10 mobile apps and services for sharing media

This is a guest post by Aseem Kishore, a technology enthusiast and lead blogger for Online-Tech-Tips.

In my last post on last100, titled ‘Ten mobile apps and services you should definitely check out‘, I listed ten mobile phone applications that enable you to do everything from shop to accessing your PC desktop remotely via a mobile phone.

In this post we take a look at ten more mobile phone apps — this time focusing on those that enable you to share content and various media via a cell phone. While most of these applications will work on just about any modern handset, some also have the added benefit of being optimized for the iPhone.


ShozuShozu is a mobile application for those who love social networking sites. Using Shozu, you can upload pictures and videos to over 30 social networking sites, blogs and photo sharing sites etc. in just one click. You can also subscribe to your friends’ Flickr feeds to get instant access when a friend uploads a new photo.


Kadoink“Send music, voice, & text messages to all of your friends’ phones…all at once” reads the tag line on the Kadoink website. Kadonik basically allows you to post pictures, music, videos, recorded phone calls and text messages to your friends phones or to widgets that can be placed on any website, including social networking sites like MySpace, Bebo etc. You can make instant group calls, group text messages, share music, jokes and lots more. Works with any mobile or land line phone and no downloads are required.


NowThenYou can use NowThen to share pictures back and forth between family and friends on your cell phones for free. You can also automatically broadcast your pictures directly to a website, blog or MySpace profile. Like other services, you can blast pictures and text messages to a bunch of people at once and you can receive regular updates of friends’ posts and picture feeds.


ZybUsing Zyb, you get two useful services for free: backup and sharing. Zyb provides a quick and easy way to not only backup your mobile phone’s data such as contacts and pictures, but also enables you to share events, contacts, pictures and more with friends. You can also connect with other contacts using Zyb directly and to get their updated contact details automatically synced to your phone. It’s an easy way to share anything that’s stored on your phone with others.


FlixWagonFlixWagon enables you to broadcast and share live video recordings from your phone to the web. You can either store the resulting videos on the FlixWagon service itself or post them directly to your own website or blog. You can also share videos with everyone or specific groups of people. The service is still in beta but looks very promising.


CellSpinCellSpin is definitely one of my favorite mobile phone apps for media sharing. It makes it super easy to upload and publish content to YouTube, Facebook, eBay, Flickr, Blogger, Picasa and many more sites from your mobile phone. You can also upload to multiple networks at the same time if you like, such as to your Flickr account and to your own blog. You can send text, photos, video and audio.


TwitxrUsing this nifty little app, you can take an image from your phone, add some text to it, and instantly share it online with others via mobile or PC. The app will automatically post your pictures to Twitter or Facebook, and you can also track friends’ latest picture postings too. It currently only works on the iPhone — support for Nokia and Android mobile phones are on the way.


FringFring is a very cool application that you should definitely check out if you like to talk, chat and share media. You can use Fring as an IM chat service and see all of your contacts from different networks in one list, as well as make “free” calls using your Skype account. You can also use Fring as a file-sharing service to transfer anything on your phone to a friend’s.


ShifdShifd is a service that enables you to share data between your mobile phone, your personal desktop or laptop, or to a website that you can access from anywhere. Using Shifd, you can send an SMS from your mobile phone and it’ll show up on your computer instantly. Or you can access the web site from a friends computer, add a link or some content and it will appear on your mobile phone later on for viewing. It’s an awesome way to transfer data between all of your Internet connected devices.


MobangoA fairly popular site that enables cell phone users to publish, convert and share any user-generated content with friends and family via the web or mobile devices for free. Using Mobango, you have access to thousands of files that have been uploaded and shared by other Mobango users. You can yourself publish videos, pictures, ring tones, software and games from your cell phone. You can also upload content from your computer and convert it into a format that will work on a mobile phone.

These are just a few of the cool mobile phone apps and services that I enjoy using — there are a ton more out there! Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments…

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  1. Adrian says:

    Very interesting list. I work for Mobispine, a mobile RSS reader. We are integrating sharing functions with social networks and tools to share news with friends and this post is full of inspiration!

  2. Pascal says:

    You have listed for mobile users..can any one tell me how these sites embed this facility in their site..i want to give this facility for my media sharing site users..Give resources..

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