendar, reader…
    2. BlackBerry
    3. Nikon D50 DSLR camera
    4. Media Player Classic
    5. Firefox upgraded with cool addons

  58. Dan Walker says:

    1. Dash Command (keyboard launcher and so much more)
    2. Roboform (best password manager ever!)
    3. FreeMind (Free mindmapping software)
    4. Google Docs (lets me get my documents from anywhere)
    5. GameTap (all the games I could ever want)

  59. Wayne Daugherty says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. XBOX 360
    3. YouTube
    4. Macbook Pro
    5. Firefox (The best web browser)

  60. Debra says:

    1. OLPC (one lap top per child project, computing for the masses))
    2. (voice to text and more)
    3. Hulu (TV and Movies)
    4. IPOD (choose your flavor)
    5. RSS Feeds (the info you want direct to you)

  61. Lim Ghim Boon says:

    1. Opera (Internet Browser)
    2. FeedDemon (RSS Aggregator)
    3. Digsby (Multi-protocol IM)
    4. Nintendo Wii
    5. iPod

  62. Smalllking says:

    1. Cingular 8125(My smartphone)
    2. Ipod Video(because the radio sucks)
    3. Sony PSP(i couldnt get through 8 hours of tech support a day without it)
    4. Nintendo Wii(It is a wii, come on)
    5. Nintendo DS(Once more to get me through the day)

  63. Thomas Darling says:

    1. Windows Media Center (using this and a projector really is a nice experience)

    2. iPhone (finally, a mobile device that has all the features i need)

    3. Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC (30″, 2560×1600 pixels – a truely awesome monitor)

    4. Microsoft Office 2007 (my life would be a mess without Outlook!)

    5. MacBook Air (beautyfull, functional, and without all the legacy crap)

  64. Andrew Lee says:

    1. Zune (portable media player)
    2. (streaming TV shows online for free)
    3. Skype (VOIP with video)
    4. Mozilla Seamonkey (browser, email, Usenet)
    5. HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (awesome “notebook” computer)

  65. Dale Reeck says:

    1. AT&T Tilt PocketPC
    2. AppleTV (with over 1300 movie and television shows available for streaming)
    3. iPhone 16GB (transferred my home landline number to this phone)
    4. Dell D630 Notebook Computer
    5. Pentax K10D DSLR Camera

  66. Matt G says:

    Xbox 360
    Samsung i760 (WM6 Phone)
    Zune (Digital Media PLayer)
    my 32″ 720p TV. (No better ways to play my Xbox 360 games)
    RSS Feeds (internet reading made easier)

  67. 1. Acer C200 Tablet PC with Windows XP
    2. Ipod Nano 3rd Gen
    3. Tivo
    4. Novatel U720 Wireless Broadband card
    5. Wii

  68. Tim Wouters says:

    1. iMac
    2. Canon Powershot (digital camera)
    3. iPod Nano
    4. RSS (huge time saver!)
    5. DVR recording & timeshift (watch tv on your terms)

  69. David Crooks says:

    1. Asus Eee PC 4G Galaxy
    2. Archos 404 DMP
    3. Palm T|X
    4. Acer Aspire 9410z running Kubuntu
    5. DirectTV DVR

  70. Gregg says:

    1. Miro (cross-platform video feed downloader)
    2. Neuros OSD (dvr)
    3. ASUS EEE PC
    4. Meraki (wi-fi sharing)
    5. Samson – Zoom – H4 (audio recorder)

  71. Ankur Jain says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (Excellent “non-crashing” Web browser)
    2. Google Reader (Web based Aggregator)
    3. Google Earth ( Virtual Earth Program by Google)
    4. Wndows Live Writer (Desktop Web Publishing Application )
    5. iPod Classic 80GB ( Satisfies my need for space and music)

  72. Andrew Beery says:

    iPod Touch (Music to go… and go and go…)
    Fujitsu P1620 Tablet PC with Vista and 2GB
    Sprint Touch (HTC)
    Slingbox Solo (My TV anywhere, anytime… on my iPod, P1620 or Touch!)
    Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

  73. Alexis Wengraf says:

    Yahoo Mail (Webmail)
    Samsung E900 (Mobile Phone)
    Sony Cybershot DSC-T7 (Digital Camera)
    Skype (VOIP)
    Philips 32PW6518/05 (32inch Flat Widescreen TV)

  74. Amanda Howell says:

    1. Zune 30GB (really enjoying it now that they’ve updated the software)
    2. Digsby (because my family can’t agree on one type of IM)
    3. XM Delphi MyFi XM2GO (so I can get my MLB fix wherever I am)
    4. TomTom ONE 3rd Edition (so I don’t get lost)
    5. Pinnacle PCTV HD PCI Tuner Card (makes my PC into a PVR)

  75. james says:

    1. Xbox360

    2. Htc Mogul (Windows Mobile based PDA/Phone)

    3. RCA 40

    4. Media Player Classic

    5.Google (Search, map,calendar)

  76. PlayStayion 3
    Skype (VoIP)
    Nokia n65
    Windows Vista Ultimate

  77. Liz Latsch says:

    1. iPod Nano
    2. MacBook Pro
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S650
    5. Nintendo – Classic 8 bit system (Yes, that’s right – I love Dr. Mario & Duckhunt)

  78. JP LeClair says:

    1. Xbox 360 (Xbox Live)
    2. Zune 30
    3. Dell 531 4gb vista ultimate
    4. DVR – Can’t live without it!
    5. Canon PS450sd camera

    ** extra credit **

    6. FeedDemon – gotta have my RSS!

  79. Donald Heath says:

    1. Broadband Internet (The source of all things..)
    2. Hp HDX notebook (If I’m Lucky!!)
    3. Sharp Aquos LCD TV
    4. My Movies (Movie management plug-in for media center)
    5. Windows Media Center – Vista (DVR)

  80. Justin says:

    1) Mozilla Firefox (Allows me to browse the Web)
    2) Google (Allows me to find and learn anything I want)
    3) XBox360 (Allows me to live out sports fantasies and kill people without fear of retribution)
    4) Hulu (Allows me to watch The Office and 30Rock whenever I miss it, or I get bored)
    5) Dell Inspiron e1705 (Allows me web and computing access whenever I want it, I use it for work, play, everything!)

  81. Albert says:

    1. Garmin GPS
    2. Verizon Moto
    3. Thumb drives
    4. Laptop
    5. Netflix

  82. Toby says:

    Cybook Gen 3 (ebook reader)
    Lenovo X61 Tablet PC
    Humax PVR9200T (Personal video recorder)
    Livestation (live TV news over IP)

  83. FirstSalvo says:

    1. Vista Media Center (music, photos, DVR, home auto & security)
    2. Xbox 360 (Live Service, Marketplace HD content, Vista Media Center Extender)
    3. Palm Treo 700w (my phone, pda, messenger, mp3 player, auto/security interface, lifeline)
    4. Ilium Newsbeak RSS Reader (keeps me current on tech news and podcasts)
    5. View Commander (IP camera viewer for Treo)

  84. Peter Jang says:

    1. Pandora (Internet Radio)
    2. PSP (Play Station Portable)
    3. Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium (Ultra Portable PC)
    4. NetFlix (Rent and stream movies online)
    5. Skype (VoIP communication)

  85. 1. Nokia E90
    2. Feeddemon for Windows
    3. HP Pavilion dv5200 series (this is getting old now)
    4. Digsby
    5. Facebook

  86. Joseph says:

    1. GMail
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Winamp
    5. Windows Live Messenger

  87. Matt F. says:

    1. Samsung Q1U-EL (dubbed the “CompanionQ”)
    2. Treo 700wx (dubbed “scamPhone” even though the seemingly shady ebay deal for it turned out to be legit)
    3. Slingbox “Classic” (works wonderfully with numbers 1 and 2)
    4. i-Blue 737 Bluetooth GPS (again, perfectly paired with 1 and 2)
    5. Xbox 360 (centerpiece to my pretend rock and roll lifestyle)

  88. Travis says:

    1. Verizon DSL 3000/768
    2. Dell XPS 410
    3. EeePC 8G w/XP
    4. Ipod Touch 16G
    5. TiVo HD

  89. Jeff_R says:

    1. My iPod Nano
    2. My BeyondTV-based PVR
    3. My HTC Touch, even though it is doomed to be replaced by an Xperia X1 ASAP
    4. My Fujitsu Tablet PC
    5. My Playstation 3, especially when it’s hooked to the G25 wheel and GT5P is fired up

  90. 1. BlackBerry Curve 8300

    2. Palm Treo 750 (when not using the BB)

    3. Google Docs

    4. Newsbreak (rss reader/ podcatcher)

    5. HP Pavilion 6707 LP

  91. Nathan says:

    1. Zaurus sl-c860
    2. HP tc4200 tablet.
    3. HTC universal.
    4. Archos gmini 402
    5. ibm r60.

  92. Sumocat says:

    1. Toshiba R25 Tablet PC
    2. iPod Nano + iTunes
    3. Build 52 (my web app for ink blogging)
    4. Blogger
    5. Magnavox 42″ 1080p LCD HDTV

  93. James says:

    1. Windows Vista (operating system)
    2. Miranda (instant messaging client)
    3. HP tc4200 Tablet PC (convertible tablet/laptop)
    4. Canon PowerShot A10 (digital camera)
    5. Creative MuVo TX FM (compact mp3 player/FM radio)

  94. Joel Tompkins says:

    Apple iPhone
    Sandisk Sansa 8GB e280 (mp3 and video player)
    Canon EOS 450D Rebel Xsi (digital SLR camera)
    Canon Vixia HF100 (HD digital camcorder)
    HP HDX Dragon Notebook (laptop computer!!!)

  95. 1. Gmail(Stay Connected )
    2. Mozilla Firefox (Best Browser)
    3. iPod(Cool Juke Box)
    4. BlackBerry Pearl(Smart Phone)
    5. Playstation 3(Serious Game Machine)

  96. Arne Klein says:

    1. HP Pavilion HDX 9200 “Dragon” 🙂
    2. Philips Aurea 42PFL9900D/10 HDTV (with Ambilight Spectra)
    3. Lenovo ThinkPad X300
    4. Apple iPhone 16GB
    5. Microsoft Windows Home Server

  97. Tom says: (bookmarks)
    LG Vu (cell phone)
    Xbox 360

  98. zunq says:

    1. Fujitsu Tablet PC
    2. Creative Zen MP3 player
    3. Archos 605 Wifi
    4. Playstation 3
    5. Nintendo DS Lite

  99. Dave says:

    Viigo (RSS reader for Backberry)
    Blackberry 8830
    XaMp (XM player for Windows)
    Apple iTouch
    Sandisk Sansa e280 (mp3 player)(running Rockbox)

  100. Ric Hubbard says:

    1. Archos 605 WiFi
    2. HP Media Center PC m7590n
    3. HTC Mogel
    4. E-Music website
    5. HP Pavilion dv9000 Laptop PC

  101. M.Dinesh says:

    1) My personal computer(Which I am using from past 4years without any upgrades)
    2) Apple Iphone(The coolest phone according to me)
    3) Mozilla Firefox(Which I use to browse interneti.e; reliably)
    4) Play Station3(The best game console according to me.)
    5) Orkut(Social Networking, which i use to chat with my friends worldwide)

  102. Vesal Quintana says:

    * Nokia E61i (Phone, E-Mail, apps.)
    * Yahoo! Mail
    * Windows Live Messenger
    * Toshiba U205 (Ultraportable Laptop)
    * Winamp (Music player)

  103. Jason Cowan says:

    1. Vista Media Center
    2. Wii
    3. Firefox
    4. Amazon MP3 Downloads
    5. RSS Bandit

  104. Scott F Williams says:

    My top 5 digigtal lifestyle changers

    1)HTC Touch – a great phone and my lifeline for idle moments with e-books
    2)HP TC1100 Tablet PC
    3) – the best and coolest news aggragator I have found
    4) – a customized personalized web part page

  105. Jason says:

    1. Apple iPod
    2. PS 2
    3. TVersity
    4. Pandora
    5. Helio Ocean

  106. Ion says:

    1. Google Docs
    2. Sony Ericsson K800i
    3. iPod Nano
    4. Acer TravelMate 2410
    5. Twitter

  107. Drilon says:

    1. Joost (interactive internet TV)
    2. Wii ( game console)
    3. iPod nano (portable media player)
    4. Youtube (internet video portal)
    5. (internet radio)

  108. Tanmay Vernekar says:

    Playstation 3
    Nitendo wii
    Apple tv

  109. Michele Tonon says:

    1. Ubuntu Hardy Heron(Gnu/Linux Operating System)
    2. Google Reader(RSS Reader)
    3. Miro(Internet TV)
    4. Kopete(Multi-Protocol Instant Messenger)
    5. Deluge(BitTorrent Client)

  110. David Worley says:

    Dell Axim PDA
    Firefox Browser
    Verizon Chocolate Phone
    Apple iPod
    Windows XP

  111. Vivek Menon says:

    1. iPod Touch 32 GB
    2. Memory cards(used in cell phones, cameras, etc.)
    3. Blackberry
    4. iTunes digital downloads
    5. Google Earth

  112. John Parker says:

    1. OQO 02
    2. Nokia E90 Communicator
    3. GBPVR (Digital Video recorder software for PC)
    4. Windows XP (operating system)
    5. Microsoft Onenote 2007

  113. JB says:

    1. IPOD mini
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Blackberry Curve
    4. Nintendo Wii
    5. Dell Latitude D610

  114. Greg Lewis says:

    1. Palm Centro Phone
    2. Windows XP
    3. X3 Reuniun (Game Software)
    4. Google
    5. Xtreme Gear Pc

  115. Denise says:

    HP mini-note 2133
    imeem (audio and visual streamer)
    Nokia N95
    InDtube (Digital TV Tuner by evga)
    Sony HDR-TG3E camcorder

  116. Cary Wagner says:

    1. Creative Zen Vision:M (MP3 Player)
    2. World of Warcraft (MMORPG)
    3. Napster (Online Music Service)
    4. DiSH Network DVR (Satellite Service)
    5. CPU’s – Without them, we’d not have much of a digital life.

  117. Joseph Daher says:

    1. Microsoft Windows XP
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Microsoft Outlook 2007
    4. Zune 30
    5. Motorola MPx220 (Windows Mobile smartphone)

  118. 1. Apple IPhone(Phone, Music, Contacts, Calendar etc..)
    2. Newsgator/ Feed Demon (for RSS reading on PC and iPhone)
    3. Windows Media Center
    4. XBox 360
    5. Lenovo X61 Tablet PC

  119. Joel McLaughlin says:

    my top five current digital lifestyle products and services are:

    1. The Asus Eee PC 701/702
    2. Google Reader
    3. Ubuntu Studio 8.04
    4. Twhirl
    5. Behringer U-control UCA-202

  120. Isaac Botkin says:

    Thinkpad x61t (tablet computing is the future)
    RAZR v3xx (great phone + 3G bluetooth modem)
    Google Apps (mail, docs, calendar all shared on my domain)
    The Opera Browser (regular and mini)
    Mobile Googe Maps (great with or without GPS)

  121. Vivek Menon says:

    1. Time Capsule (wireless backup device by Apple)
    2. Aliph Jawbone 2 bluetooth headset
    3. AT&T Tilt smartphone
    4. Canon EOS 1D Mark III digital camera
    5. Pay Pal

  122. Thanks for holding the contest! Here are my top 5:

    HTC Advantage
    Nintendo Wii
    Hosted Exchange service
    Nokia N95-3

  123. AFIF says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    2. Windows Vista Ultimate
    3. Google (Search engine)
    4. YouTube
    5. µTorrent (BitTorrent client)

  124. Rohan Dhruva says:

    1. iPod Nano 2nd Generation
    2. Nokia E51
    3. Kubuntu 8.04
    4. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
    5. Google Mail

  125. Gonz says:

    1. Wii
    2. MacBook 2.16 Ghz
    3. iPod Video 5G 60Gb
    4. YouTube
    5. iTunes

  126. Mike Amato says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (web browser)
    2. Sony Walkman (mp3 player)
    3. Olympus E300 (DSLR Camera)
    4. Wacom Tablet intuos (graphics tablet)
    5. Buffalo Ministation (portable hard drive)

  127. Well here are my favorite Lifestyle Products :

    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. iPod Nano
    3. Twitter (Microblogging)
    4. Mac OSX (running on a PC)
    5. Google Reader

  128. Sudhir says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. iPhone
    5. Winamp

  129. Harrison says:

    1. YouTube
    2. iPod Touch
    3. Macbook Pro
    4. Windows Media Center
    5. Tivo

  130. Ben says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Gmail
    3. Cable DVR (I need my Ninja Warrior fix)
    4. Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 (don’t have but want)
    5. HP HDX Dragon Notebook (don’t have but definitely want)

  131. Kareem el Buckley says:

    1. Motorola RAZR 2 V9m
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Miranda IM (Multi-Protocol Instant Messenger)
    4. Mozilla Firefox
    5. Flickr (photography and videography website)

  132. David Song says:

    X61 Tablet PC
    Cingular 3125 Smartphone

  133. GuyWithDogs says:

    Instant Messaging (saves me huge time in getting information)
    Remote Desktop Connection (like VNC, etc. – saves me TONS of travelling and lets me solve problems FAST)
    The World Wide Web (it’s fun, it’s helpful, it’s educational, it’s made me money, etc.)
    Cell Phones (near ubiquitous connectivity can sometimes be a good thing)

    (sorry – some of these aren’t specific “items”, but digital lifestyle things that make a huge difference)

  134. Courtenay G. says:

    1. Samsung Blackjack II Smartphone ( a Godsend for scheduling and 3G for data access on the road)
    2. Pentax A40 12MP Ultra Compact P&S (for when I don’t need to carry my DSLR)
    3. Garmin Mobile XT for Smartphone (GPS functionality in my pocket!)
    4. (since my DVR is broken I can still catch The Office the next day!)
    5. Samsung LN52A650 52″ LCD HDTV (I don’t have this one but when it comes time to upgrade my current 32″ LCD, the Samsung is going to be on the short list)

  135. NAF says:

    Samsung X11 notebook (productivity & entertainment)
    Windows Vista Business (the hero happening behind the scenes)
    Firefox 3.0b5 (and its cool extensions)
    Google Calendar (sends sms reminders)
    iPod Nano (precious collections)

  136. Kttr says:

    1. Playstation 3
    2. MS Windows Vista
    3. Winamp (audio, video player)
    4. YouTube
    5. Skype (VoIP)

  137. Drew Perkins says:

    Windows XP SP2 (it will never die)
    Creative Zen Vision M
    Google Earth (plan running distance)

  138. Harshit Praveen says:

    1. Windows Vista Ultimate
    2. IPod Touch
    2. Google groups (always in touch with friends)
    3. Canon PowerShot EOS Rebel XSi (DSLR)
    4. Nokia N95 (Everything you ever wished to have in palm)
    5. Samsung Series 6 HDTV

  139. Johan says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Opera (web browser)
    3. Google Reader
    4. µTorrent (BitTorrent client)
    5. Youtube

  140. Sheng Han says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    2. Apple iPhone
    3. Skype (VoIP application)
    4. (Social music network)
    5. Sony PlayStation Portable

  141. Alexey Yarmula says:

    1. Skype (talk, learn)
    2. Google Reader (news, blogs)
    3. iPod 5g 30GB (music, audiobooks, videos)
    4. YouTube (vlogs, comedy)
    5. Google (search anything)

  142. Gavin Miller says:

    1. Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC
    2. XBOX 360 plus Vista Media Center
    3. Ipod Touch
    4. Firefox 3.0 Beta
    5. HTC Advantage

  143. OmegaRadium says:

    1. Xbox 360 (Windows Media Extender & Xbox Live)
    2. Windows Vista Ultimate (w/Media Center)
    3. Zune (Social Music Site, Software, and Device)
    4. Windows Live (Messenger)
    5. PlayStation 3 (w/PSN)

  144. Vivek Menon says:

    1. P2P software
    2. Skype
    3. Windows Live Spaces
    4. Assisted GPS
    5. PictBridge technology

  145. Alexey Kuznetsov says:

    Xbox 360
    Windows Vista Ultimate
    Visual Studio 2008

  146. Andrew says:

    WordPress, mainly .com these days
    Rhapsody Streaming Music
    Canon PowerShot A540 6MP Digital Camera
    Sandisk Sansa Clip 1GB MP3 player

    I use many other products, but the above are the five I’d miss if I had to use a substitute.

  147. 1.HP HDX Dragon (on my wishlist >:))
    2.Windows Media Center – Vista

  148. Mark says:

    1. A pair of Dell 2707WFP 27″ LCD Monitors
    2. Gmail
    3. Lenovo Thinkpad X300
    4. Canon SD870IS Camera
    5. Sony Bravia XBR 70″ LCD HDTV

  149. Stephen A. Beasley says:

    1. Skype
    2. DivX Player
    3. Spybot – Search & Destroy
    4. Macromedia Fireworks
    5. Ubuntu

  150. MacBook Pro (for home and nearby travel)
    MacBook Air (for travel and blogging in odd places)
    HTC Advantage 7510 (for eBooks, GPS, connectivity on the run)
    Vertu Ascent (excellent phone)
    Microsoft Exchange (keeps all devices synced)

  151. Erni says:

    1. iPod Nano
    2. Ati Radeon x1950Pro (graphics card)
    3. Philips 32″ LCD HDTV
    4. Windows Live Messenger (IM Client)
    5. Linksys WRT54G (wireless router)

  152. 1) TVersity (streams media on XP to xbox360,Wii, Playstaion3, Mobil devices,etc)
    2) (view your panasonic network cam over internet-
    3) Windows Home Server (file storage and backup)
    4)Internal RF Adapter for Any Remote (Yes that is the name of product…. )Works great!!
    5) Loc8tor ( Helps find your stuff, I attached one to my kids when we went to disneyLand just in case, worked great didn’t loose any of the kids 🙂 Never loose your pets or keys again )

  153. Scott Firenza says:

    1. iPod 80gb video
    2. Tivo
    3. Pandora (internet radio)
    4. MotoQ -smartphone
    5. Microsoft PhotoStory 3 (convert images to movie slideshows)

  154. Steve says:

    1. twitter
    2. wordpress
    4. firefox
    5. disgsby

  155. chris swanson says:

    1 My Sony laptop
    2 My cell phone
    3 My cannon digital camera
    4 My small business server 2003
    5 My ipod

    Boy hard to list only 5.

  156. skiper41 says:

    Zen Micro mp3 Player
    Western Digital 250 Gig external USB Harddrive
    Blackberry (Phone E-Mail Internet)
    Ironkey (Military Grade Encripted Thumb Drive)

  157. Stephen A. Beasley says:

    Macromedia Fireworks
    DAZ 3D Studio
    Spybot – Search & Destroy

  158. Justin says:

    1. iPhone (um, its a phone. and it plays music. 🙂 )
    2. ProjectPier (open source project management application)
    3. WordPress (open source blog/cms platform)
    4. Firefox (open source Web browser)
    5. Pandora (music discovery/streaming service)

  159. Duncan Bubb says:

    Ubuntu (Linux distrubution)
    Nintendo Wii
    Amarok (Audio player)
    Mozilla Firefox
    Google Mail

  160. soda97 says:

    2..(HP HDX Dragon if I get picked but as of now) Lenovo T61
    3..AIM (instant messaging on PC and Phone)
    4..Facebook (a social networking website on PC and Phone)
    5..Sony Sixaxis (don’t have a PS3 but play games on my PC wirelessly!)

  161. Chris Brown says:

    1. FireFox (w/ google browser sync and other extensions)
    2. ThinkPad X61 Tablet
    3. Plaxo
    4. SugarSync
    5. Wii (mostly Lego Star Wars)

  162. Lisa Turner says:

    Virgin media cable
    Wii Fit
    Jawbone BT Headset

  163. Maximilian says:

    1. Lenovo Thinkpad (my digital life revolves arround one…)
    2. Evernote (cross platform syncing your internet aquired knowledge)
    3. Songbird (first music player trying to bring your musical worlds together)
    4. Skype (bridge the distance)
    5. Opera (browsing, RSS, email, bittorrent…)

  164. Gaurav says:

    1 – HP TX1000 Entertainment Tablet PC (notebook)
    2 – Sony DCR-DVD408 4MP (Handycam)
    3 – Nokia N95 (smartphone)
    4 – 30 GB Video iPod (Apple)
    5 – WorldSpace (Internet Radio)

  165. Amre says:

    1.Internet (we wouldnt be here without it)
    2.Zune Media Player
    4.Nokia N95
    5.Dell UltraSharpTM 3007WFP-HC 30″ LCD Monitor

  166. James F says:

    1. Lenovo X60T
    2. MyMusix mp3 player
    3. Nintendo DS
    4. BOSE headphones
    5. Google Picasa

  167. Roy from NYC says:

    1.ThinkPad X300
    2.Boxx PC for digital artists
    4.MediaMonkey music management software
    5.My Samsung LDC HDTV

  168. Bill Gordon says:

    These are my top 5 digital lifestyle products:

    1. OneNote
    2. Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
    3. Playstation 3
    4. Gateway CX2610 Tablet PC
    5. Opera Internet Browser

  169. Mike says:

    1. Zune
    2. T-Mobile SDA Smartphone
    3. RSS Bandit (feed aggregator)
    4. Packet8 (VOIP provider)
    5. Das Blog (software for my blog)

  170. Thomas T. Duong says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Dell Crystall 22” Monitor
    3. Sony Vaio TZ2000
    4. Western digital My Passport Essential 320Go
    5. Panasonic 65” Plasma TH-65PZ700

  171. Pixel Pete says:

    1) Elgato EyeTV (usb dual-tuner stick, and software for scheduling/managing/viewing recordings)
    2) Canon EOS 450D (12MP digital camera)
    3) Photoshop (image editing software, my favorite and most used application)
    4) MacBook Pro 17″ (laptop computer, great for working on when away from home)
    5) Skype (VOIP)

  172. Roy H. says:

    1.HP PC
    5.MP3 players

  173. Mihi Morgan says:

    My Top 5 digital lifestyle products and services are…

    1. Mozilla Firefox: Easily the most flexible and user friendly browser I’ve ever had the good fortune to discover. I freely admit that my extensive knowledge about computers and the internet really only extends to a few simple things: playing games, downloading movies and music, checking emails, and surfing the internet. With Firefox I can do all this and so much more. The best part? It’s idiot proof. I have yet to mess up my computer through surfing the internet. Big cheers to someone who is obviously in tune with the needs of the technologically incompetent.

