Weekly wrapup, 25 – 29 June 2007

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Top digital lifestyle news

This week kicked off with news that Internet TV producer, Revision3, has raised a further $8million of funding, bringing their total investment to $9 million. Revision3 concentrates on producing niche online video content such as the geek news show, Diggnation, and the cooking series, ‘Ctrl-Alt-Chicken’. The company’s founders include Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson, the same team behind the hugely popular social news site, Digg.com.

We also reported on the National Day of Silence, involving thousands of US-based webcasters going silent for a day in a unified effort to draw attention to the Copyright Board’s pending 300% Internet radio royalty hike — also noting Last.fm’s absence.

Other news included the beta version of RealPlayer 11 now being available for download, the BBC’s iPlayer TV catch-up service coming under criticism from open-source advocates because of its use of Windows DRM technology, and a report claiming that YouTube represents 10% of all North American Internet traffic.


In a post titled ‘Five resources to create a Wii media center‘ we looked at a number of software downloads and websites that can help turn Nintendo’s latest console into a media center of sorts.

Our second feature this week looked at the Neuros OSD, a media center set-top-box based on open-source firmware, meaning that anybody is free to write add-ons that extend the device’s functionality. We noted that this is a very different approach to closed systems such as the AppleTV, XBox 360, PS3, and products from Netgear.

Finally, we looked at Vuze, an application for Mac or PC that allows users to search, browse, and download ‘near DVD’ and HD quality video content, using the peer-to-peer protocol, BitTorrent. In particular the company is pitching the platform as a way for independent video and film producers to distribute their content to millions of users — at no cost — and with a higher picture quality than other competing services.

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