Ten mobile apps and services you should definitely check out

This is a guest post by Aseem Kishore, a technology enthusiast and lead blogger for Online-Tech-Tips.

Got an iPhone? What about a Treo? Or maybe you’re in love with your Blackberry? Whatever phone you may have, it’s becoming more and more common to see people with phones that can access the Internet, play video, download music, and do a lot more.

However, most cell phone companies are not necessarily giving you the best software and services for your phone. If you’re looking for some cool mobile phone apps or mobile services that are free and really useful, here are ten worth checking out.


MShopperMShopper is a mobile phone application that lets you quickly find the best bargain deals for any product right from your cell phone. It’s free, very fast, convenient, and can be accessed while you’re window shopping. You can also purchase items once you find a good deal or email the info to a friend.


MosioMosio is a handy mobile app that lets you text any question that you might have from your mobile phone and have it answered by up to four real people (other Mosio members). Just send a text to qna@mosio.com and you’ll get answers back in just a few minutes. There’s nothing to install and it’s completely free. Next time you have a disagreement about a fact while in a bar with friends, whip out the cell phone and send an email to Mosio!


MobicalIf it hasn’t happened to you already, it probably will eventually: something happens to your phone and you lose all of your contacts and calendar info etc. Mobical is a mobile phone service that provides over-the-air mobile data backup and restore. You can store and backup your contacts, calendar, SMSs and notes online. You can even synchronize your data between multiple handsets. Must have a Internet-enabled phone.

Who Called Us

Who Called UsDon’t you just hate it when you get a call on your cell phone and you don’t recognize the number? Happens to me about twice a day! You can use a service called “Who Called Us” to find out the identity of an unlisted number. You can look up those annoying “name unavailable” or “unknown” phone numbers. You can also see how many other people received a call from that number, and help collectively fight phone spam. The site is designed for mobile phones.


SoonrNow this is a cool mobile phone app! It’s a free application that lets you access your home or office computer remotely using your mobile phone. You can search for files, view documents, view pictures, play videos, access your email, and lots more right from the phone! You can even run Skype remotely and make free or low cost International calls.


ScannrScanR is a mobile web service that helps you capture paper documents or whiteboards using your mobile phone camera, convert it into a digitized format, and then store it online, email it, or fax it to anywhere in the world. It is kind of like an OCR application in that it will take a picture of a document and try to convert it into a properly formatted document. It even has a Facebook application that you can use to share lecture notes with friends. Pretty cool!


TeleFlipTeleFlip is a free service that lets you auto-forward your emails to a cell phone as text messages. There is no software that needs to be installed and no new email account you have to create. You can even reply to your emails from your cell phone and control which emails get forwarded to you so that your Inbox is not flooded with junk!


JanglJangl is a service that lets you send free voicemails to any mobile phone via email. But the coolest part is not the text to speech synthesizer but the fact that Jangl provides a local number for the message recipient to call you back, without sharing your real phone number. The recipient can call you back and only pay local calling fees even if they are in another part of the world.


PingerPinger lets you send free voice message to any mobile phone. Don’t you wish you could tell someone something without having to actually talk to them? 🙂 Maybe you just need to tell your husband to pick up the kids at 3 or your hair dresser that you can’t make it. If you want to skip out on the conversation aspect and just leave a pertinent voice message, check out Pinger. You can even send a voice message to a group of people at once and you can access all of your messages and contact online.


ViigoViigo is a mobile phone application that allows you to access a wide array of web content and services on your cell phone. It’s a mobile service of lots of services, including local weather, latest news, latest sports scores, local events, your favorite RSS feeds, and a whole lot more! The best thing about Viigo is that you can subscribe to RSS feeds and read feed items optimized for your mobile. You can also get traffic updates and track packages.

These are just a few of the mobile phone apps and services that I enjoy using; there are a ton more out there. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments. Enjoy!

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    http://www.bywifi.com is another good mobile website. It provides mobile transcoding of videos and web pages for mobile devices. I always download youtube movies and read web pages with it.

  2. Faisal Riaz says:

    As everything is becoming accessible through mobile, many companies are pushing new services to customers. Will customer be able to handle this growing clutter? I doubt.

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