    2. Apple iPod: This portable media player is probably the most beautiful thing I own. It plays my music, stores my files (including snapshots and movies), keeps my calendar dates, and just totally rocks full stop. I love this thing. Having been born in the 80s where brick cellphones and Walkmans were de rigeur, this baby is almost too perfect for me to bear.

    3. Windows Live Messenger (also known as MSN Messenger): Again, something else I have found to be completely idiot proof. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are – as long as you’ve got messenger running, I can contact you. Thanks to this clever invention, I keep in touch with friends and family all over the world. Not only that, it also allows me to do the webcam thing, share files, and even play games with others. Such a brilliant idea, and such a simple one. Whatever will they think of next?

    4. Nintendo Wii: Console gaming has been taken to a whole new level by the Wii. No longer the stereotypical pale weakling of yore, today’s nerd (myself included) is conscious of the need to balance our love of all things technical with a healthy lifestyle. Now us geeks can sweat it out with the best of them in a variety of physical sports – including tennis, boxing, and even baseball. Nintendo have raised the console gaming bar, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

    5. Myspace: Last, but certainly not least is the mother of all networking sites. Hook up with your friends and family, meet new people, establish your presence on the world wide web. Whatever the reason, Myspace is a force to be reckoned with. Personally, I believe that one of the keys to Myspace’s popularity is it’s diversity. I’ve met and made friends with people from every nation, of every lifestyle, and varying interests. It’s an enormous melting pot of ideas and cultures, and there’s something for everyone.

    Although it was hard, I picked what I believe are my top five digital lifestyle products and services. Each has had a strong impact on my life, and I continue to make use of every single one on a daily basis. I’m a very average person, and wouldn’t know much about computers beyond simple gaming/surfing/downloading in general. Still, I can tell you one thing.

    I know what I like.

  174. David Schwartz says:

    1. Vista Media Center
    2. Nintendo Wii
    3. IPod Touch
    4. Ubuntu
    5. GMail

  175. murni says:

    1. Apple iPHONE (is a year head any other phone today)
    2. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Extras (the most advance capabilities features)
    3.SKYPE (Make everyone arround the world connected with me from my computer/notebook)
    4.HP Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition series (help me connected in everywhere)
    5. GOOGLE ( i can depend everything with this site

  176. Xbox 360
    Zune (media player)
    Visual Studio 2008 (development IDE for .net Framework)
    Skype (telephony)
    HP HDX Dragon!

  177. 1. iPhone
    2. Canon Dslr
    3. A macbook or mac mini
    4. Flickr
    5. Google Reader

    These are the things I live for.

  178. Matt Sharpe says:

    1. Xbox 360 (gaming and media center extender)
    2. Windows Vista PC (media storage, media center server)
    3. HTC Touch (mobile phone and messaging)
    4. Toshiba Portege M200 (note-taking, listening to podcasts)
    5. Windows Live Messenger (keeping in touch with friends and family)

  179. Lauren Gregory says:

    1. Samsung Camera Cell Phone
    2. Road Runner Internet Service
    3. Compaq Presario PC
    4. HP Printer/ Scanner/ Copier
    5. Ipod Video

  180. Megan Latham says:

    Zune (digital music player)
    MSN Messenger
    Playstation 3
    Foxytunes (Firefox plugin for media player)

  181. Nanda Kishore says:

    1. HP HDX DRAGON (looks like i cant live without one)
    2. windows vista ( cant imagine a comp without one)
    3. Winamp (best audio software ever)
    4. Kaspersky antivirus (computers rot without on)
    5. ( website that gives the latest info about all the coming gadgets and softwares)

  182. Carlos Oliveira says:

    Creative Zen Vision:M
    Playstation 3 (internet Radio)
    Miro (internet TV)
    Windows Live (Messenger, Mail)

  183. Jon Weeks says:

    1. Lenovo X60 Tablet
    2. OneNote
    3. Gmail
    4. YouTube
    5. Motorola S805 Bluetooth Headphones

  184. Dave Cothran says:

    1. 12.1″ MSI notebook – indispensible, does it all, light, take it everywhere.
    2. Zune 4gb – great player, listen to the radio a lot, too
    3. Vista HTPC – blu-ray player, surfing on the 55″ LCD, music in full stereo
    4. Live Mesh – no more emailing myself or carrying USB sticks!!
    5. Steam – best online gaming experience, downloads, community, games, chat

  185. Kirsten says:

    1. internet
    2. cell phone
    3. xbox 360
    4. firefox
    5. My Toshiba laptop

  186. Tony Haenn says:

    1. Nokia N95 (cell phone / mobile internet)
    2. AppleTV (digital media extender)
    3. Pioneer 42″ Plasma (big TV 🙂 )
    4. Sony PRS 500 E-Book Reader (ebook reader)
    5. iPod (on the go music)

  187. Chris Hunsanger says:

    1. iPod Classic 80 GB
    3. Google Reader
    4. Pidgin
    5. Google Calendar

  188. Kain says:

    – Apple iPhone
    – DirecTV w/ Tivo
    – Microsoft Xbox 360
    – Nintendo Wii
    – Sony PSP

  189. Jerry McLeod says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon – fully loaded (Laptop)
    2. Iphone
    3. Nintendo Wii
    4. Mozilla Firefox (Web Browser)
    5. Gmail

  190. Russ McDonald says:

    1. 8GB Zune (Music!)
    2. HTC Touch Dual (Phone and e-mail)
    3. Netflix (streaming tv and movies)
    4. Media center PC (Hooked up to 32″ LCD in the living room… see #3)
    5. Fujitsu P1620 (Surfing the Internet and notetaking during meetings)

  191. tabletenvy says:

    1. Fujitsu P1610 tablet
    2. HTC P4000 phone
    3. Windows XP Professional
    4. Nintendo Wii
    5. Samsung YP-P2 media player

  192. CrazieCat says:

    1) Tmobile Dash (AIM chat, sms, mms, taking pictures)
    2) HP laptop (online, yahoo mail, myspace, xanga, facebook, etc.)
    3) 24″ LCD (bigger screen, good for me watching videos and gaming)
    4) Sanyo Xacti vpc-hd700 camera (love picturing and video recording, good memory)
    5) CD’s (burning my love, MP3, and listen to it in the car)

  193. Mike says:

    · USB Flash Drive (Run portable applications on any computer and stores files)
    · Lenovo IdeaPad U110 (notebook that is slick, great peformance, and ultra, ultra portable)
    · (no cable…no problem…can catch my favorite sports broadcast)
    · Roboform (hands down….if you got a TON of PWs to remember, this will help you and more)
    · Google (use this for everything search, weather, stocks, email, PIM, documents, etc)

  194. Samy Alzhrani says:

    1. Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman phone
    2. Skype
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Gmail
    5. Joost

  195. Alan says:

    1. RSS
    2. iPod Touch
    3. Skype
    4. Toshiba Tablet PC (Tecra M7)
    5. Canon Digital Rebel XT

  196. Evan Brammer says:

    1. TC1100 (tablet/slate/convertible laptop)
    2. iPod 5th Gen (mp3 player)
    3. Firefox (web browser)
    4. Verizon Treo 700wx (Mobile Phone)
    5. Pandora (Internet Radio)

  197. Wouterdev says:

    1. iPod touch (mail, music, …)
    2. Acer Ferrari 5000 laptop
    3. Sony Ericson T610 mobile phone (it’s old, but it still does what it’s meant to do :D)
    4. Nikon L3 digital camera
    5. iTunes

  198. 1.Iphone
    2.Canon dslr
    3.A Mac

  199. Talos says:

    -1- Winamp Shoutcast Radio. (Streaming music in every style with thousands of stations.)
    -2- MSN Messenger. (Widely used IM service in Europe)
    -3- (Online video stream site)
    -4- Adobe’s Creative Suite. (Digital design studio software)
    -5- Mozilla FireFox. (The one browser to rule them all)

  200. David says:

    HP TC1100 (w/ Vista installed)
    HTC TYTN II (phone, IM, GPS, ebooks, music…)
    Google Reader (RSS)
    Orb Networks (media streaming)
    Firefox (installed 3.0 RC1 today)

  201. Cody says:

    1) Archos 504 (mp3 player, video player, DVR, picture slide shows, portable hard drive)
    2) AT&T Tilt (phone, GPS, email, TV via #3)
    3) Orb (Streams my cable TV through my PC to my phone, over the web.)
    4) Nintendo Wii
    5) NewsGator (I have it installed at work, home, and on my phone. They keep all my feeds synched)

  202. Umang Patel says:

    1.) HP TC1100 Tablet PC
    2.) Custom build HTPC with blu-ray and HD-DVD player hooked to a Samsung 52 lcd Panel
    3.) Ipod Touch 16gb with all the apps to make a more like a multimedia PDA
    4.) Custom built gamming PC hooked to three monitors. 2 24inch and one 19inch
    5.) HP meadia smart server with 3TB of storage for all my media, files and backs up everything in my house including a old laptop re-built into a custom photo frame. (gotta recycle)

    now all i need is a uber latptop …hint hint hint

  203. David says:

    MS OneNote
    HTC TYTN II (phone, IM, GPS, ebooks, music…)
    Google Reader (RSS)
    Orb Networks (media streaming)
    Firefox (installing 3.0 RC1 today!)

  204. Nicola Ricciarelli says:

    1) Playstation3
    2) iPhone
    3) iPod Classic
    4) MacBook Air
    5) Asus Eee PC

  205. RIG says:

    1.Tversity (Video Streaming in XP to xbox360,Wii, Playstation3, mobile device, etc)
    2.Loc8tor (Find your stuff, never loose keys,pets,or kids again)
    3.Windows Home Server (file storage,sharing and backup)
    4.Viewnetcam (stream your panasonic net cam on the internet)
    5.Internal RF adapter for any Remote (yes that is the product name- Converts you IR componant remotes to RF so you can hide your componants in a cabinet or cleset etc.

  206. Jeremy Jones says:

    1. MacBook Pro (everyday work)
    2. Blackberry Pearl (email, rss, twitter)
    3. iPod (music)
    4. High Speed Internet (must have)
    5. Nokia N800 (nice browser for handheld)

  207. Joe Easley says:

    1) Mozilla Firefox
    2) Microsoft xbox 360
    3) (non-news website)
    4) Trillian (ultimate instant message client)
    5) Microsoft Windows XP pro (Vista what?)

  208. andrewh says:

    1)Lenovo X61 Tablet PC
    2)USB Flashdrives
    3)Sharp 32 inch LCD
    4)HP 48GX calculator

  209. Justin says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Mozilla Firefox (open source Web browser)
    3. WordPress (open source blog/cms platform)
    4. ProjectPier (open source project management app)
    5. GoogleReader (hosted RSS reader app)

  210. Ken Gedgaud says:

    Cool Idea, nice reading what everyone (or most) have listed.

    Here are mine:
    Dell Axim x51v
    pRSSReader (RSS reader for pocket pc)
    MortPlayer (ppc player of above RSS podcasts, and music)
    Sony Ericsson T637 (simple, easy to use cell phone)

  211. Chris Owens says:

    fujitsu lifebook t4220 tablet pc (great power in small package)
    asus ee pc
    Canon 3 IS
    archos 605

  212. Sassy Buteau says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. PlayStation 3
    4. Google Reader
    5. Windows Media Center

  213. Rich Waters says:

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

    1. Google Reader
    2. MacBook Pro
    3. itunes
    4. Kindle ebook reader
    5. Xbox 360

  214. Cosmin Pilat says:

    Cowon D2
    Dell D620
    Play Station 3
    Nokia E51
    Mozilla Firefox


  215. Lucas Kramer says:

    HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop
    Motorola KRZR
    HP Photosmart M537 Digital Camera
    Samsung SC-DC173U DVD Camcorder
    Nintendo Wii

  216. Megan Latham says:

    Zune (Digital music player)
    Wii (Gaming console)
    Playstation 3 (Gaming console)
    Pandora (Internet radio… greatest thing since sliced bread)
    MSN Messenger (IM service)

  217. Angelos Constantinou says:

    1. Kohjinsha sh8 umpc
    2. HP ipaq 614c mobile phone
    3. Sony DSC-H5 digital camera
    4. Google reader
    5. Logitech harmony 880 universal remote control

  218. Scott Showalter says:

    1-TomTom GO 730
    2-Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV
    3-iPod Touch

  219. WyldeStile says:

    1) HTC Mogul
    2) Alienware Area-51 M9750
    3) Sony BRAVIA KDL-46XBR2 LCD TV
    4) DirecTV HR20-700
    5) Onkyo HT-S990THX Home Theater System

  220. David Young says:

    1. Panasonic TZ3 (digital camera)
    2. iRiver T10 (MP3 player + FM radio + FM recording + AA battery)
    3. Motion Computing LE1700 (slate/tablet PC)
    4. Google Maps (satellite & aerial photos online)
    5. GIMP Portable (free graphics app) (& other Windows apps at !! 🙂

  221. Harrison Lam says:

    1. Sony Ericsson W910i
    2. Nintendo Wii
    3. Adobe Photoshop CS3
    4. µTorrent (Bittorrent Client)
    5. File Renamer Deluxe (Easily and efficiently rename/move multiple files in one session)

  222. Shailendra says:

    Apple iPhone
    Xbox 360 (Gaming Console)
    Skype (VOIP)
    MacBook Air (Apple Computer) (Blogging Platform)

  223. Justin Hill says:

    1. iPhone
    2. PSP
    3. Playstation 3(with linux installed)
    4. 32 inch Sanyo LCD HDTV
    5. Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

  224. Joel Gray says:

    1. Zune 30 (Digital media player)
    2. HTC P4300 (Windows Mobile based phone/PDA/camera/video)
    3. XBox 360
    4. Twitter
    5. Joost (Internet television)

  225. Will Kail says:

    1: Nintendo Wii (Game Console)
    2: Nokia N95 (Mobile Phone)
    3: HP HDX Dragon 20″ Notebook! (High-end Laptop)
    4: Ricoh Caplio R6 (Digital Camera)
    5: Ubuntu 7.04 (A form of Linux)

    Thanks very much 🙂

  226. Tony King says:

    1. PS3 The center of my home theater
    2. Samsung BlackJack II I’m addicted to the GPS and Google maps
    3. MediaPortal About 100x better than MediaCenter (and it works on server 2008)
    4. Logitech Harmony 880 The one device that controls everything
    5. Skype I don’t even have a landline anymore

  227. Ben McKinley says:

    1. Playstation 3 [gaming system]
    2. Pandora [internet music]
    3. iPod Video [mp3 player]
    4. Wii [gaming system]
    5. Garmin nuvi 200 [gps navigator]

  228. jon burg says:

    1. Google Reader
    2. Sony W590i
    3. Google Desktop Search
    4. iPod Nano
    5. Twitter

  229. Z. Herold says:

    1. Microsoft Expression Blend (make Windows Presentation Foundation application with this like writing a document in Word ;))))) )
    2. Visual Studio 2008
    3. Opera (browser and RSS reader)
    4. Windows Media Player 11 (the best audio quality on my stereo is with WMP11)
    5. iPod classic

  230. Rich G says:

    1. Sony XBR TV
    2. BlackBerry 8830
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Dell Laptop
    5. 80Gig Ipod
    6. Mio gps

  231. Michelle J says:

    1. Broadband Internet (Roadrunner)
    2. Zune (mp3 player)
    3. Xbox 360 (gaming console)
    4. HP HDX Dragon entertainment notebook (looks awesome!)
    5. Olympus E-420 digital SLR (camera)

  232. Salah Saleh says:

    1-Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition.

    2- Google Mail (Gmail).

    3- Nokia 6120 Classic (Mobile Phone).

    4- Toshiba Qosmio F30 Laptop (AV Notebook).

    5- µTorrent (bittorrent client).

  233. Amir says:

    1. Firefox (the open source web browser)

    2. Ubuntu (the well known Linux distro)

    3. Songbird (an open source media player)

    4.iMac (Apple’s all in one Mac)

    5.Netvibes (an online start page)

  234. Redha says:

    1- Hush B2 (silent PC).
    2- Sony-Ericsson M600 (smartphone).
    3- Gmail.
    4- Operamini (application+proxy service).
    5- Google earth.

  235. Abul Hassan says:

    1. iPod Nano
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Mozilla Firefox (Browser)
    4. Youtube
    5. Google Earth

  236. Jennifer Chappell says:

    1. Palm Centro
    2. Dell Inspiron 1520 (a great mobile device)
    3. Gmail
    4. Mozilla Firefox (web browser)
    5. Google (search engine) [I use this more than anything!]

  237. Kostas Pappas says:

    1. iPhone (the best mobile/mp3/video device i owned)
    2. Xbox 360 ( gaming console )
    3. Firefox ( web browser )
    4. Gmail
    5. Youtube

  238. Shannon S says:

    1. Macbook
    2. Adium (Instant Messaging Program)
    3. G-Mail
    4. Mozy (Backup service)
    5. PlayStation 3

  239. JeffGr says:

    1. Vye S37 UMPC
    2. MediaMonkey (music player)
    3. Sony Playstation 3
    4. DirecTV HD-DVR
    5. Sprint Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 (EVDO mobile broadband modem)

  240. Bridget Sitkoff says:

    1. eeePC
    2. TiVO
    3. gmail
    4. iPod Nano
    5. Photoshop Elements 6.0

  241. 1. HP Pavilion tx 42120us
    2. Fly Tunes- Fm Player for iphone & ipod Touch
    3. Nokia n800 Internet Tablet
    4. Playstation 3
    5. Nintendo Wii

  242. Emily M says:

    1) Winamp
    2) Nintendo DS
    3) Firefox
    4) Samsung SyncMaster 940BW Monitor
    5) Comcast Internet and digital cable

  243. Ramzi D says:

    1. Samsung Q1P
    2. iPhone
    3. iGoogle
    4. Sony Mylo 2
    5. Playstation 3

  244. Heather says:

    1. apple ipod video
    2. Olympus Stylus digital camera
    3. wii
    4. Blackberry pearl
    5. Toshiba satellite laptop

  245. Tanushree says:

    1. Skype
    2. Pandora
    3. iPodSoft
    4. AVS DVD Player
    5. RealPlayer

  246. splendic says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. Sprint’s unlimited voice and data plan
    3. Nikon D40X
    4. Firefox 3
    5. Macbook Air

  247. Richard Moran says:

    1. Xbox 360 (Game Console)
    2. Windows Live Messenger (Instant Messenger)
    3. GMail (E-mail Provider)
    4. Mozilla Firefox (Web Browser)
    5. KMPlayer (Media Player)

  248. StLRamsFan says:

    1. iPod Touch (music/videos/movies)
    2. Google Docs & Apps (word processing/spreadsheets)
    3. BlackBerry Curve (phone/e-mail/text messaging)
    4. TiVo (tv recording/viewing)
    5. Nintendo Wii (entertainment)

  249. Kenrick Mock says:

    1. Tablet PC (Lenovo X61T)
    2. OQO 02 (Mobile computing)
    3. iPhone
    4. Wii
    5. Skype

  250. Carmelino Guiao says:

    1. Sony Ericsson W580i (Walkman phone)
    2. Plantronics 855 Bluetooth Stereo earpiece
    3. MSN messenger
    4. uTorrent
    5. Twitter

  251. hpbuggerman says:

    1.Optical Mouse [because no ball]
    2.Mozilla Firefox
    5.Playstation1 [ cant afford better lol]

  252. John Schram says:

    1. Opera (browser)
    2. Miranda (Instant Messenger)
    3. Sandisk Sansa View (MP3 Player)
    4. Samsung SyncMaster 226BW Monitor
    5. Corsair 4gb Thumbdrive (for all my portable apps)

  253. Kenneth M says:

    1. Sirius (satellite radio)
    2. PS3(game system)
    3. Wii (game sustem)
    4. Apple Mac or Macbook (computer)
    5. Sony HDR-SR12 120GB High Definition Handycam (camcorder)

  254. Lynda Vickers says:

    1. X910 Head Hunter (Webcam so when you chat with friends they can see you at the same time.)

    2. Apacer Audio Steno BP300 (USB flash drive with MP3 player and voice recorder.)

    3. S-Media ezV-Box. (TV Tuner)

    4. PS2 (Playstation 2 it plays games and DVD’s, and CD’s)

    5. FinePix Z20fd (Digital Camera you can take pictures with and view them, no more camera shake blur.)

  255. johnseeking says:

    1. Google Reader (RSS feed reader)
    2. Nintendo Gamecube (game console)
    3. Winamp 5.05 (media player)
    4. Dell Inspiron 1501 (laptop)
    5. MobiBLU Cube (portable mp3/wma player)

  256. Brett Ricketts says:

    1. Firefox
    2. IPod Video 80GB
    3. PS3
    4. Gmail
    5. HP HDX Dragon

  257. Jay C says:

    1) Internet-enabled smartphone
    2) Bittorrent (and yes it has legitimate uses that I partake in)
    3) Winamp (best software mp3 player)
    4) The abundance of Flash game websites ( for instance)
    5) Creative Zen (portable mp3 player/hard drive)

  258. jorg pihelgas says:

    1. Google (daily information look up)
    2. Mozilla firefox (fast running internet browser)
    3. BBC News Rss Feed (good to keep up with daily news)
    4. Sony Ericsson W660i (cheap, handy, has a style and quality cell phone)
    5. Fast internet (15 mb/s is fast enough for me)

  259. Billy S says:

    1. Gmail (E-mail)
    2. Opera (the browser that beats firefox)
    3. Youtube
    4. µTorrent (bittorrent client)
    5. Digsby (multiple messenger service client/email notifier/social network IM client)

  260. Aleksander says:

    HTC TyTN II (phone)
    BlueAnt Z9i (bluetooth headset)
    Globalsat BT-335 (bluetooth GPS data logger with GPS)
    Canon EOS 5D
    Google search engine

  261. B S says:

    Logitech Harmony 550 (remote)
    Vizio 42 in 1080p tv
    Samsung q1up (ultra mobile pc)
    Mozilla Firefox + lots of extensions

  262. Yolanda Villa says:

    1) Slingbox AV (view my cable t.v. service anywhere in the world)
    2) HTC Advantage 7501 (Windows Mobile 6 Pro Phone Edition device)
    3) Toshiba M700 (Tablet PC extraordinaire)
    4) FolderShare (file syncing across all my computers)
    5) Skype (VOIP)

  263. Eko P says:

    1.PlayStation 3
    2.HP Pavilion ze4500 (laptop)
    3.Nokia e90 (cell phone)
    4.Sony Walkman A820 (NWZ-A829BLK) 16GB Bluetooth
    5.Google (Search Engine)

  264. Susette Sengilla says:

    1. Sirius Satellite Radio (live radio, no ads)
    2. IPod
    3. Palm Centro (Cell Phone, access internet, camera, video recorder)
    4. HP HDX Dragon Notebook (hoping to win to replace 20 year old computer)
    5. Nintendo DS ( for gaming to relax after dealing with 12 and 13 year olds all day)

  265. WesM. says:

    1. Sansa MP3 player (Keeps the boredom away)
    2. XBOX (Yes its an original 1st edition, un-modded for authenticity)
    3. Motorola RAZR (I truly think I would die without this)
    4. Avast!4 (Anti-Virus Software… The best freeware AV you can get)
    5. Audacity (Sound editing software)

  266. Tom Locke says:

    1. OQO 01+ (Ultra-Mobile PC)
    2. Apple iPod Classic 80GB
    3. Motorola Q9h (Windows Mobile Smartphone)
    4. SugarSync (On-line File Backup / Synchronization Service)
    5. PPC Techs Lil’ Sync (USB Mobile Power Pack)

  267. Timothy W says:

    1. OQO 02
    2. HTC Tytn
    3. Cowon D2 (Mp3 Player)
    4. Ultimate Ears Pro 5 (Nice Headphones)
    5. OneNote (my lifeline in organizing notes digitally)

  268. Jess says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. (Find and listen to new music.)
    3. Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Graphics editor.)
    4. Mozilla Firefox (Awesome internet browser.)
    5. Nintendo DS (Handheld game console.)

  269. Bushywhacker says:

    My all time top 5 digital lifestyle products list…
    1. Microsoft Windows
    2. iPhone
    3. Nintendo (original NES)
    4. WiFi
    5. The Internet (Thank you Al Gore! ;))

  270. dude says:

    1. HP 2710p(tablet pc)
    2. Microsoft Zune(MP3 player)
    3. Firefox(browser)
    4. Nintendo Wii(gaming system)
    5. Linksys WRT54GC Router(Wireless router)

  271. Matt W says:

    2. Foldershare
    3. Hulu
    4. Netflix streaming
    5. Inkseine (cool ink notetaking app)

  272. 1.Sony VGN-N110G Laptop
    2. Apple iPod Video 60GB
    3. XBOX 360
    4. HD Everio 30GB Hybrid Camcorder
    5. Boss-GT-8 Guitar Effects Pedal

  273. Khaled Fernainy says:

    1. Raon Everun (UMPC)
    2. HP pavilion zv5000
    3. Laserjet 1012
    4. Cingular 8125 (phone/pda)
    5. visual studio 2005

  274. Dennis A says:

    My top five digital lifestyle products and/or services:
    1. iPod for listening to podcasts
    2. DishPlayer ViP 622 – timeshift all TV, commercial skip (except for the good ones )
    3. Google Reader for my tech news
    4. Various PCs for all my stuff and programming
    5. Sony home theater projector on 106″ 16:9 screen for relaxing

  275. Melanie Lockhart says:

    Motorola Razr cell phone
    Microsoft Outlook
    Internet Explorer
    iPod iTouch

  276. Garrett J says:

    1. Sony PSP
    2. VirtualBox (Virtual PC)
    3. mIRC (Chat)
    4. PuTTY (SSH connections to remote box)
    5. Foobar2000

  277. MB says:

    1. Second Life (3D online world –
    2. Google Earth 4.3
    3. 3Dconnexion 3D mouse (
    4. YouTube
    5. Wii and its remote

  278. Charity S. says:

    3.iPod Video
    4.Nintendo DS
    5. Palm

  279. Hardik Prajapati says:

    1)My computer
    5)Nitendo 64

  280. fards says:

    1.HTC Advantage x7500 (mobile everything)
    2.BBC Iplayer (never get to see Doctor Who on Saturdays as it’s on when my daughter’s getting ready for bed)
    3.Wii (my daughter is becoming a geek, Hoorah!)
    4.GOM media player (plays most media with lots of things to tweak)
    5.Inkscape (opensource Vector drawing prog)

  281. Chris Chavez says:

    1. Tivo (TV viewing on my schedule)
    2. Xbox 360 (my favorite system for single player games, especially with the HD support)
    3. iPod (podcasts have taken over as the main use for mine, even with over 5000 songs on it)
    4. (remote control any internet connected computer from almost anywhere)
    5. Netflix (being able to rent & watch movies with no late fees really eliminates the old “video store” hassles.)

  282. Catherine says:

    Mozilla Firefox
    RoboForm (form filler)
    Crimson Editor (plain text editor)
    Paint Shop Pro

  283. Ankit says:

    Creative Zen V Plus
    Nintendo Wii
    DirecTV w/ DVR
    Sony Cybershot DSC-P41 (digital camera)
    Windows Vista Media Center

  284. Rick77 says:

    1. Vye S37B UMPC
    2. Earthmate GPS BT-20
    3. Microsoft Streets and Trips (I use this with the BT-20)
    4.Sprint U727 USB Modem
    5. Sling Box Pro

  285. Andras says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Deluge (Bittorrent client)
    3. Pidgin (IM client)
    5. Firefox

  286. smccann says:

    1. LG cheapy flip phone.
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Netflix and Netflix on-demand
    4. Homebuilt PC
    5. Latitude D620

  287. Bart van der Wee says:

    1. HTC Apache(Windows Mobile based PDA/Phone)
    2. Winamp (Audio/video player)
    3. Google Mail
    4. Apple Intel iMac
    5. Wireless Nation Satellite Broadband (

  288. DiosDePyro says:

    1. Foobar 2000 (Media Player)
    2. Litestep (Windows Shell Replacement)
    3. Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browser)
    4. JCreator (Java Development Environment)
    5. Image Analyzer (Image Editing Software)

  289. Georgi Karagocev says:

    1. iPod Shuffle
    2. Playstation 3
    3. HTC Touch
    4. GMail
    5. Flickr

  290. Gary says:

    1) Motorola DVR
    2) Windows Mobile Smartphones
    3) Firefox
    4) Google Reader
    5) GMail

  291. Ido Eshet says:

    1. XBOX 360
    2. Canon EOS 400D (Digital Camera)
    3. HP TX1000 (Entertainment Tablet PC)
    4. HTC Touch Dual (Pocket PC Phone Edition)
    5. COWON iAudio D2 (MP3 Player)

  292. Harry Yang says:

    1 Xbox 360
    2 Xbox 360 wireless adaptor (for Xbox Live)
    3 Iphone
    4 Panasonic 42″ Plasma TV
    5 (internet radio)

  293. Mike says:

    My top five digital lifestyle products and/or services:
    1 – Yahoo! (mail, instant messenger, more…)
    2 – Palm TX (“data bank”, bluetooth, wi-fi, headphone port)
    3 – Dell XPS M2010 (20-inch laptop)
    4 – Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
    (can connect to some secured, and open access, WiFi networks)
    5 – J2 (free incoming voicemail, and facsimile, service…messages sent to e-mail)

  294. Michelle Simons says:

    1- HP Printer all in one { need this to print out and fax my stuff }
    2- Apple iPhone { want to watch videos on your phone? use this!}
    3- 50′ Sony Wega High Def TV { Perfect picture and audio up close}
    4-Skype { talk online on the phone}
    5-Nintendo Wii { get off the couch and get some exersize with this console}

  295. Grant Gumina says:

    1. Asus EEE PC (UMPC that runs linux and Windows – starts at $299
    2. Sykpe (talk with your computer to people’s phones)
    3. Xbox 360
    4. WordPress (blog hosting site)
    5. iPhone (the holy grail of cell phones)

  296. mamcx says:

    1- iPod shuffle [Great for hear music while walking around the city]
    2- iPhone [Probably the only one cellphone I truly want]
    3- Nintendo Wii [Fun again with the console!]
    4- Apple 30″ LCD Monitor [My eyes wanna this]
    5- Aeron Chair [Despite the dotcom failure, my body need it]

  297. Ian Hollier says:

    1 – Apple iPhone
    2 – Sony PS3
    3 – Microsoft XBox 360
    4 – Sony TZ notebook PC
    5 – TIVO HD

  298. zoid says:

    1. Philips DVDR3595H DVD player, recorder with harddrive
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. iGoogle
    4. Mozilla Thunderbird
    5. Youtube

  299. Jon says:

    1 – Blackberry Pearl (T-mobile)
    2 – Google Reader (RSS Reader)
    3 – Google Docs (Document Creation, Veiwing)
    4 – 2GB USB drive with Portable apps installed (Portable computer, can be used in any Windows PC)
    5 – Gmail

  300. Teague Carvalho says:

    1. PlayStation Portable (MP3 & gaming device)
    2. Ventrilo (real-time voice chat)
    3. Steam (Valve and other games player, Chat, community)
    4. Ulead Video Studio 9 (Video Editing)
    5. Adobe CS3 After Effects (Video Editing and Special Effects)

  301. 1.) Fujitsu Siemens Loox 720 – for me, revelation pda and navigation (with external gps)
    2.) XPc Shuttle SD11G5 – great, little and silence computer
    3.) Asus EeePc netbook – interesting idea and innovation in mobile world
    4.) GaduGadu – great and very popular in Poland alternative for ICQ comunicator
    5.) Opera Web browser – in my opinion -the fastest and best browser in the world.

  302. echachi81 says:

    1. Zune (Podcast, Sharing Pics)
    2. XBOX 360 (Gaming, Media Extender)
    3. Skype (Voip)
    4. Webot ( Access your media anywhere and anytime)
    5. Treo 700p (Sprint with EVDO)

  303. Jan Cux says:

    1. Compaq TC1100
    2. Apple iPhone
    3. Sony PS3
    4. HP 48 GX
    5. Polar RS800

  304. Shuo says:

    1. My PC (Windows Vista)
    2. iPod Shuffle
    3. Windows Live Messenger
    4. Gmail
    5. Facebook

  305. 1. Creative Zen Nano (mp3 player)
    2. Happy Fish (podcast downloader and synchronizer)
    3. CMS Made Simple (website content management system)
    4. PhotoShop ()
    5. Sirius (satellite radio)

  306. Mike Nichols says:

    1. Iphone
    2. Cowon Q5W (movie watching and web surfing)
    3. Google everything (blog, gmail, docs, photos, videos)
    4. Nintendo DS for gaming on the road
    5. Sony Ebook Reader for a relaxing read.

  307. Tariq Ali says:

    1. Windows Mobile 6.1 (Phone/PDA)
    2. Tablet PC (OneNote)
    3. Firefox (and all those fantastic add-ons)
    4. FeedDemon (Last100 RSS Feed!)
    5. Outlook (Calendar, Email, Contacts

    Thanks Last100

  308. Adam says:

    Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet
    Shoutcast (Internet Radio repository)
    Netflix (Movie CDs and instant viewing)
    HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (if I win ;-))

  309. Colin says:

    1) Firefox
    2) Nintendo Wii
    3) Windows Live Messenger
    4) GMail
    5) Nintendo DS

  310. Roy Cheung says:

    1. hTC touch unlocked (Windows Mobile 6.1 Smartphone)
    2. (social news/media website)
    3. Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Art creation, Photo Editing, etc.)
    4. D-I-Y PC running Windows Vista Ultimate x64 (work workstation)
    5. Windows Live Mail (E-mail client and RSS reader used for’s RSS feed)

  311. Seph says:

    1. Nintendo DS
    2. Opera (web browser)
    3. Google (search engine + mail)
    4. Windows Live Messenger
    5. The KMplayer (Media player)

  312. Brett Steele says:

    1) Ipod
    2) Gmail
    4) Skype
    5) nVidia Geforce GO 7600

  313. Dach says:

    一. HP DV9000 Lappy (soon to be replaced, I hope!)
    二. AT&T Tilt
    三. Sony PSP (I also have a DS, but the PSP gets used a LOT more!)
    四. [Mixi] (easily my favorite social networking site.)
    五. Vista Ultimate x64

  314. Spazy says:

    1. Ipod Classic 160GB (i never leave my home without it:D )
    2. My new PSP Slim, 100 times nicer than my old PSP fat
    3. My new Fujifilm F100fd ( a really really nice digital camera)
    4. Toshiba m60 (my old notebook that got some serious damage, i bought a notebook bag for it and the day after it broke while i was walking. Got a new bag and it broke too some days later, how stupid can you be? hehe. so now my notebook is more or less dead. Can you say unlucky? What can you do? :/
    5. HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (i want this puppy so badly, and would replace my soon to be dead M60, maybe I’m not all unlucky and karma can be nice to me sometimes?? 🙂 )

  315. Tammi Worrell says:

    1. Ipod Touch
    2. Tivo
    3. Gmail
    4. My PC
    3. Facebook

  316. lark says:

    1. Lenove ThinkPad x60

    2. Tivo

    3. Wii (love the tennis!)

    4. BlackBerry 8800

    5. OQO Model 02 (UMPC – do not have, too expensive)

  317. A_Str8 says:

    1. Microsoft Zune
    2. IPAQ 110 (PDA)
    3. Canon A520 (Digital Camera)
    4. Google and Yahoo web services in general
    5. Cell phones (Though my particular phone ain’t so great)

  318. Narindra Persaud says:

    IPod Touch
    42″ Plasma Television

  319. DarkoZ says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Sehnheiser HD215 Headphones
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Asus EeePC 701 laptop
    5. Gmail

  320. VionaX says:

    1. Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
    2. HP Pavilion tx 1000
    3. Netvibes
    4. Windows Live Mesh
    5. Evernote

  321. DrWho says:

    My Computer (Enjoying life, creating things)
    Google (Finding out things that i didn’t know)
    Hotmail / Windows Live messenger (i keep in touch with Friends and Family)
    Youtube (learning new things by watching video)
    Xbox (it calms down my body and mind)

  322. AmberD says:

    1: Kodak Easyshare DX7590
    2: Creative Labs Zen MP3 player
    3: Creative Mediasource (similar to iTunes programming for cataloging music
    4: PS3
    5: Western Digital 250GB external HDD

  323. Desi says:

    1. Zune 80

    2. Samsung Q1P (ultra mobile pc)

    3. Orb (media streaming application)

    4. HTC Touch Smartphone

    5. Skype

  324. Steve says:

    1. Windows Media Center (For music, videos, TV recording etc)
    2. XBox 360 (As a Media Center Extender & Game Console)
    3. Yougle Vista (For watching YouTube & ICanHasCheezburger on Media Center)
    4. My MP4 Player Watch (For the pure show-off value of having 4GB of MP3’s and video playback on a watch…it lets the world know I’m a geek)
    5. HTC Smartphone (There’s nothing like saying “Play Artist – Eagles” and having my phone start off with Hotel California!)

  325. Daniel Ortellado says:

    My life is all about music so:

    1. Melody Hound [to find out about that tune that sticks to my head and no one else decyphers, all by whisteling to the computer. Still not perfect but still sooo Addictive!]

    2. Facebook [to let my old and new friends know i found that tune i bugged them for weeks about; Good for networking for work and play]

    3.Ipod Shuffle [to listen to the songs everywhere I go without advertising I am handing an IPOD, oh my…]

    4. Macbook Pro [to store all my multimedia and display the songs and the kickass videos..]

    5. LG Kompressor [yes, thats a vaccum cleaner, indeed. Best invention since bread came sliced, it turns dust into cubicule particules of compact filth. Great to clean all the mess of doritos I make in my room from all the hours whisteling to the addictive Music Hound website. And yes, you can whistle AFTER the Doritos….]

    Guess the nerdOmeter just peaked high!

    Oh well…


  326. F.Ortell says:

    1 – Samsung P2 (crystal clear MP3 player)
    2 – Sony Vaio TZ190N (ultraportable notebook)
    3 – Netgear SPH200W (Skype wifi phone)
    4 – Portable applications
    5 – Ubuntu

  327. enicoll says:


  328. AndrewC says:

    1. Macromedia Fireworks
    2. Winamp
    3. My not-so-durable laptop/car music player *cough*
    4. Portable USB drive
    5. Wacom drawing tablet

  329. S. Brown says:

    iPod touch
    Mozilla Firefox
    Zattoo (Live TV on a PC)
    Pandora (Internet radio)

  330. Brian Ho says:

    1. Windows Vista home premium

    2. Mozilla Firefox

    3. Windows Live Messenger

    4. Sony Ericsson W580i

    5. Sony PSP

  331. Minjid says:

    1.Playstation 3
    2. HP Blackbird
    3.Ipod touch
    4. Sony Bravia 52″ XBR HDTV
    5.Ubuntu 8.04

  332. Eric Young says:

    1 – Nintendo Wii
    2 – XM Satellite Radio
    3 – XBOX 360 Media Center
    4 – PlayStayion 3
    5 – Nokia 5300 XpressMusic (Mobile Phone)

  333. Topet says:

    1. Winamp
    2. Skype
    3. Google Mail
    4. iPhone
    5. Sony PSP

  334. xxKugarxx says:

    1. Mitsubishi DLP projector
    2. Vista Ultimate
    3. Wii
    4.hdmi cables
    5. Sony gc1 camcorder

  335. Jaxim says:

    1. Zune 80
    2. Media Center PC
    3. Samsung LN52A650 (Big Screen HDTV)
    4. Mozilla Firefox
    5. Canon Powershot SD780 IS (digital camera)

  336. Jose says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. iPhone
    3. Windows XP
    4. Mozilla Firefox
    5. Skype

  337. Dave says:

    1. iPod touch
    3. Pidgin
    4. Nintendo DS
    5. Windows Media Center

  338. Marc says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. DLink Media Lounge MCE
    3. Google Reader
    4. Blackberry
    5. WordPress

  339. Jeremy says:

    1. Creative Zen Vision W (like an IPod, only bigger)

    2. External Hard Drive

    3. D-Link Gamer’s Lounge Wireless G Router

    4. XBox 360 Elite

    5. (file storage and access from anywhere)

  340. Mary T says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2 – Nintendo Wii
    3. Windows XP
    4. Google Mail
    5. XBox 360 Elite

  341. Nathan Sitkoff says:

    2.Dell XPS
    3.LoTRO (Lord of The Rings Online)
    4.Google Maps
    5.Motorola RAZR

  342. Devon says:

    2.FL Studio
    3.Toshiba Techra (must be about 10 years old now)

  343. Brandon says:

    1. 17″ MacBook Pro (Everything)
    2. Zune 80 (Makes the walk to work more enjoyable)
    3. Playstation 3
    4. Google Reader (Popular RSS Feed Reader)
    5. Adobe CS3 Web Premium (It Prints Money)

  344. ChriS Campoy says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Kodak EasyShare (Digital Camera)
    3. Linksys Wireless-G Router
    4. Winamp (Audio/video player)
    5. Yahoo Messenger (Instant Messenger Client)

  345. pedroL says:

    1. HP Pavilion dv9575ep
    2. Casio EX-Z750
    3. Nokia 6300
    4. Creative ZenV
    5. Playstation3

  346. James Meyers says:

    1. Zune [MP3 player]
    2. Xbox 360 [Gaming Console]
    3. LG Venus [Cell Phone]
    4. Wii [Gaming Console]
    5. Firefox [Web Browser]

  347. Danny says:

    1. 30 gb iPod Video
    2. JVC Marshmallow FX34 Earbuds
    3. Viewsonic 20′ monitor!
    4. Maxtor 200gb External Hard Drive
    5. Mozilla Firefox w/loads of add-ons

  348. Cody says:

    Apple iPhone
    Nintendo Wii
    Canon Powershot Digital Camera
    Mozilla Firefox

  349. Frank says:

    1. Toshiba M700 Tablet PC
    2. Dell Axim X51V
    3. Sandisk Fuze 8 GB MP3 Player
    4. Shure SE210 K IEM (earphones)
    5. Olympus E-300 DSLR camera

  350. raffee says:

    1. Lenovo X61 TabletPC
    2. Pioneer Elite Pro-150HD – 60″plasma HDTV, absolutely gorgeous!!
    3. RSS – I now get 90%+ of all my computer info from this technology
    4. – very simple and it just works, integral part of my data collection & tracking scheme
    5. iPod Touch

  351. Kam A says:

    1. Wii
    2. iPhone
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Ipod Nano
    5. Mozilla Firefox

  352. Jacob says:

    1. Dell m1330
    2. Verizon Fios
    3. Gmail
    4. Windows Vista
    5. HP Photosmart 2210

  353. 1.Hp HDX notebook
    2.Xbox 360 (Gaming Console)
    3.Olympus E-300 DSLR camera
    4.Nokia N95
    5.Skype (VoIP telephony)

  354. Laura says:

    1. Zoom H4 (audio recording)
    2. Ipod Nano
    3. Nintendo DS
    4. Samsung S630 digital camera
    5. Xbox 360

  355. Manfred says:

    1. Firefox
    2. Tablet PCs (HP TX2xxx)
    3. Gmail
    4. Wii
    5. Open Office

  356. VIC says:

    1-ipod touch
    4-sbc internet service
    5-canon l7780

  357. Toasty says:

    1. VDSL
    2. Iphone
    3. Sony Alpha A700
    4. My Harmon kardon 7.1 w/ Paradigm Speaker surround system
    5. This HP HDX Dragon to replace my OG Centrino 1.3

  358. Matt says:

    1. My Samsung monitor (For my view pleasures)
    2. Mozilla Firefox browser (Fast and simple to use browser)
    3. Pandora Radio (Free music)
    4. Gmail (Free email and easy use)
    5. Blender (3D creation and rendering, completely free)

  359. Laurence says:

    1. iPod Classic 80GB – can hold more music than I want to listen to.
    2. Youtube – what better way to waste a day than watching copyright-infringing clips?
    3. Asus Eee PC – I don’t have one, but I think an ultra-thin laptop would be brilliant for portable music composition.
    4. Asus Internet Radio (AIR) – I like having thousands of radio streams from around the world, but I’m not keen on playing it on my computer. Having a nice retro-looking device like the AIR gives internet radio a palability that invites interaction.
    5. Valve Steam – I still have my reservations about some aspects of it, but it is truly a teriffic digital distribution system for games, especially for independent or small development houses.

  360. Kraft Single says:

    1. Blackberry Curve 8300 Verizon (Smart Phone)
    2. Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browser)
    3. Gmail (E-Mail Service)
    4. Apple iPod Classic 80GB (Mobile Music Player)
    5. Digsby (Instant Messaging & Social Networking Integrated)

  361. brandy says:

    Ipod-For rocking out and listening to podcasts
    DVR-Records the shows that come on at 3 AM that I don’t want to stay up for…
    Radio-….Plays the talk shows I end up listening to when I can’t sleep. (*cough*John and Jeff*cough)
    TV- Well, duh, you watch stuff on it
    Wii-Electronic babysitter

  362. Sugiarto says:

    Fujitsu UMPC
    Mozilla Firefox
    Nokia E61
    Canon ixus80

  363. 1. X box 360 ( for Gaming)

    2.I Pod Nano (for music and videos on the move)

    3.Linksys Wireless router

    4.Nokia N 93

    5.Bose’s iPod Docking Station

  364. Timothy Hutchinson says:

    Ipod Classic/Touch
    ml_ipod plugin for Winamp 5
    Mozilla Firefox
    U3 Thumb Drive

  365. Josh L says:

    1. Mac OS X Leopard
    2. iPod Nano
    3. HP r725 Digital Camera
    4. iWork (Apple’s version of MS Office)
    5. Asus Eee PC 701

  366. Pamela Hansen says:

    fujifilm digital camera
    x box 360
    hp entertainment pc
    digital blood pressure monitor (to ensure my mom and grandma’s health)

  367. Darrell says:

    1.Apple iPod touch (16GB)
    2.TomTom One XL S
    3. Panasonic HDC-SX5
    4.D-link DSM-320
    5.HP iPAQ H1910

  368. Aaron Richardson says:

    1. Iphone
    2. Playstation 3
    3. iPod Touch
    4. Zune 80GB media player
    5. Creative Zen Nano Plus

  369. Pamela Hansen says:

    ipod nano
    fujifilm camera
    digital blood pressure monitor
    hp entertainment PC
    x box 360

    all self explanatory I think

  370. Angie P says:


  371. Jacki J. says:

    Nintendo Wii

    Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive

    Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router

    Slingbox SOLO (watch tv anywhere)

    Amazon Kindle (ebook reader)

  372. Logan Standridge says:

    01) Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard (Main Operating System)
    02) Windows XP (Secondary Operating System)
    03) Nintendo Wii (Gaming System)
    04) Sony PSP (Gaming System)
    05) Adobe Photoshop (Digital Art Application)

  373. Noor A says:

    Opera (Web browser)
    Windows Vista Ultimate
    Windows Live (Hotmail)
    Windows Media Player 11
    Trillian (Instant messaging client)

  374. Kevin Wen says:

    1) Audacity (Audio Editor)
    2)Preclick Gold Photo Organizer 2.9 (Photo Organizer)
    3)Free Download Manager 2.5 build 755 (Download Manager)
    4)AIM (Instant Messaging)
    5)Free CD Ripper 3.1 (CD Burning software)

  375. David t. says:

    1. Nintendo Wii (game console)
    2. iTunes (digital media player)
    3. HTC Advantage (mobile pocket-sized office device)
    4. Xbox 360 (video game console)
    5. Portable Apps (portable software for USB drives)

  376. Harrison L. Dare says:

    Google Docs (web-based word processor and spreadsheet)
    PlayStation 3
    Windows Media Player 11
    Nintendo DS (handheld game console)

  377. ES says:

    1.iPod Touch
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Skype
    4. PSP
    5. Nintendo Wii

  378. Stacy E says:

    Nintendo Wii
    Mac Mini

  379. Mike says:

    1. Firefox
    2. Digital Video Recorder
    3. Zen Micro
    4. Western Digital My Book
    5. Dell Inspiron E1405 Notebook

  380. Jon says:

    1. Lenovo X60 Tablet
    2. OneNote
    3. Gmail
    4. Bluebeam Revu
    5. Motorola S805 Bluetooth Headphones

  381. Curtis says:

    * iPhone
    * GrandCentral
    * PlayStation 3
    * Skype
    * DirecTV HD DVR

  382. Edy D. says:

    1. iPhone (The only phone for me)
    2. Youtube (My source of video entertainment)
    3. Nintendo Wii (Brawl and Mario Kart, ’nuff said)
    4. Windows Live Messenger (Allows me to communicate with friends)
    5. HP HDX Dragon (Best notebook I’ve ever seen and wish to own)

  383. Gaussgun says:

    1: Creative Zen Sleek Photo (MP3 Player)
    2: Gmail with Better Gmail 2 (forces https among other things)
    3: Firefox
    4: Sluggy Freelance (Really cool online web comic @
    5: (Streaming rock, with very little of the annoying stuff from everywhere else)

  384. Brian Jones says:

    1. PSP
    2. UM150 (Evdo USB Modem)
    3. G-Mail
    4. LG-enV2
    5. Axim X51v

  385. Gaurav Jain says:

    1. Toshiba A100 Satellite series laptop
    2. Youtube (internet video site)
    3. Orkut ( to meet my old friends)
    4. Google Reader ( for feeds)
    5. Mozilla Firefox( Internet Browser)

  386. SydneyHeart says:

    Sad thing is I own NONE of these 🙁
    1. HP HDX Dragon of course!
    2. Sony PS3
    3. Sony PSP
    4. Nintendo Wii
    5. Apple iTouch

  387. Keith Dsouza says:

    Here are my entries the first couple of one I am going to buy next month 😀

    1. XBox 360
    2. Apple Iphone
    3. iPod Nano
    4. Windows Media Center
    5. Picasa

  388. Indrianto Adi N says:

    1. FlashGet (Best Downloader)
    2. Sony Ericsson W9901 (my Music Phone)
    3. Nintendo Wii (u must have one….!!!!)
    4. Yahoo Messanger
    5. Google (find anything in the world….)

  389. Eric Hubbard says:

    1. Tablet Kiosk eo UMPC
    2. Google Reader
    3. G-mail
    4. i-pod 30GB video
    5. HTC Mogul Windows Mobile PC

  390. * HDX Dragon Notebook (everything!)
    * Samsung i730 (Pocket PC Phone Edition)
    * Slingbox (Stream Cable/TV to your laptop/PPC/PDA)
    * TiVo
    * Mac Pro (Apple PC)

  391. Hoo-Chuan Tan says:

    1. Gregarius (Web based RSS feed reader – )
    2. MPD (Music Player Daemon – For streaming my music/audiobooks)
    3. LogMeIn (To access my computers at home when I’m out and about)
    4. iMate JasJar (Yes, that really is a brick, er, mobile computer in my pocket)
    5. GPS (As a man though, I’d /never/ use it since I’m never lost… much)

  392. xSacha says:

    1. Kubuntu 8.04 (Operating System)
    2. Opera 9.5 (Web Browser client)
    3. Kaffeine 0.86 (DVB TV client)
    4. Psi 0.12 (Jabber IM client)
    5. Linksys WRT160N (Wireless N router)

  393. Julie says:

    1. IPod
    2. Firefox (web browser)
    3. ITunes (music software)
    4. Wii (Not yet, but some day!)
    5. IPhone (again…on my must have list).

  394. Arie says:

    1. Windows OS (Vista and XP -for gaming-)
    2. Gaim (internet messenger)
    3. Gmail (web mail)
    4. Nintendo Wii
    5. Fujitsu Lifebook P1620 Tablet PC

  395. ugene says:

    1. iPhone 16gb (too bad it’s not 3g)
    2. Firefox 3
    3. Vulcan Flipstart (at $699)
    4. Garmin Nuvi 360
    5. Macbook Pro 15″

  396. Ryan says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. iPod nano
    3. Gmail (web mail and instant message)
    4. Firefox
    5. Windows Media center

  397. Iwan Juwono says:

    Playstation 3 (current-gen games console and Blue-Ray player)
    Nintendo Wii (current-gen games console)
    Google Reader (online RSS reader/aggregator)
    Gmail (online mail)
    Samsung SGH-D900 (phone, mobile web browser, mobile email, my communications hub)

  398. Manny says:

    1. Hiti 640PS Thermal Printer
    2. Blackberry 8800
    3. Verizon DSL
    4. Comcast DVR
    5. iPod Classic

  399. JuanE says:

    1. iPod 30 GB 5.5G (Portable music and video player. Can’t leave the house without it)
    2. Winamp (Faster and more customizable than iTunes)
    3. Motorola SLVR L7 (Multimedia phone. A little dated, but still great)
    4. Nintendo Wii (Great videogame console. Yes, I’m a Nintendo fanboy)
    5. Windows Media Center (A very nice home-entertainment center. Wish there were more features for it in my country)

  400. Stephanie says:

    1. Xbox 360 (Xbox Live)
    2. Zune 30 Brown
    3. Nokia N95 8GB
    4. YouTube (TV on the net!)
    5. CNN (News)

  401. 1) Apple iPod Touch [Music Player]
    2) Apple iPhone [Mobile Phone]
    3) HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook
    4) Ubuntu Hardy Heron [Linux OS]
    5) Netgear RangeMax™ Wireless-N Router with Built-in DSL Modem

  402. Todd Saylor says:

    1. Dish Network ViP 622 DVR
    2. Shoutcast radio stations
    3. Netflix subscription
    4. T-Mobile Shadow (Windows Mobile Smartphone)
    5. Sennheiser RS130 (Wireless headphones)

  403. Cliff says:

    1. Blackberry Curve 8320
    2. 30GB Zune (podiobook and podcast junkie)
    3. Olympus Evolt 410 DSLR
    4. Wii (have to fight the kids for it)
    5. FeedDemon RSS Reader (hard choice between this and Flock)

  404. Anil Jaiswal says:

    1.Google Servies.
    2.ipod 30GB video
    3.Firefox with many addons
    4.Sony Ericsson Z550i phone
    5.VLC player.

  405. Ryland Smith says:

    1. GTalk / GMail
    2. Firefox
    3. Kongregate
    4. Facebook
    5. Avast
    6. My Computer lolz?

  406. Ondrej Barva says:

    1) SE W800i (first walkman phone)
    2) Sony W12 (my “well experienced” camera)
    3) Sony Vaio typeT (extremely portable notebook)
    4) Nanny (breath monitor of my son)
    5) HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (future entertainment center of my family?)

  407. Bill says:

    1. ipod
    2. iphone
    3. macbook
    4. Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS
    5. SanDisk Titanium FlashDrive

  408. Christian Lees says:

    1) Wii
    2) Nintendo DS
    3) Palm Tungsten E2
    4) Adobe Media Player (watching tv shows and podcasts)
    5) Windows Media Player (for watching movies and recording live tv)

  409. G.Smith says:

    1) XBOX 360
    2) IPOD Nano 4gb
    3) My quad core PC
    4) Toshiba HD-DVD player
    5) Sanyo ENELOOP rechargeable batteries

  410. Jonathan Lee says:

    1) Google everything (gmail, igoogle, reader, docs etc)
    2) WoW / Guild Wars
    3) Cartoon Network
    4) Kubuntu (and Vista bleh)
    5) Civilization 4 BTS on immortal, and shuffle map

  411. Michael S. says:

    1.) HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook [Would completely reinvent my digital lifestyle – Integrated TV Tuner & Blu-Ray have me drooling]
    2.) iAudio Cowon U2 [1 gig MP3 player – satisfies my music needs and effective for exercise]
    3.) Firefox w/ Adblock Plus, BugMeNot, FasterFox addons [Web Browser]
    4.) Winamp Media Player [MP3, music, & media player – been using it since it’s incarnation in ’97, doesn’t bog down computer resources and pe perfectly]
    5.) iPhone [Cell Phone – doesn’t get much cooler]

  412. Tanmay Vernekar says:

    1. Ipod
    2. Playstation 3
    3. Itunes (digital download service)
    4. Nitendo Wii
    5. Apple tv

  413. Jeffrey Hewitt says:

    Top 5:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. HTC Tytn II
    3. Ipod Touch/Classic/nano
    4. Sprint Mobile Internet ( on it right now)
    5. GPS (any kind)

  414. Jeremy Pyper says:
    2.iPaq Classic 111 Windows Mobile PDA
    3.Dell Vostro 1500
    4.Portable Apps on an 8gb thumbdrive
    5.Open Office

  415. Bryan says:

    1. Google Search Engine
    2. HDX Dragon Notebook
    3. Windows XP
    4. YouTube (Music videos)
    5. Firefox Browser

  416. Praval Singh says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    2. Ipod – Shuffle (Music on the move!)
    3. Ubuntu Hardy Heron (Linux OS)
    4. Pidgin (IM client)
    5. Nokia 5300 (My Cellphone!)

  417. Mark Price says:

    Lenovo Thinkpad x61 Tablet PC (small high resolution tablet)
    Sony PSP (games, movies & music on the go)
    Evernote (on-line note application)
    Digsby (multi-provider IM client plus monitoring of mail, Facebook & Twitter)

  418. D.Misevski says:

    2. Ubuntu 8.04
    3. Youtube
    4. Windows Live Messenger
    5. Skype

  419. Vivek Gowri says:

    1. Asus EEE PC 900
    2. Nokia N95 8GB
    3. VLC Media Player
    4. Mozilla Firefox
    5. uTorrent

  420. Sabine says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (web browser)
    2. Vista Media Center (music, photos, DVR, home auto & security)
    3. Apple iPod Touch (Music Player)
    4. Gmail (online mail)
    5. Windows Live (Hotmail)

  421. Widi says:

    1. Microsoft Operating System (XP and Vista)
    2. Sharp Aquos LCD TV
    3. Sony PS3
    4. Nokia Navigator 6110

  422. shafeeq says:

    Google reader
    Media player classic
    Sony Ericsson W800i [Mobile Phone/Walkman]

  423. Ariunbold says:

    1. Firefox
    2. Google
    3. iPod
    4. Youtube
    5. VLC Media Player

  424. 1. Playstation-3 (Ultimate Gaming Machine!)
    2. Quad-Core based PC (Awesome!!!)
    3. Nokia N-95 (Mobile Computing!)
    4. Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS (THE OS!!)
    5. Unlimited 10Mbps Broadband (Do whatever!!)

  425. prasaanth says:

    1.Archos 604 Wifi player
    2.Dell Axim
    3.Nokia N800 tablet edition
    4.Bose quiet comfort 2 headphones
    5.SoundBridge Radio

  426. Sherin teresa says:

    1)Windows Live
    2)Xbox 360
    3)iPod Touch
    5)Mozilla Firefox

  427. ChW says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. iPhone
    3. 42″ Sony Bravia
    4. Macbook Pro 17″
    5. Firefox

  428. Freelancer says:

    1. Asus Eee
    2. HDX
    3. Microsoft (unfortunately)
    4. Firefox
    5. 50″ Panasonic plasma TV

  429. Bob says:

    1. Ubuntu
    2. Large screen plasma tv (any will do :P)
    3. Firefox
    4. iPod
    5. Quad core desktop

  430. ps3gamer says:

    1. Playstation 3
    2. Microsoft Office 2007
    3. HDX
    4. Creative Zen Player
    5. Logitech Z2300 speakers

  431. Dor says:

    1. Canon PowerShot S2 IS
    2. SanDisk Sansa e270
    3. Flickr
    4. HP Pavilion dv6700t
    5. Blogger

  432. Uni Bum says:

    1. XBOX 360
    2. OS X 10.5
    3. Asus Eee 701
    4. Blu-Ray Player
    5. utorrent

  433. Joy thomas says:

    3.Yahoo widgets
    4.Media player classic
    5.Sony Ericsson W800i

  434. Tarun Kumar says:

    1.Services Of Twitter ( Connecting Me Always Through Friends and Many more)
    2.Orkut Service (Social Network – Making Friends )
    3.Sony Handicam Camcorder( To preserve Memories )
    4.Photoshop Service (For Editing Photos and Pictures)
    5.Nokia N96 (I Wish i Would Have I like its Advance Feature like Flash Memory and 40 Hr Video Etc )

  435. Jay Starkey says:

    1. Dell Axim x50v Pocket PC
    2. Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC
    3. Mixi (social networking service)
    4. Nintendo DS Lite (for Japanese learning)
    5. iPod Video

  436. Karin Cauley says:

    Digital Cable T.V. Warner Bros.
    Sony Handicam
    xbox 360

  437. Raj says:

    1. YouTube
    2. authorSTREAM(A way to convert and share ppts online)
    3. WiziQ (A free web confrencing solution for education community in general for all)
    4. Google Maps
    6. PlayStayion 3

  438. Ed says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. Facebook
    3. Hulu
    4. Pandora
    5. Verizon FiOS

  439. Erwin says:

    Nokia N95

  440. Daniel C says:

    Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    Playstation 3
    Skype (VoIP telephony)
    Yahoo! Mail

  441. Hoosein Ismail says:

    1.HP HDX DRAGON (Ulimate laptop)
    2.Treo 700wx (Smartphone/PDA)
    3.Xbox 360
    4.PS3(game system)
    5.Navman GPS (Navigation system)

  442. Mike Swanson says:

    1. Sansa e200 with Rockbox! (mp3 player, with the most awesome firmware ever installed)
    2. Nintendo DS Lite (It’s-a me, Mario!)
    3. Asus Eee PC (the opposite of the Dragon :P)
    4. Low-cost cell phone from verizon (not very fancy, but it does everything I want from a phone)
    5. Ubuntu 8.04 – on my current laptop (very sexy operating system with low resource reqs)

  443. bobufus says:

    1) xbox 360
    2) slingbox (tv on pc and/or over internet)
    3) samsung sansa with rockbox (mp3 player with open source jukebox firmware)
    4) gmail
    5) HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (duh!)

  444. Marc Gibson says:

    1. PlayStation Portable (Multimedia device)
    2. Google Earth
    3. Xbox 360 (gaming system)
    4. Flickr
    5. Nintendo Wii (gaming System

  445. Ed Bennett says:

    1) BBC iPlayer (TV over IP on-demand)
    2) Opera (browser for PC, phone, and pretty much anything else you can think of)
    3) Facebook (social networking; formerly the sophisticated Jeeves to MySpace’s lager lout, now more like the slutty older sister)
    4) GMail (>6GB of online mail storage, and the best spam filtering in the northern hemisphere, you say?)
    5) Trillian (multiprotocol IM, hopefully even more protocols soonish)

  446. Ossi says:

    1. Wii
    2. Playstation3
    3. Winamp(audio/video player)

  447. Fitra says:

    1. Microsoft Windows Vista
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    4. HP Pavilion HDX9010 – GU003PA
    5. Nokia E90

  448. Henglee says:

    1. Sony Ericsson K850i (phone, camera, mp3 player, calendar…)
    2. Fujitsu T2010 Tablet PC
    3. Juice (to download podcasts)
    4. Google Reader
    5. OneNote

  449. Hayden says:

    1) My Yahoo!
    3) Wii
    4) Skype
    5) Canon PowerShot

  450. 1. iTunes
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. iShuffle
    4. Facebook
    5. YouTube

  451. Rahul Dutt Sharma says:

    Blender (3D suite).
    Playstation 3.

  452. Rahul Dutt Sharma says:

    Blender (3D suite).
    Solaris XDE.
    Playstation 3.
    Pidgin IM.

  453. Sushant Sharma says:

    xbox 360.
    you tube.
    Open SUSE.

  454. Makram Daou says:

    1. Windows Mobile (OS on my Mobile phone)
    2. iPod Nano
    3. Adobe Lightroom (Photo editing software)
    4. Sony DSCT10 (Digital Compact cam)
    5. FireFox

  455. Jelle Kouwenhoven says:

    1. Samsung YP-T10 MP3 player
    2. Dell Inspiron Laptop Series
    3. Google Earth
    4. Windows Mobile OS
    5. Nintendo Wii

  456. RHC51 says:

    1. HP Pavilion series laptop
    2. Ipod touch
    3. Flip Video Ultra (60 minute camcorder)
    4. Firefox web browser
    5. Thunderbird/Lightning (in conjunction with imap Gmail/Google calendar)

  457. Julian says:

    1. Windows Vista Media Center
    2. Windows Live Hotmail
    3. XBox 360
    3. Toshiba Gigabeat (MP3 Player)
    4. Sony HD AVCHD Handy Cam (Video Camera)
    5. HP HDX Dragon Notebook (Don’t own, but what better digital lifestyle product is there!)

  458. nsd says:

    1) Creative Zen
    2) HTC Touch Cruise
    3) Nintendo Wii
    4) Opera (Web Browser)
    5) openSuse

  459. Ken Newhouse says:

    2] NINTENDO Wii
    3] VirtuaGirl HD

  460. Ellen Moore says:

    iPod Touch
    Sony PS3 (love the Blu-ray)
    Sony Handycam DCR-62 (nice 40gb hard drive)
    Google Reader

  461. Nima says:

    1- HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook
    2- Google reader
    3- HTC touch Diamond
    4- Mozilla Firefox
    5- Creative zen vision W

  462. Todor Minakov says:

    1. Skype VoIP
    2. Nokia Smartphones – E61 in particular
    3. USB flashdrives
    4. GPS navigation – garmin’s maps, route66 interface
    5. HP HDX Daragon 😀

  463. Cory says:

    1. Zune
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Scanner
    4. Adobe Premier
    5. Wireless Microsoft Headset

  464. Kai Tang says:

    Mozilla Firefox
    Playstation Portable
    iPod Touch

  465. Kevin Bowers says:

    1.XBOX 360
    2.Zune 30GB
    3.Live Mesh (File and Folder Synchronizer)
    5.AT&T Tilt

  466. Daryl John says:

    1. Windows Vista
    2. iTunes
    3. YouTube
    4. Asus A8jr Notebook PC
    5. Nokia 6267

  467. Brandon says:

    1- Spyware Doctor (To get rid of all of those pesky ad cookies and trcking cookies plus the devious trojans that hide in random places)
    2- Time Warner Cable All-in-one (Phone, LAN internet, and T.V. service)
    3- Sony Playstation 3
    4- Nintendo Wii

  468. Eric Zohar says:

    1. Nokia 6680 (Symbian s60 v2 cellphone)
    2. Maxthon 1.6.3 (The world’s best web-browser)
    3. Fuji F10 (a pocket digital still camera)
    4. Google suggest (
    5. Winamp 5 (The Best Music Player for Windows, period.)

  469. Rajiv sharma says:

    My choices of sytle.

    1. A 42″ Plasm tv or a Screen. samsung or Lg.

    2. XBox 360

    3. Iphone from apple.

    4. A Mercedes F1 Car Its more technology then Drive in it.

    5. A Personal Theator In my house. Wimax, Dolby Included.

  470. Rajiv sharma says:

    My choices of sytle.

    1. A 42″ Plasm tv or a Screen. samsung or Lg.

    2. XBox 360

    3. Iphone from apple.

    4. A Mercedes F1 Car Its more technology then Drive in it.

    5. A Personal Theator In my house. Wimax, Dolby Included. & HDX DRagon Laptop.

  471. Aditya Saxena says:

    1. HTC Mobile from Windows.

    2. A High Def Next gen graphics card. 9800GTX from Nvidia.

    3. Hdx Dragon Laptop.

    4. Global Positioning system. (gps)

    5. A Super Tablet Pc.

  472. Daryl John says:

    1. Sony Ericsson K800 (My mobile phone)
    2. Microsoft Windows Vista (My Computer’s Operating System)
    3. Safari (Used for internet browsing)
    4. YouTube (Online Video Sharing)
    5. 40″ Sony Bravia LCD HDTV (For watching TV shows and movies)

  473. my choices of style

    1. halo 3 xbox 360
    2. belkin wireless router
    3. rockband
    4. dual 10″ subwoofers (fo that bass thatcha gotta love!)
    5. a slightly outdated computer that needs replacing, so this laptop would be a real big thing in my life.

  474. pesho says:

    1. Asus EEE PC
    2. Sony Ericsson Walkman series.. W800.. (quality mp3, radio player and stylish phone, i never leave without it)
    3. Firefox, loaded with add ons
    4. VLC – free, light media player
    5. Wireless Internet – 3G or WiMAX (we have WiMAX Internet providers in my country)

  475. Alexander says:

    1) Old 14″ Presario Laptop
    2) Google Mail + Calendar
    3) HTC Hermes PDA and phone
    4) Evolution PIM suite
    5) Sync tools to make all of the above talk to each other!

  476. Benz145 says:

    1) 16GB iPod Touch
    2) Sony VAIO UX180 UMPC
    3) Google Docs (online document/presentation/spreadsheet creation+collaboration)
    4) Gmail (great to be able to access from any computer and the iPod)
    5) Google Reader (used every day across all my devices)

    Good luck to everyone!

  477. Cass says:

    2. iPod Video
    3. HP Tablet PC
    5. Firefox

  478. Jason says:

    1. Tivo
    2. Sandisk Sansa MP3 Player
    3. Tom Tom GPS
    4. Pandora
    5. HD Television

  479. sara says:

    1.Mozilla Firefox
    4.Google Mail

  480. Greg C says:

    1. iPhone
    2. MacPro
    3. EyeTV Hybrid HD
    4. TabletKiosk i440D
    5. The Internet – without it I would not be able to win this awesome prize

  481. Adonis says:

    1. Dual 20′ Wide Screens
    2. Google
    3. Outlook 2007
    4. Ultramon
    5. Remote Desktop

  482. William says:

    Slim Devices Squeezebox
    Nintendo Wii
    Blackberry Curve (at least until the Android phones come out)

  483. Ameel says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox and its many, many, many add-ons
    2. Google: Gmail, Calendar, Reader
    3. Windows Live: Writer, SkyDrive
    4. Got Radio (internet radio)
    5. twhirl (twitter client)

  484. Heather says:

    1 – Zune (mp3 player)

    2 – Wii

    3 – Nintendo DS

    4 – TiVo

    5 – iPhone (soon to be 3G iPhone)

    Of course this new Dragon computer…..:)

  485. Piko says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Google Reader
    3. 20″ Aluminium iMac
    4. WordPress (for blogging)
    5. YouTube

  486. Jordan says:

    1) PSP
    5)HP HDX Dragon

  487. Bob says:

    1. Samsung Blackjack
    2. Tivo
    3. pyTivo
    4. Azureus
    5. Nintendo DS

  488. James says:

    1. Xbox Live on Xbox 360
    2. Windows Live (Messenger, Mail)
    3. iPod Video
    4. PlayStation 3
    5. Nintendo DS

  489. rayser says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Evernote (On/Offline Notebook)
    3. Playstation 3
    4. Eee PC 4G (Laptop)
    5. iPhone

  490. Howard J. Modiano says:

    1. Slacker (streaming audio)
    2. Gmail (online email service
    3 Fujitsu P1620 (tablet notebook computer
    4 (streaming multimedia: TV shows and movies)
    5. HP Bluetooth PC Card Mouse (portable notebook mouse that stores and charges in the
    PC Card slot of the notebook)

  491. Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB
    Playstation 3
    BBC iPlayer

  492. Saso Naceski says:

    1. Gmail (Google Mail service)
    2. Miranda IM (IM client)
    3. iPod Nano
    4. Skype (VoIP client)
    5. Nokia 6120c (mobile phone, text messaging and e-mail)

  493. Corrine says:

    1. Zune (Zune 2, 8 GB, digital audio player)
    2. Windows Media Center (TV, Music, Streaming Video,etc.)
    3. Blackberry (More than a PDA)
    4. X-Box 360 (games and more)
    5. Kodak EasyShare V610 (Digital Camera)

  494. Tim says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    2. HD television
    3. Sony Ericcson W300i
    4. Windows Media Player (Audio/video player)
    5. Windows Live Mail (online email service)

  495. Leo says:

    1.Neo Empriva Laptop (used from my day to day venture in finding contest like this and to cover up my electric bill)
    2. Sony DSC W55 digital camera (for my photo needs)
    3. PS2 (oh well old enough but still available mostly used, and currently being used by my daughter for playing games)
    4. Google Adsense ( this is where I get the pennies to pay for my electric bills)
    5. Licensed Windows XP OEM Media Center Edition (so far this is the one powering up my Laptop.)

  496. Xmpcray says:

    1. Windows Vista Ultimate
    2. Microsoft Zune
    3. Nikon D40
    4. Xbox 360
    5. Intuos Wacom Tablet

  497. Andrea Pavone says:

    Nintendo Wii
    Firefox (Browser)
    GMail (Google Free Mail Service)

  498. Brad says:

    Gmail (email)
    Winamp (media player)
    Mozilla Firefox (awesome web browser)
    Nintendo Wii
    iPod Touch

  499. Josh says:

    Acer Gemstone 5920 (Great multimedia laptop)
    Canon EOS 20D digital camera (fantastic semi professional camera)
    Hulu (Great site with tons of movies and shows) (User generated radio)
    Samsung SCH-i730 (Pocket PC running windows mobile 5)

  500. Amit Kumar Jha says:

    1)HP HDX Dragon (this is the best digital lyfstyle product i hav seen, what more can a man ask for)

    2)Blackberry Pearl (PDA Phone)

    3)PlayStation 3

    4)Pidgin (Multiprotocol IM Client)

    5)IPOD Touch 16gb (best music player i have seen)

  501. Baiju says:

    1) Sony Prs-500 Ebook Reader (Great for People on the go to have a library in your pocket)
    2) JLC Internet TV (Great aggregation tool for streaming TV stations)
    3) Gmail and Calender with Calender sync (YOur mail and calender everywhereo)
    4) Three Skypephone in the UK (Skype everywhere there is a mobile signal)
    5) Miro Player (To manage, download & play your Podcasts)


  502. poqeteer says:

    1. 30GB Zune
    2. HTC Touch
    3. Pandora
    4. GMail
    5. Yahoo! Messenger

  503. William Waldner says:

    1. HTC Mogul (WM 6.0 Sprint)
    2. 8 gig micro Memory Card (For my Mogul)
    3. TomTom Navigator v6
    4. gMail (Google eMail)
    5. Canon PowerShot SD750

  504. Glenn Stieneke says:

    1. Apple iPod Touch
    2. RIM Blackberry
    3. OQO Q2 notebook
    4. XM Inno satellite radio
    5. Lenovo X61T laptop

  505. Chris Porter says:

    1. Antec P182 SE (cool & quite PC case)
    2. Nikon D200 (awesome D-SLR camera)
    3. Yahoo! Widgets (the app formerly known as Konfabulator)
    4. Google (search engine)
    5. Mozilla Firefox (web browser)

  506. 1. Alienware Area-51® m17x (Anything powerful like this that allows me to play latest games)
    2. Sony Playstation 3 (The next step in Gaming Consoles)
    3. Nokia N81 (My Current Mobile Phone which allows me to blog, game and take pictures and videos)
    4. Adobe Photoshop CS 3 (Would love to work on the latest installment)
    5. A very good HD Television (For Watching sports and gaming

  507. Andre says:

    my top five current digital lifestyle products and services are:
    1. Motorola E398 Cellular phone – When I am not near a computer, this cell phone is with me at all times. If you want to get in touch with me at anytime, this is my secret.

    2. Windows Live Hotmail – Can’t live without it, when I log on to any computer, its the first thing I check. Its so convenient with its large storage, I have stopped using Microsoft Outlook.

    3. Mozilla Firefox – I find it lighter and just faster in addition to the way caches web sites. Web pages and images render a lot faster.

    4. SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2GB USB Thumbdrive. The amount of files I have stored on this makes me wonder, how did I ever do without it. I have a hundreds of files on, Word documents, presentations music and images.

    5. YouTube – I attend Stony Hill Academy, I’m stuck in a dorm, I don’t have much access to a television, which means means of relaxing and entertaining myself like I would at home. This is where YouTube becomes a life saver and an entertainer. 🙂

  508. geekazine says:

    Mine are simply:

    1. My Computers (too many, so we’ll group as one)
    2. – for
    3. Alesis Multimix 8 – Firewire mixer
    4. Sony Acid – for mixing my Podcasts
    5. Dell FP 2005. It’s my LCD AND a TV (through an RCA connection).

  509. Bryan Pollack says:

    1. M400 Tablet PC
    2. iPod Video
    3. AIM
    4. Office Pro 2007
    5. GMail

  510. Roberto Hernani says:

    1. HTC Touch Dual
    2. Skype (VoIP client)
    3. Gmail (email service)
    4. Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000
    5. Jabra BT250v (bluetooth headset)

  511. Oleg says:

    µTorrent (BitTorrent client)
    Msn Messenger (IM service)
    Xbox 360 (Console)
    Nokia N95 (Mobile phone)
    GeForce 8800 GTX (Video card)

  512. dimi says:

    1. My shit pc that I made self for gaming
    2. my old tv (philips thing)
    3. Samsung u700 or something like that
    4. Digitaal photocamera 3.2 migapixels old thing (olimpus)
    5. Headphones( philips) one ear thing don’t work

  513. Joshua Entz says:

    1. Microsoft XBox 360
    2. iPod Video
    3. Nintendo Wii
    4. Lenovo X60 Tablet
    5. Apple iPhone

  514. Hemanth says:

    1. Sony Ericsson G-900(One of the best phones I’ve ever seen)
    2. Alienware Alx CrossfireX (Best PC)
    3. Apple I -Pod touch (Best Music player
    4. X-Box 360 (A Famous Gaming console 🙂 )
    5. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T20(The Best Compact Camera)

  515. Peter Lescher says:

    1. BlackBerry Curve 8320
    2. Apple iPod Video 80GB
    3. Nintendo Wii
    4. iHome iH9 (clock radio)
    5. Logitech MX Revolution

  516. hem says:

    1. Sony Ericsson P990 PDA
    2. Joost ( online TV )
    3. Apple Leopard OSX ( using just since 2 months now )
    4. HP TX2000 Series Tablet PC
    5. Azureus Vuze HD videos

  517. Darshan Patel says:

    XBOX 360
    BlackBerry Curve 8320
    Yahoo! Messenger
    Ati Radeon x1950Pro (graphics card)
    dell dimension E520

  518. JB says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. Joost
    3. Nintendo Wii
    4. Photoshop
    5. Musicovery

  519. Alessio Corbucci says:

    Apple MacBook
    Nintendo Wii
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 (digital camera)
    Casio PX-120 (digital piano)

  520. Mesh says:

    Cowon iAudio7 (mp3 player)
    Audio-Technica ATH-A700 (headphones)
    Playstation 2 slim (gaming w/Burnout 3: takedown)
    Opera (web browser)
    VLC (media player)

  521. Gavin Hale says:

    Microsoft XBOX 360 – Awesome for gaming, media, playing music, and online games. I cannot Imagen my digital lifestyle without one.
    Dell Vostro Computers – Cheap to buy, cheap to run, cheap to replace, these computers are perfect for my work place, and have brought us new possibilities.
    RCA Lyra MP3 player – Very reliable, it transforms my worldwide flights, instead of listening to the music provided by American Airlines, I can listen to my own!
    Motorola C261 Cellular Phone – I can’t go anywhere without my mobile phone, I can keep in contact with all the colleagues and remember important schedules.
    Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System – In my opinion, it is just the best operating system I have ever, ever come across.

  522. Joseph Millenbruch says:

    iPod Video
    Nintendo DS
    Winamp’s ORB service – I love my streaming music ;D
    Streaming radio (From – Whoo eurodance)
    The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

  523. Albox says:

    1. Nokia E90
    2. iPod Video
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. YouTube
    5. Google Earth

  524. Sebol says:

    1. YouTube
    2. iPod Nano
    3. Toshiba Sattelite A300
    4. GMail
    5. Skype

  525. Zbychu says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. Photoshop
    3. Foobar (media player)
    4. Asus Eee PC
    5. Blackberry 8830

  526. Joseph Millenbruch says:

    1: iPod Video
    2: Nintendo DS
    3: Winamp’s ORB streaming service (I love my streaming music collection~)
    4: Streaming internet radio (From digitally imported – Whoo eurodance)
    5: the GIMP (Freeware image editing software)

  527. arci says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Fedora 9 (Linux distribution)
    3. Nokia N95
    4. Skype
    5. Mozilla Firefox

  528. Franiu says:

    1. YouTube
    2. Adobe Photoshop CS3
    3. Opera (web browser)
    4. WinAmp
    5. Windows Media Center

  529. Ewqa says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. Apple iPhone
    3. XBox 360
    4. Asus Eee PC 900
    5. Toshiba U205

  530. Alex S says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. PlayStation 3
    3. Ustream (Live interactive Internet broadcasting service)
    4. Animoto (Analyzes images, “feels” the music, and customizes and animates a video)
    5. Zooomr (Free photo hosting service that offers unlimited photo hosting)

  531. Lauren Gregory says:

    1. Samsung Camera Cell Phone
    2. Road Runner Cable Internet
    3. Apple MacBook
    4. Compaq Presario PC
    5. HP Printer/ Copier/ Scanner

  532. Tom Philippart says:

    1. Microsoft Windows
    2. Asus EEE PC
    3. Distributed Computing
    4. Facebook
    5. Windows Live

  533. Drew Schatt says:

    1) Iphone
    2) Playstation 3
    3) Nintendo Wii
    4) Safari
    5) iTunes

  534. neko says:

    1. ipod touch
    2. macbook white
    3. imac 3.0ghz
    4. twitter
    5. facebook

  535. Žiga Cerar says:

    1.Windows live messenger
    2.Ipod Nano
    4.Windows live skydrive
    5.Samsung e-900 (my personal secretary :P)

  536. Mer says:

    1. Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
    2. Google
    3. Windows Live Mail
    4. YouTube
    5. Virgin Mobile Super Slice

  537. Chad Ehorn says:

    my top five current digital lifestyle products and services are:
    1. iPhone (16 GB and priceless! –
    B. Corsair Flash Survivor (16 GB –
    3) WD 1 TB external drive (My Book –
    D) TinyURL add-on for Firefox (
    5 – With so many things going on I would have to put Twitter on this list! (

  538. Julien Gascon-Samson says:

    1. iPod Nano (music and podcasts on the go)
    2. AmaroK (music management and player)
    3. Firefox (web browsing)
    4. Thunderbird (mail management)
    5. Telus mobility (cellphone)

  539. Dave Serchen says:

    1, htc touch
    2. Sirius stilleto 2
    3. bloglines
    4. gmail
    5. pandora

  540. Keshav Gupta says:

    1. Google Search (dad of all dads)
    2. Sony Ericsson P1i (mobile phone + music + fm + wifi,3G – a powerhouse for me)
    3. Dell Inspiron 1525 (laptop)
    4. Gmail (unmatched for its services speed, space and imap)
    5. Sony 50″ Plasma Television (must be a pleasure to watch)

  541. Enrique Trinidad says:

    1. ipod touch (new 32 gb… for the fun)
    2. sony psp
    3. sony cybershot p200 (for memories!)
    4. youtube (for info, comedy, etc.)
    5. gmail (practically unlimited amount of space – with built it messaging)

  542. 1. AT&T 8525 PDA/Smartphone.
    2. Vonage (VOIP)
    3. Playstation 2
    4. (old cartoon shows)
    5. (old cartoon shows)

  543. bj warkentin says:

    1. Asus EEE 900
    2. Sype
    3. Sharp 42″ Aquos 1080p TV
    4. HiDef Statelite
    5. Ubuntu Linux

  544. Eliot Juhng says:

    1) Microsoft Zune (Music/Video/Games Player)
    2) Xbox 360 (Videogame console)
    3) Azureus (BitTorrent Client)
    4) Genius MousePen Graphic Tablet (Allows you to draw and color images on the computer)
    5) Adobe Photoshop (Edit pictures)

  545. Marcel T says:

    1. HTC Touch (phone)
    2. Gmail
    3. Sirius Satellite Radio
    4. GPS unit (any kind really)
    5. Twitter

  546. a795944 says:

    1. Gateway One (all-in-one desktop computer)
    2. SanDisk Sansa Fuze (digital audio player)
    3. Multiply (social networking site)
    4. Bloglines (RSS reader)
    5. GMX (free web-based email)

  547. E. Cooper says:

    1. YouTube
    2. IPod Touch
    3. Yahoo Instant Messenger
    4. Email (I use my school’s)
    5. Firefox

  548. timberwolf says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon 20′ notebook (coolest notebook ever)
    2. Xbox 360 (console that I wish I had so I can play Ninja Gaiden 2 when it comes out)
    3. iPhone (wish I had this because I’m still using a free 3 year old phone)
    4. Pandora (Internet radio)
    5. VLC Media Player (use it to watch all my anime)

  549. Karolis P says:

    1-Ipod Nano 4 gig
    2-Mozilla Firefox
    4-Numark IDJ
    5-Linksys Wireless Router

  550. Karthik says:

    Here is a list of Top Five Products And Services which have made my life better and more efficient
    1.My Personal Computer
    Without this i would not have been able to use all the software which make my digital life

    2.Playstation 2(Gaming Console)
    Some may call it extinct/ancient but for me this has been a console that has given me a lot of fond memories.

    3.W810I(My Mobile Phone)
    This has been my phone for the past one year. This is a highly moddable phone and hence one of my favourites. A big thanks to se-nse for making some great mods for w810i.

    4.Firefox(Web Browser)
    The browser which revolutionized internet browsing .This is a free web browser which gives a lot of customizability and free extensions which make browsing an enjoyable and a hassle free experiance.

    5.KM Player(Free Multimedia Player)
    This is a free Media Player which comes with built in codecs. This player plays almost every format,is able to record audio,plays dvd’s etc.

    These five products and applications are on my list as the products which have made my experience with them an enjoyable and delightful one.

  551. Richard K. says:

    1. Pioneer Elite Plasma
    2. Xbox 360 (Xbox Live)
    3. LG Env2
    4. Denon 2500 dual media player (to mix music LIVE)
    5. Dell Dimension 8200 (yes, It still works)

  552. Chobie says:

    1. Google (Search Engine)
    I probably wouldn’t finish my school requirements without this. You probably won’t either =]

    2. GOM Player (Media Player)
    Plays almost everything.

    3. iPod Touch (PMP)
    Entertainment on the go. Let’s me surf anywhere! (wit a hotspot of course!)

    4. Sony Ericsson k800i (Camera Phone)
    My trusty old camera phone. Never fails me. Never crashed on me like Nokias. =]

    5. Adobe Photoshop CS3
    The leader in Photo Editing Software. Bye Bye Pimples and Eye bags!

  553. Rajesh Mishra says:

    1. XBOX 360
    2. Sony KDL-46XBR4 LCD TV
    3. IPOD touch
    4. (videos and movies online free)
    5. (Online backup -50 GB free)

  554. Tony says:

    1. Firefox
    2. iPod Touch
    3. Netvibes
    4. Netflix Instant Viewing
    5. Gmail

  555. dreq72 says:

    1. Dell Inspiron 1420 (where all my work and play happens)
    2. Sony Ericsson w850i (hook up to my laptop to connect to the internet when there’s no wifi around; use its RSS for keeping me up t date with my todo list; mp3 music player; quick picture taking)
    3. Gmail/Google Reader/Google Calendar/Remember the Milk (keeps me informed and organized)
    4. Fuji FinePix S5700 (use this when I want better shots)
    5. twitter (keeps me connected with friends)

  556. Harrison L. Dare says:

    Google Docs (web-based word processor and spreadsheet)
    PlayStation 3
    Windows Media Player 11
    Nintendo DS

  557. Mia F says:

    1. BlackBerry Pearl 8100 (cell phone)

    2. 30 Gig iPod Video (portable mp3 player)

    3. Nikon D80 (digital SLR camera)

    4. Mozilla Firefox (internet browser)

    5. Netgear XE102 Wallplug Ethernet Bridge (powerline/homeplug adapter that extends home networking capabilites)

  558. Jerome Rubio says:

    iPod Touch

  559. James says:

    1. Google Docs (Online documents, spreadsheets and presentations)
    2. Wii (Game system)
    3. Firefox (Internet Browser)
    4. 500 GB External HDD (So useful for those camcorder videos…)
    5. YouTube (Who doesn’t use YouTube nowadays…)

  560. Ron says:

    1. XBox 360 + Gold Live Account (Games, Movies, Music, TV, Media Center Extender, XBLA, XNA)
    2. Windows Home Server (Backup, Remote Access, File Share, Redundant Storage)
    3. Zune (Device & Software) v2.5 (I have a 30Gb thats just as capable today as the 4/8/80) (Now with more music, movies, tv, games, and the social)
    4. My TyTn (AT&T 8525)
    5. HTC Shift (Don’t have it but i want it)

  561. Benny Siu says:

    1. Google Reader
    2. iPod Touch
    3. MSN
    4. Gmail
    5. Firefox

  562. Nathan says:

    1) MIcrosoft Zune
    2) Windows Media Center
    3) HDHomerun (Network TV Tuner, supports Clear Qam in Windows Media Center)
    4) DVRMS Toolbox (automatically skip commercials when watching recorded tv in WindowsMedia Center)
    5) Blackberrry Pearl 8100 (PDA/Phone)

  563. Alexander Do says:

    1. Firefox (web Browser)
    2. Google Reader
    3. Iphone (Apple Cellphone)
    4. Joost (Online T.V)
    5. Nikon Coolpix

  564. Chris says:

    1) Vista Media Center
    2) Windows Home Server
    4) ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner (CableCard Tuners)
    5) Picasa (

  565. Adnan says:

    1)HTC Touch Daimond(Web browsing ,slick UI,music player,camera,phone)
    2)Sony Bravia S Series(Stunning picture quality ,generally for sports and movies).
    3)Windows Vista(security,User interface,ease of use,Live icons)
    4)Gmail(multifeatured email client).
    5)Firefox(Security,extension,pop blocker,customizable UI).

  566. Paul Joy says:

    1. Samsung E250 ( Mobile phone)
    2. IPod Touch
    3. Yahoo Instant Messenger
    4. Fedora 9 (Sulphhur)
    5. Firefox

  567. Jordan Hine says:

    1. 80gb iPod Classic
    2. Sony Ericsson W810i (Cell Phone)
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Dish Network DVR (For recording my favorite shows)
    5. Western Digital 160gb My Book (External Hard Drive)

  568. Phil_123 says:

    1. Windows Vista (Great operating system, all my apps run on it)
    2. Firefox 3.0 beta 5 (The fastest browser on earth, all the web services I use need it)
    3. (bookmark sharing site)
    4. Windows Live Messenger (IM client, all my friends use it)
    5. Wii (revolutionary game console, Wii Fit keeps me fit)

  569. Stanley M says:

    1. Nintendo DS
    2. Sonic Walk Man Mp3 Player
    3. Playstation 2
    4. Internet Connection (Verizon)
    5. Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)

  570. M.Sivaram says:

    1.)Windows Vista ( A Layman`s friend.. A more simplified Operating system and Makes life easy to many .. that includes me)

    2.)Sony Ericsson K850 ( One of the best 5 MP camera phone in the market )

    3.) (One of the best news aggregate site)

    4.)PS3 ( Best Gaming console and one the most powerful gaming device for the present and for the future )

    5.) ( Everybody`s Favorite Online friend)

  571. Billy O'Neal says:

    1.Dell XPS 410 (What can I say? It does everything)
    2.Ipod (Black, 60GB, 5G)
    3.Western Digital 500GB MyBook (No point in having data if you aren’t going to back it up)
    4.SlimDevices’ SqueezeBox (Network streamed music player)
    5.Pidgin (Instant messaging client; supports pretty much any chat protocol out there)

  572. Kevin Yung says:

    1. Thinkpad – I can bring a laptop anywhere
    2. Firefox 3 – Web browsing
    3. Google Gmail / Reader – Check emails / new articles
    4. Windows Live Messenger – Chat with colleagues, friends, etc
    5. iPhone – Call anyone for help easily!

    With the above 5 products listed above, my world would be much easier. And actually I am using the above products daily. Without them, I gonna die..

  573. Andrew M says:

    Asus eeepc 900
    Apple Macbook Pro
    Nokia 6110 Navigator (Symbian OS mobile phone with GPS)

  574. Shawn says:

    1) Gmail (read/check/compose gigs of email)

    2) Facebook (im addicted to facebook, always posting on peoples walls)

    3) Mozilla Firefox (couldnt live without this browser)

    4) Playstation 3 (gotta have gta)

    5) Tivo (didnt watch much tv until I got a tivo)

  575. I. Turner says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (Will be used for computing and satisfying all my
    entertainment needs & desires)
    2. HTC Mogul (PDA/SmartPhone/Pocket PC for vocal and wireless written communication)
    3. Slingbox AV (Application to view home Cable television stations on phone/PC)
    4. Jott (Voice to Text application, allows me to phone in a reminder to be sent via text)
    5. Wii (Gaming console used for good physical entertainment)

  576. SIDHU says:

    1) Playstation 3(for HD gaming,watching movies,online gaming with friends,wireless controller-a big advantage without wires,n more)
    2) Apple 80/160 GB ipod(wooh….its almost a mini entertainment pc in your pocket)
    3) Windows vista (the best operating system in the world…4 me)
    4) Firefox(the best browser with many user friendly facilities)
    5) Nokia N73(the best phone i have with me till now,not huge bulky,best sound qualiy,3.2 mp camera,enough 4 a part time photographer like me,2-4 gb of memory…enough space in a mobile)

  577. Xavier says:

    1) HTC Touch phone
    2) Archos 705 Wifi
    3) Apple iMac
    4) Mozilla
    5) Netgear MIMO router

  578. Ed Khang says:

    1) Microsoft XBox 360
    2) HeadAmp Pico (Headphone Amplifier and USB DAC)
    3) Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro (ear phones)
    4) Wacom Cintiq 21UX (tablet monitor)
    5) Windows Vista Ultimate

  579. Abhijith says:

    1) iPod Touch
    2) Playstation 2
    3) Nokia 7500
    4) Mozilla
    5) Msn Messenger

  580. Philippe says:

    2) cowon iaudio d2
    3) piclens (ff plugin)
    4) gmail
    5) sony dslr a100

  581. Chenz says:

    HP HDX Dragon
    HTC touch
    Google(the ultimate search engine!!)

  582. Joseph K says:

    Canon 400D SLR
    Windows Vista Ultimate x64 (as i found out about this from here 🙂

  583. 1. Netflix Instant Viewing
    2. VLC (Media Player)
    4. LunaPics (online picture editing)
    5. Ebay

  584. Anas Salloum says:

    Xbox 360
    Sony NWZ-A816
    Canon SD1000

  585. chada says:

    1. WordPress (I am a Chinese Blogger, and I blog about Web 2.0)
    2. Google (Gmail, G-Reader, iGoogle…Google is wonderful!)
    3. Skype (I use Skype to call my girlfriend, cheap but great.)
    4. YouTube (A good place for me to learn English and to know how the world looks like.)
    5. Mozilla Firefox (Yes, it’s a great web browser.)

  586. Christopher Cabatotan says:

    1. Nokia E90 Communicator
    2. Fujitsu U810 UMPC
    3. Ebay – Auction Service
    4. Nintendo Wii
    5. Sony PSP

  587. Robert KLinc says:

    1) iPhone
    2) Asus Eee PC
    3) WordPress
    4) Nintendo Wii
    5) Gmail

  588. 1. Windows Life Messanger
    2. Skype
    3. uTorrent
    4. Windows Home Server
    5. XBox

  589. Oliver says:

    1. iPod
    2. Firefox
    3. Skype
    4. Azureus
    5. Pidgin

  590. sue says:

    1. Olinda
    2. WordPress
    3. gmail
    4. adium
    5. iphone

  591. alfiannur says:

    1. O2 XDA II (My PDA phone)
    2. Gmail
    3. PlayStation II
    4. AIMP 2 (my favorite music player)
    5. WordPress

  592. Netherbound says:

    Macbook Pro
    Xbox 360
    Playstation 3
    DIY Vista 64bit Media and file server (ie, HD video and iTunes Music for streaming)

  593. bartekr says:

    Apple iPhone+iTunes
    Nokia n95
    Nintendo Wii

  594. 1. Firefox
    2. iPhone
    3. XBox 360
    4. Google Services(Gmail, Reader, Docs, Apps, Orkut and of course the search)
    5. Canon 40D

  595. Geoff says:

    – Nike + Sportband
    – Nintendo Wii
    – Asus Eee PC
    – iPod shuffle
    – BBC iPlayer

  596. Ismail says:

    1. Iphone
    2. Siemens Laptop
    3. Gmail/Google Reader
    4. WordPress
    5. Firefox

  597. Richard says:

    1. Xbox Live on Xbox 360
    2. Cowon Q5 Premium Media Player
    3. Big Screen Headlines for Media Center
    4. HP MediaSmart Home Server
    5. Linksys 2200 DMA

  598. Alex says:

    1. iPhone
    2. iMac
    2. Wii
    3. GMail/Google Reader
    4. Zattoo
    5. WWW (without everything else in the list would not be possible, or at least not such much fun)

  599. Alexandre says:

    1. MacBook
    2. Safari
    3. Canon EOS 400D
    4. Flickr
    5. Tumblr

  600. Alex says:

    Ipod Touch
    SideKick Id
    Playstation 3
    Ninon(Digital Camera)

  601. Ajay says:

    1. X box 360
    2. Nokia N95
    3. Pandora (Internet radio)
    4. Zattoo (Live TV on a PC)
    5. WordPress

  602. Ajay says:

    Nokia n73
    Xbox 360
    Windows Live

  603. Yoav says:

    Vista Media Center+Webguide
    Sony Ericsson K800i
    iPod Touch
    Nintendo Wii

  604. Sarn says:

    Leopard Mac OS
    Ipod Touch
    Second Life

  605. Matthew O-G says:

    iPod Touch
    Google Reader
    Google Documents

  606. Jason says:

    Canon Powershot 750
    Blackberry World Edition

  607. Jon says:

    1. Firefox (work)
    2. Thunderbird (work)
    3 WordPress (work)
    4.Feedburner (work) (makes all this working bearable)

  608. 1. Macbook
    2. Gmail
    3. Google Reader
    4. Twitter
    5. iPod

  609. Manpreet S says:

    MacBook Pro
    Google Reader
    Google Maps

  610. Steve says:

    Google Reader

  611. Valentin says:

    Jungle Disk
    HTC p3600i
    Dell E248WFP
    Garmin Edge 305

  612. Ryan says:

    iPod Touch
    Nintendo DS
    Nokia 6110 Navigator

  613. Andre says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. iPod Touch
    3. Google Reader
    4. Twitter
    5. WordPress

  614. paul says:

    Windows Vista Ultimate
    Panasonic HVX200A P2 HD Camcorder
    Canon PowerShot G9

  615. iPhone
    Macbook Pro
    Nintendo Wii
    Sirius (Internet Radio)

  616. SE7EN says:

    2.Tumblr (a hosted tumblelog service)
    3.Furl (social bookmark)
    4.Maxthon (web browser)

  617. Judi Sohn says:

    MacBook Pro
    DVR – how did I live without one?

  618. Avatar says:

    1.-xbox360 (game console, media extender, online gaming)
    2.-Zune 80 (DMP,Desktop software, Zune Social)
    3.-Live Mesh (webtop, file sync, remote desktop, file storage,file player, silverlight apps)
    4.-SonyEriccsion Xperia ( high end customized windows mobile 6.1, fully multi purpose)
    5.-Windows Live Writer (high end desktop Blog Editor with plugins, my favorite way to blog for Blogger and WordPress)

  619. Jens Wedin says:

    1. iPod (iTouch)
    2. Pinnacmacle Soundbridge (Roku)
    3. Apple MacBook Pro
    4. Netvibes
    5. Firefox

  620. Peter says:

    IBM T42 Notebook
    Nokia N95

  621. George says:

    Google Reader
    You Tube

  622. Saner says:

    Digsby (Controls IM, Email and Social Networks)
    Page2RSS (Makes RSS available for all pages)
    Torrent2exe (Converts torrent files to exe files)

  623. Paul Walker says:
    Blackberry 8800
    Digsby (new addition)
    Dell Latitude D820

  624. Phillip says:

    1. Nintendo DS
    2. Wii
    3. Live Messenger
    5. Gmail
    4. Samsung 226BW Monitor

  625. Keisha Barwise says:

    1. HTC TyTn
    2. Lenovo x61 Tablet
    3. Windows Live Messenger
    4. Sling Box/Media
    5. Broadband Internet!!!

  626. Ericb says:

    Microsoft Outlook
    Samsung (Cell Phone)
    IE (Internet Browser)
    Lenovo ThinkPad

  627. Bowch says:

    1. XBox 360 [Games Console, Home Entertainment Centre]
    2. iPod Nano 8gb [Personal Media Player]
    3. Sky Digital [Satellite Television]
    4. Broadband Internet [Where Would We Be Without It?]
    5. HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook [Looks And Sounds Like The Ultimate In Home Entertainment]

  628. Boris says:

    1. Google Reader [RSS agregator]
    2. MySpace [social network]
    3. Canon S3 IS [camera]
    4. [public wiki]
    5. Google Earth [virtual Earth]

  629. Michael Oz says:

    iPod / iTunes
    Playstation 3

  630. Ryan says:

    1. iPod
    2. Wii
    3. Gmail
    4. Basecamp
    5. Twitter

  631. Tunde Odutoye says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Google Search
    3. iPhone
    4. HTC Advantage ( An outstanding Windows Mobile phone/pda )
    5. SugarSync ( An online storage, backup and synchronisation facility )

  632. Andy Flacks says:

    1. Firefox (web Browser)
    2. Google Reader
    3. Samsung A727Cellphone)
    4. Comcast Digital Cable
    5. IPod

  633. Jono says:

    1. Nokia N95
    2. Firefox
    3. Google Docs
    4. Google Reader
    5. Scanr (converts phone pics to pdf)

  634. Gilson says:

    1. HTC Touch Cruise
    2. Google Reader
    3. Nintendo Wii
    4. SugarSync (sync and backup files to the cloud)
    5. Exchange 2007 (push mail)

  635. Manuel Reyna says:

    HTC Tilt
    Nintendo Wii
    Mozilla Firefox

  636. – Debian
    – Treo 680
    – Gregarius aggregator
    – Ejabberd
    – Firefox

  637. Conrad says:

    1. Axim x51v PPC (manages my life!)
    2. Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop (My main PC…which is why I am entering this contest)
    3. HTC Advantage 7501 (my dream PDA)
    4. 2007 Exchange server (allows my wife and I to stay synced in our busy lives)
    5. HP Officejet Pro (Allows me to keep a digital file cabinet instead of a paper and folder cabinet)

  638. Justin says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. Mozilla Firefox (Web Browser)
    3. Windows Vista Ultimate
    4. Zune (Digital Media Player)
    5. Dreamweaver (Website Design)

  639. Casi says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (greatest browser ever)
    2.Google Reader
    4.Wordpress (my fave blog-software)
    5.i-pod touch (sooo beautiful and stylish 😉 )

  640. Brad says:

    1. HP Mini-Note (my current favorite computer when on the go)
    2. Asus Eee PC (my previous favorite computer when on the go)
    3. Dell Axim X50v PDA (obsolete, but still works great for organizing contacts and watching movies, listening to music/podcasts on the go)
    4. BeyondTV (DVR software for my Windows PC)
    5. MythTV (DVR/media center software for a Linux PC)

  641. Jenny says:

    1. MacBook Pro
    2. LG Voyager
    3. Google Reader
    4. WordPress
    5. Gmail

  642. Brian says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. OSX (on any Mac laptop)
    3. Opera Mini 4.1
    4. Vonage (VoIP)
    5. iPhone

  643. Austin says:

    1. Ipod Touch
    2. Lg enV
    3. Philips Stereo System (love me some music)
    4. Dell dimension 2400 (my crappy computer but i gotta use it)
    5. Xbox 360

  644. Daniel Higginbotham says:

    1. iMac
    2. Nintendo DS
    3. iPhone
    4. Wii
    5. Xbox 360

  645. 1. iPhone
    2. eeePc
    3. Dell XPS 420
    4. Sony Bravia
    5. Nintendo Wii

  646. Avi says:

    Mozila FireFox
    Windows Live

  647. Archana Mishra says:

    1. Yahoo Messenger
    2. Google Earth
    3. Picasa
    4. XBOX 360
    5. Sony KDL-52XBR5 LCD TV

  648. Albert Chun says:

    1. Nokia N80
    2. Yahoo Messenger
    3. Creative Zen MP3 Player
    4. Averatec 2300 series Laptop
    5. Google Search

  649. Kalen Hughes says:

    2.hp pocket pc laptop 360
    5.hp lcd tv

  650. Raj says:

    1. Bose lifestyle 48 Home Entertainment System (home Theater)
    2. Sony Bravia LCD Series
    3. Canon S5IS
    4. HDX Dragon
    5. Microsoft Vista Ultimate

  651. Dan From says:

    1. Laptop
    2. Mobile (Sony Ericsson)
    3. PlanetAjaxian
    4. Google
    5. 40″ Samsung LCD TV

  652. Blaise says:

    1)Zune (media player)
    2)Firefox (best browsers with the most add ons)
    3)Teh Interwebs (AKA the internet, best thing since sliced bread)
    4) (a browser based IM client that gets most of the major ones)
    5)USB Apps (apps that run on USB drive my favorites are here

  653. Deividas says:

    #1 (Internet radio)
    #2 Firebug (live website correction tool)
    #3 Zune (Digital Audio Player)
    #4 Nikon D60 (Photo camera)
    #5 My Book® World Edition™ (External hard Drive)

  654. AuntyTech says:

    Flickr – photos and phun
    30 boxes -scheduling everything
    Evernote -clipping and organizing notes
    Apture- embedding content into webpages
    Wikispaces – wiki

  655. Abhishek says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. Mac Air book
    3. Google Search
    4. Ipod
    5. Microsoft Vista Ultimate

  656. Sandhya says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Bose Home Theater system
    3. Samsung 40″ lcd tv
    4. WII
    5. Mozilla firefox

  657. Alpha says:

    1.Mac Book Pro
    4.Logic Pro

  658. Ted V says:

    1) MacBook Pro
    2) iPhone (the new one whenever it comes out)
    3) Safari (the ultimate newsfeed reader)
    4) WordPress
    5) QuarkXPress (particularly ver 8 when it arrives)

  659. Jun Asis says:

    iBook G4
    4GB PQI USB Drive
    Fujifilm Finepix A303 Digicam

  660. Ralph G says:


  661. Michael Noga says:

    iPhone (phone, mobile email, mp3 player, video player, mobile calendar, mobile internet)
    Macbook Pro
    Google (Reader, Hosted Gmail, Calendar)
    Jabber (instant messaging)
    Slice Host (the best VPS hosting around)

  662. Frederik Van Zande says:

    1. firebug (quick debuggin, css styling)
    2. diigo (best bookmark & group research tool)
    3. (sharing music knowledge)
    4. cool Iris piclens (browsing images has never been more easy / nice)
    5. htc diamond (i want one)

  663. Dustin says:

    1. Adobe Buzzword (online word processor)
    2. LogMeIn Free (remote desktop)
    3. Treo (for keeping track of everything — getting more and more old-fashionoed every day but still essential)
    4. FireFox (to do everything I do on the Web)
    5. Asus eeePC (I just really like them!)

  664. Grant says:

    1) Playstation 3
    2) Nokia e70
    3) Tivo
    4) PSP
    5) Honda Civic Hybrid

  665. 1. Blackberry Curve
    2. Twitter
    3. Google Mail
    4. Firefox
    5. Adobe Coldfusion

  666. Evan says:

    1. Nokia E50 (Phone)
    2. Dell Inspiron 1520 (Laptop)
    3. Digsby (IM and social network client)
    4. Firefox (THE web tool)
    5. iPod Touch (gotta have my tunes!)

  667. Prem Godara says:

    Nintendo Wii
    Sony Alpha DSLR-A350
    RCA Digital TV Converter Box, DTA800
    Google(Search engine)

  668. Mikey says:

    1. asus eee 900 (linux)
    2. Firefox
    3. Google Reader
    4. Mobile Phone(now ATT Sync, soon iPhone 3G)
    5. Free WiFi

  669. Dustin Aaron says:

    My top five current digital lifestyle products and services are:

    1. Youtube: Can’t live without it. :o)
    2. Xbox 360 and Xbox Live
    3. Blender 2.45 3D Graphics Program
    4. Myspace
    5. Windows Movie Make

  670. Mac Air
    Nokia E90 communicator
    Ipod Touch

  671. Xristos says:

    My top-5

    Nokia N95
    Playstation 3

  672. chris says:

    1. Google (search and Gmail).
    2. Ubuntu (linux open source operating system).
    3. Skype (free talk and write chat with friends around the world).
    4. (music blog aggregator and music “radio”).
    5. My old recycled Asus laptop (only 126 MB RAM!)

    As much as I love using this old Asus machine and seeing how linux really optimises it’s minimal hardware…. more kit would really be appreciated 🙂

  673. tina says:

    1. Mozilla (navigate web)
    2. Skype (call for free)
    3. Youtube (who needs TV?)
    4. Gmail (email service which remembers email of your contacts and has lots of space, so no need to delete emails)
    5. ipod (beautiful and tactile way to listen to music and watch short movies)

  674. afterthem says:

    1. iPod Touch 32 GB
    2. MacBook
    3. (music scrobbling)
    4. Facebook
    5. Nikon D80

  675. Rob V says:

    1. Firefox
    2. Gmail
    3. Google Reader
    4. Bank of America’s “My Portfolio”
    5. iPhone

  676. 1. iPhone
    2. HP HDX notebook
    3. Yahoo Messenger
    4. Windows Vista
    5. Google

  677. Raanan Avidor says:

    Canon PowerShot
    Nokia N95
    Mozilla Firefox
    Google Reader

  678. John M says:

    1. Wii (Game System)
    2. Mozilla Firefox (Browser)
    3. Nintendo DS (Handheld Game System)
    4. Reddit (Social News Website)
    5. Zune (Digital Audio Player)

  679. mushmoosh says:

    1) Macbook
    2) iPhone
    3) Flock [eco edition] [integration for numerous services!!!]
    4) Adium [IM]
    5) ReadAIR

  680. Mr. Vu says:

    1. HP HDX notebook
    2. Yahoo Messenger
    3. Windows Vista
    4. Iphone.
    5. Google

  681. Janak says:

    1) iPod touch (Apple)
    2) Google Services (Gmail, Web Services)
    3) Debian
    4) Playstation 3
    5) Intel Processors and Chips

  682. kaka Vu says:

    1. Windows XP
    2. iphone.
    3. HP HDX notebook
    4. Yahoo messenger
    5. Gmail

  683. anh Vu says:

    1. Iphone.
    2. HP HDX notebook
    3. Yahoo Messenger
    4. Windows Vista
    5. Gmail

  684. Derrick says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Asterisk (open source VOIP PBX)
    3. WordPress
    4. Drupal (open source CMS)
    5. Google Reader (RSS feed reader)

  685. Gary Dobkin says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Twitter ( not Mahlo) on iPhone
    3. Apple TV
    4. Sirius Satellite Radio in the car (Starmate 4)
    5. Roomba (for real, I can’t live without it!)
    5a 🙂 Netvibes

  686. fernanda says:

    1. google reader
    2. twitter
    3. skype
    5. mozilla firefox

  687. Phua Chu Ian says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon!
    2. Sony Ericsson W960i
    3. Youtube
    4. Windows Live Messenger
    5. My trusty old Sony Ericsson K750i modded to W800i

  688. Chad Fulton says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Linksys NSLU2 [] (serves media to #3)
    3. Playstation 3
    4. Facebook
    5. Twittr

  689. Carina Dackevall says:

    Macbook Pro

  690. Daniel W. says:

    1. Playstation 2
    2. iPod
    3. Firefox (web browser)
    4. Hotmail (e-mail)
    5. Facebook

  691. james says:

    ASUS G1S (my bro’s laptop… it’s time for one of my own)
    ATH-EC700 (earphones)
    IPOD TOUCH (music)
    LG VX8600 (cellphone)
    NIKON D40 (camera)

  692. 1. Google Reader (RSS)
    2. iPod iTouch
    3. Sony Reader
    4. Ning
    5. Wikispaces

    Mozilla Firefox

  694. SM says:

    Firefox (My browser of choice)
    Zune 30GB Black (It’s a good mp3 player…seriously its good!)
    Google Reader (I am a news addict and this is my fix)
    IBM R51 (My baby) (For a website made by evil corporations, its not that bad)

  695. 1. iPhone
    3. Podcasting
    4. Google Reader for the iPhone
    5. Twitter

    The ultimate news-consuming machine

  696. Tom Schneider says:

    Google Reader (RSS)
    my laptop
    Google Bookmarks

  697. Hoa Nguyen says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (to replace my old Mac mini as Home Digital Center)
    2. Sony 42″ LCD TV (to connect to the Home Digital Center)
    3. Bose Companion 5 multimedia speaker system (to make the Home Digital Center a perfect setup)
    4. Google Apps (to power the operation platform for small business, like mine)
    5. HP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC (to make my works in a mobile and powerful way)

    What a list of balanced home and work!

  698. MacBook and OS X
    NewsFire RSS Reader
    Nikon D60
    iPod Shuffle

  699. Glenn Marcus says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. Mac Book Pro
    3. Google Search
    4. Nikon D80
    5. XBox 360

  700. Cosma Moreni says:

    1. Nokia N95
    2. Fujitsu SCALEO Home Server
    3. Nikon D3
    4. Tom Tom GO 930
    5. Gmail

  701. Ajnasz says:

    * ThinkPad R61 with Linux
    * Mozilla Firefox
    * Vim
    * Google Reader
    * Fluxbox

  702. Pwhyte says:


  703. Thomas says:

    1. Nokia N82 : All you need, next to your thumb
    2. Thinkpad X61t : Sweet laptop for working on the go
    3. Joomla : Build a website in 24 hours
    4. Last.FM : Musicccccccc
    5. Django : Python framework to develop cutting edge application really fast.

  704. Jan says:

    Google Reader
    Pidgin (Instant Messenger)
    Folder Share
    Garmin Forerunner GPS

  705. Mindy says:

    1. Nokia N95 & Symbian, a camera, MP3 player, radio, video player with phone and Office
    3. – introducing the political tools of the 21st century
    4. Skype
    5. Google – Doing no evil better than anyone else

  706. Blackberry Curve 8310
    Adium Chat Client
    MacBook Pro
    Mobile Google Apps

  707. Google

  708. KGyST says:

    MDA III phone
    Yahoo Pipes
    Google Reader

  709. Michael Getz says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. Casio Exilim EX-S10 with Eye Fi Card
    3. NetNewsWire
    4. Twitter

  710. Kunal Krishna says:

    1. MacBook Air
    2. Worldspace Satellite Radio
    3. Sony Ericsson W700i
    4. Microsoft Reader
    5. Nintendo Wii

  711. Mike Felkey says:

    1. Lenovo X61 Tablet PC
    2. Amazon Kindle
    3. Sony PSP
    4. RIM Blackberry 8830 World Phone
    5. Digsby

  712. Abe Olandres says:

    1) iPod Touch
    2) Firefox 3
    3) Netvibes
    4) HP 2133 Mini Notebook
    5) X-Mini Speakers

  713. Jimmy says:

    Sirius Radio (Internet stream)
    XBox 360
    Mozilla Firefox

  714. Gregg says:

    1. iPod Touch (jailbroken) (I use it alot to play games, keep my network running, and to listen to music)
    2. TI-84 Plus (Being a math major, I use this nifty calculator all the time in my studies)
    3. Wikipedia (As I mentioned above, being in school means you have to research – all the time – wikipedial helps you do that)
    4. Google (Who could forget this amazing search engine?!)
    5. Google Webmaster Tools (Managing several sites at once can be tough, but Google’s Webmaster Tools keep an eye on your robots file, sitemaps, and a lot of other things)

    Thanks for the contest!

  715. Ken says:

    Macbok Pro
    iPod Touch/iTunes
    Xbox 360
    Nintendo Wii

  716. Glenn S says:

    1. Everything Google (esp. Reader & Grand Central.)
    2. colinux/andlinux (author in Linux, immediate feedback in Windoze – on one box. Amazing!)
    3. Nokia n800 Internet Tablet (portable scheduling, communication and ebooks.)
    4. Pentax smc P-FA 50mm F1.4
    5. 160GB iPod Classic (not because it’s an iPod, but because of the 160GB.)

  717. Russ says:

    EEE PC 4G
    Miro (Internet TV – awesome!)
    1GB iRiver T10 (great MP3/OGG player, even has an armstrap) (52 days without electrocution!)

  718. Dave says:

    Google Talk

  719. Cullen D says:

    1. Windows Live Messenger
    2. Windows Vista
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Zune
    5. Triple Monitors!!!!

  720. Justin Marino says:

    1. Freerice.Com (give rice to the world’s hungry)
    2. TheBibleSite.Org (give Bibles to persecuted Christians)
    3. Palm Z22
    4. GMail
    5. Dane-Elec USB Portable Memory (thumb drive)

  721. Chris says:

    1. Palm Treo 500v (Windows Mobile based Smartphone device)
    2. Adobe Photoshop CS3 (software for photo editing/design purposes)
    3. Winamp (Media Player software)
    4. Dreambox (TV decoder running Linux)
    5. iPod Nano Black 4GB (Music Player)

  722. rachna says:

    Google chat
    Google reader

  723. Brad Miller says:

    1. Vista Media Center
    2. iPod Classic
    3. Google Reader
    4. Gmail
    5. Google Search (I love me some Google!)

  724. Nixk490 says:

    BBC iPlayer
    Nintendo DS

  725. 1. iPhone
    2. Jajah (VOIP thru your normal phone)
    3. Thunderbird
    4. Vitalist (to do list)
    5. basecamphq (lite project manag/collaboration)

  726. Bobby C says:

    1. Custom built Hackintosh Entertainment PC with crossfire / sli mobo. Three 500 / 1TB Hard drives. Windows/ Linux/ OSX triple boot. 4gb ram
    2. HDX Dragon notebook for portable entertainment, on the go content creation / editing.
    3. Merlin X950D HSUPA card. 3g capable…Supports up to 7.2 Mbps Downlink & HSUPA upgrade for 2.1 Mbps uplink. Internet anywhere you get phone service. Sprint, Verizon, ATT,etc.
    4. Ipod touch, should now integrate exceptionally well into your permawired setup.
    5. Wait for the Open Pandora handheld. (

  727. pthoma says:

    1. Apple’s iPhone

    2. Google’s Gmail


    4. RSS

    5. HP’s HDX Dragon Entertainment NB

  728. Ondrej says:

    1. Apple MacBook Pro
    2. Google Earth
    3. Skype
    4. Facebook
    5. Nokia N95

  729. 1. My Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc — I use it for making pictures of ideas in conferences.
    2. ArtRage 2.5 — painting software.
    3. My Nokia N91 smartphone. Music and web. What more could I want? Oh yeah… the phone.
    4. and Opera Mini tie for fourth place as top phone apps.
    5. My Toshiba digital video projector, the key component of my home theatre system.

    Thanks for the contest!

    Blue skies

  730. Stefano Minola says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. Windows Live Messenger
    3. iPod Touch
    4. Sky Tv

  731. David Pomares says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    2. Google Mail (Mail)
    3. (great free IT video training)
    4. Western Digital 80Gig Portable HD
    5. Vmware (Virtualization Software)

  732. st1v says:

    2. PSP
    3. iPod Touch
    4. PlayStation3
    5. Xbox 360

  733. Jack says:

    3. PS3
    4. Ubuntu
    5. Nokia N95

  734. Matteo Meraldi says:

    1. iPhone

    2. iPod Nano 8GB

    3. World of Warcraft

    4. South Park

    5. uTorrent

  735. reyasun says:

    1.Ipod video
    3.Nintendo DS Lite
    5.Windows Live Messenger

  736. Aandarian says:

    google docs (music search engine) (bookmarking service)

    iPhone (email especially) (uploading/sharing iPhone pics)

  737. Juliano Andrade says:

    1 – HP HDX Dragon
    2 – PSP
    3 – GMail
    4 – Java
    5 – XNA

  738. Shane Roberts says:

    1. Nokia N95
    2. EeePC 700
    3. Playstation 3
    4. MyStar (Digital TV subscription in Australia)
    5. big screen plasma TV

  739. Nikita says:

    1. Macbook Pro + iPhone
    2. Wii (don’t have it – I need to graduate! 🙂
    3. Skype (don’t have it, see 5.)
    4. NetNewsWire (RSS reader)
    5. Cheap internet connection (don’t have it, $50/GB @ 200kbps)

  740. Tim Callow says:

    Canon 40D
    AT&T Tilt
    Fujitsu-Siemens T4220 Tablet
    Google Reader

  741. Alex Owen says:

    1 – Safari (Web Browser)
    2 – Mac OS X (Operating System)
    3 – Nintendo Wii (Games Console)
    4 – Google Mail (E-Mail provider)
    4 – iPod Touch (Personal Media Device)

  742. 1. iPhone
    2. Firefox
    3. Front Row
    4. Gmail
    5. Google Reader

  743. Susanna says:

    1. Zattoo
    2. Apple TV
    3. iPhone
    4. Wii
    5. Harmony Remote Control

  744. Derek says:

    1) iPhone
    2) Google Reader (RSS Feed Reader)
    3) Meebo (Instant Messaging)
    4) Adobe CS3 (Creative Software)
    5) Facebook

  745. Brian says:

    1) HTC touch
    2) iPod
    3) Palm TX
    4) Skype
    5) Gmail

  746. Pamela says:

    1) Palm TX
    2) iPod Touch
    3) Skype
    4) Google maps
    5) Portable usb pendrive

  747. Eileen says:

    1) Firefox (browser)
    2) Facebook (friends, students, colleages – better than email, better than IM)
    3) Bloglines (the RSS feedreader that does what I need)
    4) Dell Inspiron (affordable computer)
    5) Pandora (internet music streaming)

  748. Steinkirch says:

    1. Google apps (gmail, gdocs, greader…)
    3. Macbook pro
    4. iphone
    5. xbox360

  749. Colin says:

    1) MacBook Pro
    2) Twitter
    3) Gmail
    4) Last.FM
    5) Quicksilver

  750. Jenn says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Google Reader
    3. Gmail
    4. Twitter
    5. Remember the Milk

  751. Shan Gee says:

    1. Windows Vista
    2. Firefox
    3. Gmail
    4. eBay
    5. Craigslist

  752. Richard Sherburne says:

    1. Skype
    2. Nokia 800, music, video, web for when I do not want to be call-able
    3. HTC Advantage X7500 (love the gps/phone/data/everything idea
    4. Watchguard Firebox – to keep bad folks out of my stuff…
    5. HP 2710 tablet – the only wany to compute

  753. Mandeep says:

    Zinio for PC/iPhone(Digital Magazines)
    Joost (Online TV)
    Popcorn Hour(Network Media Player)
    IronKey(Secure USB flash drive)

  754. LC says:

    Portable Firefox
    Google (Gmail, Reader, ig)
    iTunes +

  755. Q dub says:

    1) Blackberry
    2) Google Reader
    3) Google Maps on Blackberry
    4) Facebook
    5) Friendfeed

  756. Paul says:

    1. gmail
    2. netvibes (tasks, rss, news, mail notification)
    3. firefox
    5. wired magazine

  757. Michael says:

    1. Apple iPod Touch
    2. Nintendo Wii
    3. HP HDX Dragon 20inch notebook
    4. Windows Vista
    5. Skype

  758. Lloyd Ippolito says:

    1) Palm Treo 755p
    2) Gmail
    3) Windows Server
    4) Remote Desktop Connection
    5) Lenovo X61 Tablet PC

  759. Andy C says:

    I’d love to have all the latest gadgets but I can’t afford them (no iPods, Blackberries or MacBooks for me). So my top 5 technologies are all free…

    . Firefox – the browser that saved the internet.

    . RSS – because I don’t think we’ve seen its full potential yet and because it was RSS feeds that first alerted me to the existence of…

    . Ubuntu – a fully-functional modern operating system that will run on pretty much any PC, effectively bringing old computers back to life.

    . BitTorrent and Torrent Episode Downloader – TED is a very simple application that searches RSS feeds to find the latest episodes of my favourite TV shows which it then passes to my BitTorrent client to download. Once downloaded I watch them on…

    . XBMC – which turns an old XBox into the best media centre available. Additional plug-ins allow me to watch BBC iPlayer, Apple Movie Trailers, YouTube and more. Life changing.

  760. Crosby says:

    Ipod Nano
    Play Station Portable

  761. Dave says:

    1. Dell Latitude XT
    2. Microsoft Live Mesh
    3. XBOX 360
    4. Toshiba Gigabeat S30
    5. Google Reader

  762. Carmen R says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. Myspace
    3. Canon Powershot
    4. Gmail
    5. Ipod Nano

  763. Khalilia M. says:

    1) Compaq v2570n laptop (affordable full featured laptop)
    2) Disney phone (allows tracking kids from mobile phone)
    3) Nokia N810 mobile internet device (slim, with full internet access)4)
    4) thermally optimized optiplex desktop (energy efficient)
    5) bose noise canceling headphones

  764. Puexam says:

    – Windows 2003/2008 Server (most stable OS from Redmond)
    – Google Mail (probably most advanced e-mail service for free)
    – (“the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit”)
    – Canon dSLR (digital single-reflex cameras from Canon)
    – (meet friends from your school; Web 2.0 symbol in Poland)

  765. Allen says:

    1. Asus EeePC
    2. Sony PlayStation 3
    3. Apple iPhone
    4. HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook
    5. Nintendo DS

  766. jhzs says:

    Apple iPhone
    Google Docs

  767. Gene says:

    1. iphone
    2. gmail
    3. Uverse (IPTV, VOIP, High-Speed Internet)
    4. facebook
    5. xbox 360

  768. Alex says:

    1. Iphone
    2. Macbook
    3. Tivo
    4. Flickr
    5. LinkedIn

  769. Hector says:

    1. T-Mobile Wing
    2. WordPress
    3. Windows Live Mail
    4. Laptop Gateway MX7515
    5. Ipod Nano

  770. Vernon Vincent says:

    Zune 30 GB
    Windows Vista Home Premium Media Center
    Windows Home Server (movie storage for Media Center, music storage for Zune
    PageOnce ( (for one-stop checking of all my accounts – bank, utilities, email, etc)
    iGoogle (cause it’s just too good to pass up)

  771. William Lau says:

    1. PSP
    2. Playstation 2
    3. Windows XP Home Media Center
    4. Adobe Photoshop
    5. Adobe Premeire Pro 4.0

  772. Jimmy says:

    1) Blackberry Curve
    2) TiVo
    3) XBox 360
    4) iGoogle
    5) Wikipedia

  773. William Buck says:

    1.Xbox 360
    2.Microsoft Zune
    3. PSP
    4. PS3
    5. Nintendo Wii (I guess I am a gamer)
    Just need a nice computer to compete me!

  774. Fernando says:

    Google Search Engine
    Evernote (online and offline information organizer)

  775. Andy says:

    1. Netvibes and RSS (I’ll combine the two, they go together for me!)
    2. Logik IR-100 (internet radio with live and BBC listen-again)
    3. Zimbra (web based email and calendar package)
    4. Nokia E61 (mobile smartphone)
    5. ModX CMS (the content management package that’s run my web site reliably for years)

  776. Rick says:

    Fujitsu T4010D TabletPC (convertible tablet)
    Microsoft OneNote 2007 (for handwritten notes)
    KeePass Password Safe (centralized password management)
    Mozilla Thunderbird (email)
    Safari (web browser)

  777. Andrew Cooper says:

    Zune 80 (media player)
    Google search
    Google GMail
    Joomla! (open source web content management system)
    Debian Linux (the OS that powers my home firewall)

  778. SpaceMonky42 says:

    1. HP tx1000 (tablet pc)
    2. iPod (music, video, photos… and a portable HD)
    3. Nintendo DS
    4. EverNote (has helped me organize my entire life)
    5. (awesome little tricks for getting things done)

  779. Chris says:


  780. Douglas says:

    Apple iPod Video
    Sony PSP
    HP Media Center Server
    HP Pavillion laptop
    IBM RAD7 Development Environment

  781. Rickey says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Google
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. Facebook
    5. Nintendo DS

  782. Darrin says:

    1. Palm TX (Handheld Computer / PDA)
    2. HBO on Demand (via Zitomedia Digital Cable Service)
    3. Google Reader (Newsfeed Reader)
    4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 (Digitial Camera)
    5. HP HDX Dragon (the Ultimate Portable Computing Solution)

  783. sylv3rblade says:

    MSI Wind U100 PC
    Nokia N70
    Motorolla KAZR
    Apple Ipod Touch

  784. honest ape says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. Tivo DVR
    3. Blackberry
    4. Firefox 3
    5. Google Reader

  785. Ricky says:

    1. Blackberry (never waste a minute)

    2. Gmail (on crack)

    3. Digsby (best IM client)

    4. Netvibes (how I procrastinate – reading last100)

    5. Imeem (lazyman’s choice for music)

  786. Bob Castillo says:

    1. TiVo DVR
    2. Treo 680 Cell Phone
    3. Palm TX PDA
    4. Google Reader
    5. Firefox 3

  787. Nguyen Quang Luu says:

    1) Windows Live
    2) Mozilla Firefox
    3) Sony Ericsson W700i
    4) Nikon L15 Camera
    5) HP Compaq 6520S-KF080 Laptop

  788. Woosoo says:

    1. SONY PS3
    2. O2 Mini
    3. Fujitsu P1610
    4. Canon EOS 400D
    5. Nintendo Wii

  789. Lisa Rowe says:

    1. Wii
    2. Razor cell phone
    3. ipod
    4. Myspace
    5. DVR

  790. Djin Sie says:

    1) iPhone
    2) iPod
    4) Xbox 360
    5) Tivo

  791. Salasa says:

    1. Microsoft Xbox 360
    2. Mozilla Firefox 3 (web browser)
    3. Sony Play Station 3
    4. Ipod Nano
    5. Yahoomail

  792. Anggraeni says:

    1. Flock 1.1 Web Browser (nice & cool web browser)
    2. Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta
    3. Winamp 5.52 Pro
    4. Windows Media Player 11
    5. Wikipedia

  793. Scott says:

    1. Xbox 360 (Gaming Console)
    2. iPod Nano (MP3 Player)
    3. iPhone (Mobile Phone)
    4. Dropbox (Online Remote Storage)
    5. BBC iPlayer

  794. Tran Thi Mai Anh says:

    1) Mozilla Firefox
    2) Yahoo mail
    3) Yahoo 360 blog
    4) JVC LCD TV
    5) Sony S650 Digital Camera

  795. Emile says:

    1) iPhone
    2) Sony PS3
    3) Bose noise canceling headphones
    4) Phillips 37 inch ambilight LCD TV
    5) Skype

  796. fred says:

    1. iphone (all in one mobile wonder)
    2. gmail (hosted email application)
    3. slingbox (home media server)
    4. amazon web services
    5. youtube

  797. James Morris says:

    1. I-pod Nano (3rd Gen.)
    2. Tivo (DVR)
    3. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 (camera)
    4. Motorola Krzr K1m (Cell phone)
    5. Dell XPS M1530 (Laptop)

  798. rskippy says:

    1. HTC TyTn II
    2. Opera Mobile Browser
    3. Zoom Player (Media Player)
    4. WinTV PVR2
    5. 8GB MicroSDHC Card

  799. Adele Zuerner says:

    1. I -tunes
    2. Nikon D-300 Digital camara
    3. Nintendo Wii
    4. San Disk 4gb SD card
    5. Nokia N-95 Multimedia computer

  800. A. Gormley says:

    1. Gmail (google email)
    2. Firefox (browser)
    3. Ipod video
    4. itunes
    5. Canon Powershot SD700 (digital camera)

  801. Nikon D80
    HTC Dream
    HP Computer
    eee pc 8g

  802. Gyutae Park says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Gmail
    3. the flip camera
    4. Google Reader
    5. YouTube

  803. Lisa Huff says:

    1. Google Reader (Read and share RSS feeds)
    2. (social bookmarking)
    3. WordPress (blogging software)
    4. PBwiki (wiki)
    5. Google Docs

  804. Steve Huff says:

    1. Laptop

  805. JAZ says:

    1. Tivo/DVR
    2. Tablet PCs (HP TX2000z)
    3. Ubuntu
    4. WII
    5. VoIP

  806. Steve Huff says:

    oops–I’ll try again
    1. laptop
    2. palm pilot
    3. iGoogle (personalized home page)
    4. cell phone
    5. e-mail

  807. Ryan says:

    1: iPhone
    2: Playstation 3
    3: MacBook Pro
    4: Mozilla Firefox
    5: Google Reader

  808. Alex Wallace says:

    Cd Player
    Compaq Presario sr111onx Desktop

  809. Jarrod says:

    1) iGoogle
    2) Creative Zen Micro Photo
    3) Cannon Powershot SD750
    4) Play Station 3
    5) Pandora (internet radio)

  810. Meyyappan Lakshmanan says:

    Nokia N91
    Canon Powershot A470
    Joost (Internet TV)
    Apple iTunes
    Creative Labs Vado (Pocket Video Camcorder)

  811. My Desktop
    Wife’s company laptop

  812. John Hendrix says:

    XBox 360
    Windows Vista

  813. Jason says:

    1 – Laptop
    2 – iGoogle (RSS FEEDS!)
    3 – Motorola Q Phone (TO READ MORE RSS FEEDS!)
    4 – Nintendo Wii
    5 – Digsby (Multiple IM account app)

  814. Pez says:

    1. Vista MCE
    2. Xbox360 Media Center Extender
    3. xPlorer2 (Windows Explorer alternative)
    4. Google SketchUp
    5. RocketDock (for Windows users with Mac envy)

  815. Carl says:

    1. Tivo
    2. Firefox
    3. Google Reader
    4. HTC Mogul
    5. Xbox 360

  816. Herman says:

    1. HP iPaq RW6828 (pda phone)
    2. iPod Video
    3. Canon Digital Camera
    4. Altap Salamander (Windows Explorer Alternative)
    5. (news portal – Indonesian only)

  817. Andrew says:

    1: VMware (virtualisation)
    2: Super (file converter)
    3: Stick Cricket web game (
    4: IntelliGolf (Golf tracking)
    5: CCleaner (Crap Cleaner)

  818. Pavan says:

    1- iPod Touch (portable digital music/video player)
    2- Opera (The Fastest Browser on Earth)
    3- HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (the reason I’m entering this contest for!)
    4- XBox 360
    5- Gmail

  819. Joseph says:

    1: SanDisk Sansa (mp3 player)
    2: Xbox360
    3: Dell Inspiron
    4: Gmail
    5: Winamp (it really whips the llama’s ass)

  820. Filip says:

    1: Nokia Sports Tracker
    2: Gmail
    3: Xbox 360
    4: Nokia 6120 Classic (it so small!)
    5: Opera web browser

  821. Prashanth Reddy says:

    Nokia N95
    Canon Powershot SD750
    Bose noise canceling headphones
    VLC media player

  822. Quang Luu says:

    1. HP mini-note 2133 [sub-notebook, useful for on the go!]
    2. Xbox 360 [gaming console, great way to kill time and lose brain cells]
    3. Motorola Q 9c [Windows smartphone, good way to stay in touch]
    4. Google Docs [great way to write notes/docs/spreadsheets anywhere]
    5. Windows Foldershare [data synchronized across multiple computers, for FREE]

  823. 1.) Macbook pro
    2.) YouTube
    3.) iGoogle
    4.) Skype
    5.) Adium 1.2.5

  824. Rod Dunbar says:

    1. HP Pavillion dv9000
    2. Last FM
    3. Digsby
    4. Old Dell Axiom
    5. old Canon Powershot SI-1

    god please feel sorry for me and let me win…

  825. 1. Apple Macbook Pro [running 10.5.2 on a 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4gigs of RAM thanks to a special had last month on the memory… up will be swapping out the HD for a faster/larger one]
    2. Adium – [Free instant messaging software that connects my gchat/aim/msn accounts into one]
    3. Xbox 360 [Not just for the gaming, but I also use it to stream video from my media server in HD via my home network]
    4. Firefox [With Firebug + Yslow (developer plug-ins), as well a few other plug-ins to block cookies/ads/pop-ups]
    5. NetNewsWire [My RSS Reader of choice… now free, i have all my feeds categorized, including twitter/ additions/comments]

  826. In no particular order…

    1. Sony Playstation 3
    2. 3G iPhone (to buy when it comes to NZ… Treo 700wx for now)
    3. Windows Live
    4. iPod 5G (will revisit at iPhone time)
    5. Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 (I’m not a fanboy, I just haven’t had any issues)

  827. Helen says:

    my laptop

  828. Eduardo Aceituno says:

    1. Flash Voyager GT (flash drive)
    2. Firefox (internet browser)
    3. GMail (email service)
    4. foobar2000 (audio player)
    5. Youtube (learning videos)

  829. laptopless_geek says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon… although I hav’nt got one, yet!
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Itunes
    4. Playstation 3
    5. Skype

  830. Kevin Luong says:

    1. HTC Touch Dual (Windows Mobile Device)
    2. Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    3. µTorrent (BitTorrent client)
    4. Xbox 360 (Games console and media centre)
    5. TVSerity (Windows-based media server)

  831. Reni says:

    My top five digital lifestyle products and/or services:
    1. Windows XP (familiar system operation in my country)
    2. Microsoft Office 2007 (exciting….)
    3. K-Lite Mega Codec (Multifunction for more type of video or audio file)
    4. Mozila Firefox (my web browser)
    5. Goolgle (my search engine)

  832. Becky Dinkins says:

    1. iGoogle
    2. laptops
    3. roboform
    4. itouch
    5. firefox

  833. Ashish says:

    1. Windows Vista
    2. Sony Ericsson P1i
    3. Youtube
    4. iPod
    5. Yahoo

  834. 1) Firefox 3.0
    2) Xbox 360
    3) Playstation 3
    4) Opera Mini 4.1 (Mobile Web Browser)
    5) TVersity Media Server

  835. Rahul says:

    1: iPod
    2: Xbox360
    3: HP HDX Dragon ( after winning this )
    5: Winamp

  836. Aftab Yousuf says:

    1. Dell Vostro 1500
    2. Wateen WiMax Service
    3. SonyEricsson Z550 , Nokia 6300
    4. Ipod Touch
    5. Firefox, MSN, Google

  837. Todd Karasick says:

    1. Sandisk 2GB flash drive (man I can’t live without a flash drive, I go everywhere with it – EVERYWHERE)
    2. Asus Z83V laptop (an absolute necessity for geeks-on-the-go)
    3. iPod Nano (silent walks around the block are boring)
    4. Slingbox AV (can’t miss a single football game while I am at school)
    5. Netgear WGT624NA (reading the newspaper on the john is so old fashioned…)

  838. Nicko Darveniza says:

    1. Windows Vista Ultimate (Windows Media Centre part of it, does TV – everything)
    2. Xbox 360 (Windows Media Centre Extender)
    3. Zune (Syncs all my TV shows (as well as music, vids etc) that I recorded on Media Centre)
    4. Windows Live Services (Mail, Messenger, Skydrive, Mesh – etc. Nothing beats it)
    5. Flickr (awesome integration with Windows Live Photo Gallery)

  839. 1.
    2. Skype
    3. Cowon A2
    4. Yahoo
    5. Windows Live Services

  840. Michael Bibby says:

    1. Toshiba M700
    2. Sony MDR-NC50 (Noise-cancelling headphones)
    3. Opera
    4. FeedDemon
    5. Windows Vista

  841. Vojtech Podhorny says:

    1. dslr Olympus E-510
    2. iPod Photo 30 GB
    3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
    4. Gmail
    5. Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

  842. Ritesh says:

    1. Thinkpad – best battery backup and sturdy
    2. iPod Video – Just cant do without
    3. Flock – Best of the browser plus the social world
    4. RSS + Feed Readers – Made surfin a whole lot easier
    5. OS – Vista + Ubuntu – Which made all the above possible 🙂

  843. Martin Harris says:

    1. Okta Touch (rebranded HTC Touch mobile)
    2. Firefox
    3. Gmail + Google Reader
    4. Twitter
    5. MediaGate (Networked media device that connects to TV)

  844. Noemi says:

    1. Sony Ericsson w810i phone
    2. PS3
    3. Laptop
    4. Firefox
    5. Google Apps

  845. 1. PHP
    3. MySQL
    4. Google Services
    5. Bloglines

  846. 1. Elgato EyeTV (why waste time and bandwidth on BBC iPlayer when you can get the same stuff at a higher quality over the air??)

    2. Archos AV420 (or whatever the latest model is; had it for years and it’s still going strong. Now loaded with 20-something Disney films for my children)

    3. Devolo dLan ethernet-over-mains (the walls of my house are too thick for reliable WiFi)

    4. rsync (who needs all that MS Live Mesh stuff when most systems already have a fantastic sync mechanism?)

    5. Amazon EC2 (easy (when you know how) and cheap).

  847. Goran Bosic says:

    1. Nokia 3110c phone
    2. My desktop computer (C2Duo E6300 with other equipment..)
    3. Google
    4. Canon IXUS 950IS
    5. Firefox

  848. Arnoldas says:

    1. Honda car and motorbike
    2. Google services
    3. Nokia products
    4. Apple products
    5. Sony products

  849. Josephine Hitti says:

    1.iPod Nano
    2.Adobe Photoshop
    3.Logitech diNovo Keyboard
    4.Windows Live (messenger & mail)

  850. Ritesh says:

    1.iPod touch
    2.HTC Diamond
    3.XBOX 360 MCX (Media Center Extender)
    4.Google Earth

  851. Daniel Ergas says:

    1. Macbook Air
    2. Sierra Wireless USB Modem
    3. iPhone
    4. Windows Vista (despite popular opinion)
    5. Foxtel

  852. Gordon Haff says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. TiVo
    3. Rhapsody
    4. Canon EOS 5D
    5. Treo 700p

  853. Barty says:

    Xbox 360 + Media Center Extender
    Playstation 3

  854. Lloyd V says:

    My top 5 lifestyle products and services:
    1. iPhone
    2. FeedDemon
    3. Pandora
    4. PlayStation 3
    5. Wikipedia

  855. Zachary Waldowski says:

    1. HP dv6654us
    2. iPod Nano (8GB)
    3. Windows Vista/Ubuntu 8.04 (sorry, it’s a tie)
    4. GMail
    5. Nintendo Wii

  856. Edward Huang says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon Laptop (Was there ever a choice?)
    2. Mozilla Firefox (Web Browser)
    3. Nintendo Wii (Video Game Console)
    4. Paypal (Service which allows me to purchase other digital products)
    5. Nintendo DS Lite (Portable Video Game Console)

  857. Farhood says:

    1. Google Services
    2. YouTube
    3. Macbook Pro
    4. iPod
    5. Microsoft Programming Languages

  858. Anuroj says:

    1. Opera
    2. Windows Vista
    3. Apple iPod Touch
    5. Google Reader

  859. Alex says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (Web Browser)
    2. µTorrent (Bittorrent Client)
    3. Hotmail (E-mail)
    4. Windows Live Messenger (IM service)
    5. Windows XP (OS)

  860. Mariusz says:

    1 MacBook Pro
    2 EOS Rebel XSi Digital Camera
    3 Google
    4 YouTube
    5 iPod classic


  861. wezley says:

    1. casio Exilim EX-F1
    2. iphone
    3. MacBook Pro
    4. iTunes
    5. YouTube

  862. ajay says:

    2.You Tube earth
    5.ages of empire

  863. Nikolas Milutinovic says:

    1. Google
    2. Windows Xp
    3. iPhone
    4. Nikon DSLR
    5. Playstation 3

  864. Terry Topp says:

    1. Zune 80Gb (Portable Media Player)
    2. Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    3. Beyond Micro External Hard drive case with 500Gb drive (Mobile Storage)
    4. Apache2 (Website Server)
    5. Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset

  865. Rajeev Bajoria says:

    1. HomeTheater System with Plasma TV
    2. AlienWare HighEnd Gaming Pc
    3. HTC TouchCruize
    4. HP HDX Dragon 20inch Notebook [ 🙂 ]
    5. 1 Year Rapidshare Premium Ac..

  866. Solomon Mwaniki says:

    2.You Tube earth
    5.ages of empire

  867. Vipsy says:

    1. MacBook Air
    2. iPhone
    3. Nintendo Wii
    4. iTunes
    5. BRAVIA® SXRD™ Home Cinema Front Projector

  868. 1. Hp Pavilion HDX “Dragon” Entertainment PC
    2. Sony Playstation portable
    3. Gmail
    4. Canon 400D
    5. Mac Book Pro

  869. Ariunzorig says:

    1. Mouse (Logitech MX – 510)
    2. Website (
    3. Personal computer (Pentium 4)
    4. Mobile (sky IM – 6100)
    5. Flash (Kingston 2GB)

  870. RZ says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (browser)
    2. Youtube (online streaming video)
    3. IRC (chat that doesn’t suck)
    4. GMail (web based mail)
    5. Any reasonably high capacity UMS storage device (my 8GB USB pendrive for instance)

  871. Elisa says:

    1. HP Pavilion tx1350el (laptop: small and with touchscreen)
    2. Philips SA2115 MP3 Player (mp3 player and USB flash drive)
    3. Wikipedia (knowledge is the key)
    4. Google (the best for Internet search)
    5. LG KG800 (my mobile-phone)

  872. Alex says:

    1. Adobe Photoshop
    2. Zattoo
    3. Facebook
    4. Google
    5. iPod 80GB

  873. 1) iPod
    2) LG EnV
    3) iGoogle page (with integrated GMail, GCal, etc)

  874. Nkululeko Masondo says:

    1. Nokia N95
    2. Nintendo Wii
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. GMail
    5. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 Digital Camera

  875. * iPhone
    * iTunes
    * Twitter
    * Google Reader
    * Word Press

  876. Peter says:

    1. Zoho Office Suite (word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.)
    2. (social music discovery network)
    3. (cross-platform, open-source office suite)
    4. SanDisk Sansa e series (great entry level video mp3 player, especially with Rockbox)
    5. Xubuntu (easy-to-use Linux derivative with minimal system requirements so you can resurrect your old machines)

  877. Timothy says:

    1) Gmail
    2) HTC Touch WM PDA Phone
    3) Canon Digital IXUS 75
    4) Xbox 360
    5) HP HDX Dragon

  878. Eric says:

    1) GMail
    2) iPod
    3) Wikipedia
    4) Firefox
    5) FriendFeed

  879. Navdeep says:

    iPhone (Digital Audio Player)
    HTC TytnI (Windows Mobile based PDA/Phone)
    Nintendo Wii
    Harmony Universal Remote

  880. Debra says:

    google mail
    adobe photoshop
    Open Office

  881. Arjo says:

    1. Google Reader (the only way to follow 30+ websites)
    2. KeePass Password Safe (to much passwords will destroy your memory)
    3. Firefox (because of the unlimited amount of usefull add-ons)
    4. My Laptop (a simple Acer Travelmate)
    5. (to find new music)

  882. Louis Senecal says:

    1-Ipaq 210 (just upgraded 2 months ago)
    2-Nintendo DS lite red- Kid friendly and appropriate- (I actgually bought it for my wife)
    3-Ipod Nano 3g 4 GB- Son’s (kid and adult friendly)
    4-ewallet professional edition (ipaq and desktop version for password, reg codes etc) (great to watch tvs and shows, free streaming)

  883. Mike says:

    1) World of Warcraft (MMORPG)
    2) PS3 (Blu-Ray Player/Video Game Console)
    3) XBox 360 (Video Game Console)
    4) Gmail (Email Service)
    5) Stumble Upon (Firefox extension that kills time at work)

  884. Chris van Gorder says:

    1) Microsoft Zune (songs, videos, and Zunecasts)
    2) Pioneer Inno (XM Radio)
    3) Samsung Q1 (UMPC with Win XP)
    4) Slingbox Solo (TV on the go)
    5) iGuidance from iNav with the iBlue GPS module (on the Q1 in the car mount)

  885. David says:

    iPod Touch
    K850i (mobile phone)
    Xbox 360
    4oD (on-demand TV and Film)

  886. breley says:

    1. HTX Advantage PDA/Phone X7501
    2. Nintendo Wii
    3. iPod Touch
    4. iPhone
    5. Youtube

  887. Coronaboy says:

    1) Windows Live
    2) Mozilla Firefox
    3) Windows XP
    4) Gmail
    5) DVR (via DirecTV)

  888. Kellie says:

    – Twitter
    – PlayStation Portable
    – iPod / iTunes
    – Livejournal
    – Gmail / iGoogle / Google Docs

  889. Jim says:

    1) Google Earth (World views)
    2) Canon Rebel XTi D-SLR (Camera)
    3) FireFox (Web Browser)
    4) Nintendo Wii
    5) MacBook Air

  890. TheOne says:

    1- Opera (The coolest, fastest, and most secure free Web browser available)
    2- HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook (Duh!)
    3- iPod Touch (Portable digital music/video player)
    4- XBox 360 (Gaming console)
    5- Google (Search Engine + more…)

  891. Prashanthi Jayasheela says:

    1.Xbox 360
    4.Sony Handycam HDR-CX7
    5.Garmin Nuvi 660

  892. Dan T says:

    1) Gateway E-155C (tablet)
    2) Onenote
    3) Skype
    4) Mozilla
    5) Utorrent

  893. Wesley says:

    1 play station 3
    2 wii
    3 zune (media player)
    4 mozilla firefox (web browser)
    5 ipod touch

  894. MSD_GUY says:

    1) XBox 360
    2) Cowon Q5W (PMP,Wireless Web Browsing)
    3) Motorola Q
    4) Windows Media Center PC (Vista)
    5) MediaMonkey 3 software (Digital Audio Player, Music Organizer)

  895. Mal says:

    1. iPhone
    2. MP3
    3. Gmail
    4. Twitter
    5. Flickr

  896. Susabelle says:

    Top five, eh??

    1. My Gateway M275 Convertible Tablet.
    2. My RAZR v3 phone
    3. My iPod (60 gb classic video)
    4. gmail
    5. Open Office software

  897. PixelPusher says:

    1. iPod
    2. Cellphones (in general… the technology, not a specific phone)
    3. Gmail
    4. VoIP (specifically Skype and/or Ventrilo)
    5. Wikipedia

  898. Tiffany Turner says:

    1. Firefox Add-ons (such as web developer, firebug, greasemonkey, etc.)
    2. Gmail
    3. iPod
    4. Wii
    5. Flickr

  899. Meyyappan Lakshmanan says:

    Nokia N91
    Canon Powershot A470
    Joost (online TV)
    Apple iTunes
    Creative Labs Vado Camcorder

  900. Lex says:


  901. Rylan Bowers says:

    1. iPod Classic
    2. Gmail (clean, feature-rich, and easy to use mail)
    3. (Internet Radio/music recommendation player)
    4. (online music retailer)
    5. WordPress (Open-Source Blogging Software)

  902. Meyyappan Lakshmanan says:

    1.Nokia N91
    2.Canon A470
    3.Apple iTunes
    4.Creative Labs Vado (Camcorder)
    5.Joost (online TV)

  903. Vernon Lee says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Nintendo Wii
    3. Rock Band (Xbox 360)
    4. Finder
    5. iTunes

  904. Tiffany Turner says:

    1. Firefox Add-ons, such as Web Developer, Firebug, and Greasemonkey
    2. Gmail
    3. Wii
    4. Flickr
    5. iTunes

  905. Matt says:

    1. iPod touch
    2. Gmail
    3. iTunes
    4. Firefox
    5. Google Reader

  906. Nanoparticle says:

    1. Google
    2. Opera (web browser)
    3. (photography website)
    4. Pentax K20D DSLR system
    5. NEC Versa S3300 13.3″ notebook

  907. Lindsay says:

    1. Mozilla FireFox + extensions
    2. GMail
    3. Photoshop CS3
    4. Tortoise SVN (Windows client for Subversion version control application)

  908. DAZ 3D Studio
    Macromedia Fireworks
    Spybot – Search & Destroy

  909. Lucascrow says:

    1. Windows Vista
    2. Virtual PC (Free Computer Virtualization App)
    3. Wii
    4. Wings3D (Free 3D Modeling Program)
    5. Visual Studio 2005

  910. Eric K says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. Microsoft Zune
    3. Windows Vista
    4. HTC Touch
    5. Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 w/ GPS receiver

  911. Sushruta Bhattacharya says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon 20.1 Notebook .

    2. Logitech Z-5500 Digital .

    3. N95 .

    4. Skype . ( Provides a way to make calls from our computer — free to other people on Skype and cheap to phones and mobiles around the world.

    5. Google AdSense ( Google AdSense matches ads to a site’s content, and we earn money whenever our visitors click on them ) .

  912. Kathie Armstrong says:

    1. Zune
    2. VoIP (specifically Ventrilo, as I use it for work)
    3. Twitter (believe it or not, some of us DO use it for actual work/networking!)
    4. Wireless networking capabilities (couldn’t live without it for working from home)
    5. iPhone

  913. Greg K says:

    1. NewsGator FeedDemon 2.7
    2. Diigo (social bookmarking)
    3. Outlook + Xobni
    4. Dell Axim x51v
    5. Stardock Multiplicity (Network Desktop Control)

  914. Jaimini says:

    1. iPhone
    2. PS3
    3. TIVO
    4. Google Reader
    5. Amazon Kindle

  915. Kevin Mooney says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. Pandora (Internet Radio)
    3. DVR
    4. Google
    5. Blackjack II

  916. x94scorp says:

    High Speed Internet
    Eee PC 8G
    Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
    Creative Zen 8GB
    HD TV with DVR

  917. Dave Tuttle says:

    Wireless HDTV
    Archos 705
    Canon 20D
    HP HDX Notebook

  918. Dave Tuttle says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to be involved in the technology the is moving at the speed of light.

  919. Dave Tuttle says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to be involved in the technology that is moving at the speed of light.

  920. Amy S says:

    The Internet
    My MP3 player
    HD TV
    Cell Phones

  921. e says:

    The things I can’t do without,

    1 My computer, Toshiba Portege R500
    2 RSS Reader: Google
    3 DVR: Time Warner Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD
    4 VOIP: Skype
    5 iPod Photo – 60 gigs

    Thanks for making this easy and giving me a list of comments I actually want to read.

  922. BigNerd says:

    1) Windows Live (Blogging)
    2) Google Mail
    3) Firefox
    4) Windows Vista Home Premium
    5) PassPack (Password Management)

  923. Kevin Daily says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. Netflix
    3. Creative Zen (mp3 player)
    4. MOTO Q9c (PDA phone)
    5. Pandora (Internet Radio)

  924. zamus68 says:

    1. Ipod Nano
    2. Slingplayer (Remote tv viewing)
    3. PPC 6800 (Windows Mobile Cell Phone)
    4. Xbox Live (Online gaming)
    5. Tivo

  925. dobata says:

    1/ iPhone
    2/ Macbook Pro
    3/ Twitter
    4/ gMail
    5/ Firefox

  926. Dragonwinner says:

    1. IPod touch
    2. XBOX 360
    3. Google Mail
    4. GIMP (photo editing software)
    5. Youtube

  927. Mike Wyzowski says:

    1) Xbox 360 (Media Extender, Gaming)
    2) Cowon Q5W (PMP, Wireless Web, GPS)
    3) Verizon FIOS (Um…Uberfast Web access)
    4) Direct TV Tivo (Long live BSG… So say we all!)
    5) Slingbox (To watch my shows on my Tivo…over my FIOS.)

  928. JR Lanteigne says:

    1. My home theatre PC (aging quite a bit…)
    2. Nikon D200 dSLR camera
    3. Magellan Maestro 4040 (I travel a lot)
    4. Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Travel + Photography :))
    5. Firefox

    Thank you for the interesting list @ every other entries 🙂

  929. Mike Farwell says:

    1. Firefox (Web Browser)
    2. Gmail (Email service)
    3. Google Reader (RSS Feed Reader)
    4. Motorola Razr (Cellphone)
    5. PlayStation2 (Video Game Console)

  930. Joe says:

    SanDisk Express 2GB
    Motorola Q9c
    Photoshop CS3


  931. Cabezud says:

    Vista media center
    My Movies (DVD library)
    Google Calendar

  932. Andrew Berry says:

    1. Youtube
    2. Myspace
    3. firefox
    4. cell phone
    5. outlook express

  933. Kevin says:

    Palm Centro Phone
    Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    Nintendo Wii
    DiSH Network DVR (Satellite Service)
    Macbook Pro

  934. Dave says:

    1) HTC Mogul (WM6 phone)
    2) RealNetworks Rhapsody (online music service)
    3) Opera 9.5 PPC (makes web browsing usable on the Mogul)
    4) Firefox 3 RC (WAY less memory leaks)
    5) Windows 2000 (the last decent desktop OS to come out of Redmond)

  935. Aaron says:

    1. open-source software
    2. iphone
    3. Rhapsody online music
    4. iTunes
    5. DVR

  936. Matt says:

    1. Packard Bell Easy Note Laptop
    2. Samsung Z5 MP3 Player
    3. Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone
    4. BBC iPlayer
    5. Sony PSP

  937. Eric says:

    1. HP Blackbird 002
    2. i-Phone
    3. i-Tunes
    4. Playstation 3
    5. X-box 360

  938. Samantha says:

    1. Sony Viao
    2. i-Tunes
    3. i-pod
    4. MotoRazr
    5. MySpace

  939. Ruben says:

    Windows Vista Ultimate (OS)
    2Wire Wireless Modem (DSL Modem)
    DVD Burner(Burner of my songs)
    Ares(BitTorrent Downloader)

  940. Stanley says:

    1. Xbox Live on Xbox 360
    2. Windows Live (Messenger, Mail)
    3. Zune (Music Social, Software, and Device)
    4. PlayStation 3
    5. ATT TILT

  941. Number1 says:

    Palm Centro Phone
    Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
    Nintendo Wii
    Direct TV DVR (Satellite Service)
    Macbook Pro

  942. Lance B. says:

    Nintendo Wii (gotta have games!)
    Nintendo DS (games and MP3s with Max Media Dock)
    Winamp (music’s important)
    Mozilla Internet programs (to “stay in touch”)
    Compaq presario 900 (still holding together for all my computing needs)

  943. Phil Nash says:

    1. iPhone (3G *crosses fingers*)
    2. MacBook Pro
    3. Eee PC 901
    4. Sony Ericsson K800i (while I wait to get an iPhone)
    5. iPod Nano (while I wait to get an iPhone)

    Sheesh, looks like I just want an iPhone 😀

  944. Mark McCallon says:

    1. IPhone
    2. IPod Nano
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. ITunes
    5. Google Products (GMail, Reader, Notebook, etc.)

  945. Shanda Minter says:

    1. Apple iPhone
    2. Nintendo Wii
    3. Sony Vaio Laptop (really small screen)
    4. PQ DVD to iPhone Video Converter Suite (favorite movies available anytime!)
    5. uTorrent Bittorent Client

  946. Jeff Hester says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Xbox 360
    3. TiVo
    4. Ancient ThinkPad T40
    5. Flickr

  947. Shawn Acton says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. XBox 360
    3. iPod Nano
    4. fireFox
    5. Dreamweaver

  948. Pam Trader says:

    1. Tivo
    2. Slingbox
    3. Samsung Blackjack Smartphone
    4. HP 2133 Mini Note
    5. iPod (only a 30Gb, but I’m getting antsy for a 160Gb one soon)

  949. Emily Lloyd says:
    Firefox (online file conversion)

  950. Jay Zhang says:

    1. PS2 (Yeah, I know it’s old!)
    2. Samsung YP-T10 (my awesome MP3 player)
    3. Firefox (for browsing the internet! Love those tabs!)
    4. Microsoft Office (for doing my homework)
    5. Gmail (for communicating!)

  951. 1. iPod Nano
    3. kitchen laptop – Sony Vaio – for movies, music, and phone browsing
    4. – for all those movies “not available in your area”
    5. nokia ‘6120 Classic’ – worlds most frustrating phone but i use it cause I have it

  952. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    1. Blackberry Curve (The best Enterprise phone in existance)
    2. Google Reader (Anytime, anywhere RSS feeds? Yes, please)
    3. iPod Classic 160GB (Music, music and more music)
    4. (Excellent tool for tracking personal music listening habits and finding new artists)
    5. Canon EOS 10D Digital SLR (Archiving my adventures one picture at a time)

  953. Ryan says:

    1. Windows Live Hotmail
    2. Meebo Messenger
    3. Sansa mp3 Player
    4. Windows Media Center
    5. Live Mesh

  954. DaveNZ says:

    1. Ubuntu Linux (Desktop and Server OS)
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Google
    4. iPhone

    in approximate order 🙂

  955. Rich says:

    Internet Radio (all)
    Nikon D40
    Google – search, maps, email
    High Speed Internet (cable or Wi-Max)

  956. Vlad says:

    Nokia N95
    Google (search, reader, mail)
    HSDPA mobile internet (with HSUPA)

  957. Kim Hristov says:

    High speed internet
    Ipod for listening to music while working
    excel for doing bookwork
    playstation for keeping the kids happy

  958. John G says:

    Google (mail,docs,analytics)
    Hellotree (family network)
    uTorrent (Bittorrent client)
    LinkedIn (biz network)

  959. James Evans says:

    HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook
    Yahoo Messenger (for live cam and chat with my sister)
    Wordpress (for blogging)
    Mozilla Firefox (for emails and surfing)
    Google (Mail, Analytics, Webmasters Tools, Calendar)

  960. alicekim says:

    Google (mail, search)
    Macbook AIR
    MS Office (word, excel, outlook)
    MS Live messeanger

  961. Yu He says:

    Firefox (very good browser)
    Google (Search, Gmail, Docs, Bookmark)
    Zoho (Notebook, Planner)
    Basecamp (online project management tool from 37signals)

  962. Ben says:

    Firefox (web browser)
    iPod Shuffle (MP3 Player)
    Yahoo Messenger (Instant Messenger)
    Western Digital external hard drive
    Microphone for Yahoo Messenger and other projects.

  963. dzung nguyen says:

    1. iphone
    2. ps3
    3. psp
    4. yahoo messenger
    5. slingbox

  964. Geoff says:

    Apple iPhone
    Nintendo Wii
    Clearwire wireless internet
    Dish HD DVR
    Garmin StreetPilot c550 (GPS + Bluetooth handsfree)

  965. louie says:

    hp tx2110
    sony ericsson cell phone
    rca flat TV
    jvc everio mg 330yahoo messenger

  966. Rugal Shi says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon (Note book)
    2. K790C from Sony Ericsson( Cyber-shot mobile phone, for an effective daily communication and quick share of pictures to internet )
    3. Google ( Search engine, it helps me to find the most useful infors I need)
    4. K5 from Samsung ( mp3 player, splendid design and excellent sound quality)
    5. Firefox ( Web browser, with its plugins it helps me to reach whatever websites I would like to go, this is very, very, very….very useful espec. when I locate in China)

  967. Patrick Winn says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. World of Warcraft
    4. uTorrent
    5. The Internet

  968. fook says:

    1. Windows Live (Messenger, Mail)
    2. XBox 360
    3. IPhone
    4. Skype (VoIP communication)
    5. Mozilla Firefox (web browser)

  969. Chris Morris says:

    1)Phone (I use it all the time for web where ever I am)
    2)Computer (for video production, website development
    3)Photoshop (Sadly it’s fun :p)
    4)Zen Vision:M (mp3/mp4 player)
    5)Yahoo Mail, youtube and google

  970. Mac Riddel says:

    1. USB Drive (to store my mail, passwords, im, files, etc)
    2. Google Calendar w/ RememberTheMilk task plugin & Google Reader (all my news!)
    3. Nikon d40 (for all my digital pics)
    4. Garmin nuvi 350 (I’d get lost w/o it)
    5. T-Mobile Shadow (windows mobile smartphone – love it!)

  971. Shawn says:

    1. Skype
    2. iPod touch
    3. Motorola ic502 (cell phone with PTT)
    4. Wii

  972. Henn says:

    1. iPod/iTunes
    2. Skype
    3. Google Reader
    4. DSLR + Photoshop
    5. uTorrent

  973. J says:

    1. Google Gmail
    2. Google Calendar
    3. Google Reader
    4. Google Web Search
    5. Ubuntu Linux

  974. Jeffa says:

    laptop (hp ultraportable)
    lastfm (acid lounge)

  975. DH says:

    1. iphone
    2. itunes (podcasts – where I get most of my news)
    3. hauppauge TV tuner card for windows media center
    4. google calendar
    5. gmail

  976. Mitchell says:

    1. HTC Advantage X7501 (Windows Mobile phone)
    2. Windows Vista Ultimate (for Media Center!)
    3. Yahoo! Maps
    4. NewsGator Online (RSS feed reader)
    5. Xbox 360

  977. Jesse says:

    1. Wii (great video game system, though not much else)
    2. HawaiianTel (e-mail service)
    3. Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse (works well, charges quickly and easily, and has nifty presentation features for PowerPoints and things.)
    4. Firefox (favorite browser, and the add-ons I’m using are great too.)
    5. Maxtor MaxBlast Image Backup Software (saved my hard drive data at least three times this past year, when various issues with the .NET Framework and some other software I had installed caused a lot of problems on my RAID 0 setup)

  978. Corpus Gray says:

    1. Drobo (The World’s First Storage Robot, a fully automated storage system).
    2. Windows XP Servicepack 3 (With this, XP is 10x faster than Vista).
    3. Sony Ericsson w810i (One of the best Walkman Phones ever!)
    4. HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop PCs.
    5. WordPress (The Best Blogging Tool).

  979. Kat says:

    *Voip clients, like Skype and Ventrillo


    *Google Docs (can’t live without them!)


    *Microsoft Live Mesh

  980. Khaled Sheta M. says:

    1- HP Pavilion HDX Entertainment Notebook.
    2- Sony Ericsson K850i Cyber-shot phone.
    3- Sony α (alpha) DSLR-A350 14MP Camera.
    4- Sony MDR-SA5000 stereo headphones.
    5- Sony’s OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV.

  981. Alexander Spassov says:

    1 – XBOX 360
    2 – (internet radio based on your own listen behaviour)
    3 – PSP Slim
    4 – Apple MacBook
    5 – Google Apps (domain hosting, email hosting and etc for FREE)

  982. Tim Bennett says:

    1. Wii
    3. HP Laptop
    4. Motorola Q for AT&T
    5. Google Documents

  983. Erika J. says:

    1. Samung Blackjack II
    2. Google Documents
    3. Ipod
    4. Garmin 60CX (GPS)
    5. Compaq Presario Notebook

  984. DRATM says:

    1. Sony Ericsson K850i (Five years ago I bought a 5MP Sony camera for close to $1,000. Now you can get a 5MP camera with all the same features in a cell phone for less than half that. Ridiculous.)
    2. Apple products (If not only for their sheer aesthetic beauty, then for their frequent innovation.)
    3. Xbox Live (Listening to 12 year old boys from Wisconsin sing along to Mariah Carey and throw racial slurs like confetti has never been easier.)
    4. BitTorrent (Should go without saying, but there needs to be a #4.)
    5. Asus EeePC (So cute, yet still so functional.)

  985. Jeremy says:

    1. Second Life (I use it for all my business meetings at work!)
    2. Google Apps (all of ’em)
    3. Mozilla Firefox
    4. Pidgin
    5. Sony PRS-505 eBook reader

  986. Melvyn says:

    1. HTC Wizard (most converged device I’ve ever owned)
    2. Plantronics P590A headphones and transmitter – my digital lifestyle is enhanced immeasurably by removing wires from my commute
    3. Many PortableApps from including DittoCp and Firefox allow me to keep my digital lifestyle on-the-move
    4. meebo keeps me connected
    5. Evoluent VerticalMouse2 (alleviates the strain I was building up from using a ‘regular’ mouse)

  987. Nehal says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. iPod Mini
    3. Winamp
    4. Mozilla Firefox
    5. Adobe Photoshop CS2

  988. 1. Nintendo Gameboy Color (That’s all I have)
    2. Mozilla Firefox (I love this browser!! Wohooo!!)
    3. Mozilla Firefox Addon – DownloadHelper
    4. Yahoo Messenger
    5. Adobe Master Collection CS3

  989. Ghada says:

    1. iPod 80GB
    2. PlayStation 2
    3. Nokia N73
    4. Apple Safari Browser
    5. Winamp

  990. K says:

    1. Apple MacBook Pro
    2. iPhone
    3. Apple Aperture (HD Photo Organizer and Processor)
    4. Sony PSP
    5. PlayStation 2

  991. Nehal says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. iPod Touch
    3. iTunes
    4. Firefox
    5. Windows Vista

  992. Anthony says:

    1. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    2. MSN Messenger
    3. Windows Vista
    4. iPod Video Classic
    5. Hotmail

  993. Jaspreet says:

    1. FireFox
    2. Gmail
    3. Google Search engine
    4. YouTube
    5. HP Pavillion Laptop tx1000

  994. ganesh says:

    1. ipod
    2. Cowon jetAudio (for Audio playback)
    3. RSSOwl (RSS|Atom|RDF reader)
    4. RocketDock (Application Launcher)
    5. BSNL (Internet Service Provider, speed upto 2mbps(India) )

  995. Amol says:

    1. Sony PS2
    2. Sony DCR-HC46 Mini DV Camcorder
    3. Canon Powershot A550
    4. Google Reader
    5. BSNL Broadband (Indian ISP)

  996. palma208 says:

    1. Gmail
    2. Firefox
    3. iPod Touch
    5. Buzzword

  997. Anthony says:

    1. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    2. MSN Messenger
    3. iPod Video Classic
    4. Windows Vista
    5. Hotmail

  998. mari says:

    1. Sony PSP
    2. iPod Touch
    3. VeohTV
    4. Google
    5. Paypal

  999. Fowl says:

    Nintendo DS lite
    Windows Live Hotmail/Messenger/Mail
    Firefox 3 RC1
    µTorrent 1.8 beta

  1000. Wii Fit – for nintendo wii
    LG Viewty – phone/handheld
    GMail – web mail
    Windows Vista – OS
    M-Audio Fast Track Ultra – portable sound device

  1001. Swaroop says:

    Sadly wont order these as they are a part of me/my life.

    Google Reader
    Email (I’d not classify this as gmail/hotmail/etc)
    Eclipse IDE

    I’ll promise to replace one from this if i win the Dragon 🙂

    p.s – It’d be great if you could have put a anchor tag to the the comment section at the start of the comments section so that infinite scrolling could’ve been avoided 🙂

  1002. irene says:

    1. Nintendo Wii
    2. Youtube
    3. Nokia N95
    4. Windows Live Messenger
    5. Mozilla Firefox

  1003. HP Notebook
    Adobe AIR

  1004. catherine says:

    1. HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook
    2. Panasonic Lumix TZ5
    3. Google (search, Gmail, GTalk and Picasa)
    4. Sony Ericsson K850i
    5. SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 8GB

  1005. Ravi Chandra says:

    iPod Video 30GB (Music player)
    Nokia N73 (Phone, Camera, Music)
    Orkut (Social Networking)
    YouTube (Video viewing)
    Nikon Coolpix S4 (Photography)

  1006. Adrian says:

    Gmail (webmail)
    Firefox (browser)
    Total Commander (file management)
    C# (programming language)
    Panasonic TZ-5 (digital camera)

  1007. (1) Prism Video Converter – Convert a range of video file formats
    (2) Apple iPod Classic 80 GB
    (3) Canon PowerShot A570IS 7.1MP Digital Camera
    (4) LG Flatron L1952S TFT Monitor
    (5) iCarta Stereo Dock for iPod with Bath Tissue Holder

  1008. Collin says:

    NetBeans IDE
    OpenSolaris (Operating System)
    Amarok (Audio Player)
    Windows Live Messenger
    Netgear WRT54G (Wireless Router)

  1009. Tim says:

    Nintendo DS Lite
    nVidia 8800GT (Gaming; such purdy explosions) (A writer needs to see where he’s going)
    Google Reader (My loyal RSS Reader)

  1010. ssentamu Daniel says:

    iphone 16GB
    Mozilla firefox
    ipod 80GB
    xbox 360

  1011. Tommy says:

    1) Ipod Nano
    2) HP Notebook
    3) Mozilla Firefox
    4) Windows Vista
    5) Playstation 2

  1012. Sapphireslinger says:

    1. Mozilla Firefox (browser)
    2. Evernote Beta (information management)
    3. Gmail (email)
    4. (blogging)
    5. Remember the Milk (task management)

    Wish there was room to add:

    6. (outfit/clothing inspiration)
    7. Ipod touch 32 GB (phone)
    8. HP 2133 Mini-Note (laptop)
    9. Skype (phone software)
    10. (free e-books)
    11. OpenOffice

  1013. Pritam P Hans says:

    1) Laptop
    2) Google Search & Documents
    3) ipod
    4) Picknik (Image Editing)
    5) WordPress

  1014. The Kaptain says:

    * iPod Photo 30BG
    * Google Apps
    * Xbox 360
    * Ubuntu
    * TiVo HD

  1015. DJ Grieb says:

    Ipod ( listening to podcasts in my car)
    Media Center PC ( records my TV shows, so I can skip commercials)
    Portable Apps on USB Stick ( great utilities)
    Laptop ( for catching up on desktop work)
    Blackberry Curve ( great contact and calendar manager)

  1016. Kevin White says:

    Apple iMac (would make the other ones irrelevant without it!)
    Apple iPhone 8GB (… it’s an iPhone.)
    Pentax K100D DSLR camera (take pictures)
    Flickr (show pictures to other people)
    Google Documents (write things that aren’t pictures)

  1017. Phua Chu Jie says:

    1. Apple IPhone
    2. IPod Nano
    3. Youtube
    5. My dell laptop =)

  1018. Brie Sansotta says:

    1. Logitech Harmony One advanced universal remote
    2. Zune
    3. XBOX 360
    4. Sony Ericsson smart cell phone
    5. Wii
    (and search engine!!)

  1019. Gowri Chocckalingam says:

    1. Sony Ericsson P1i
    2. LG LCD TV
    3. Pioneer car audio
    4. hp pavilion desktop pc
    5. LG Microwave oven

  1020. Sherly baby says:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. Yahoo widgets
    3. YouTub