Weekly wrapup: NFL on-demand, YouTube HD, Gphone hands-on, iPlayer mobile and more

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Internet TV

Watch every NFL game streamed online, on-demand and ad-free

No longer content with leaving money on the table, the National Football League today launched a new on-demand Internet TV service called Game Rewind that enables fans to “watch every NFL game in HD quality, with no commercials.”

Netgear bringing YouTube HD to a High Def TV near you

A new set-top box from Netgear that, amongst other features, can stream YouTube HD content directly to a high definition television.

TiVo gets its Netflix fix

The roll out of TiVo’s support for Netflix’s ‘Watch Instantly’ Internet TV service is now complete. TiVo Series 3, HD, and HD XL subscribers who also partake in an unlimited Netflix plan are able to stream a wide variety of video content at no additional cost.

Video: Blockbuster’s set-top box in action

The newly launched HackingBlockbuster has published a short video walk-through of the Blockbuster set-top box in action (see our pevious coverage). One shortcoming mentioned in HackingBlockbuster’s accompanying review is the scalability of the set-top box’s UI for finding and renting movies.


BBC iPlayer on more handsets

It’s getting hard to keep up, with the BBC rolling out new versions of its UK-only seven day Internet TV catch-up service on what feels like an almost monthly basis. This time iPlayer support has been added to a whole bunch of recently released mobile phones.

iPhone remote control app for VLC Media Player

VLC Remote, as the name suggests, is another remote control app for the iPhone and iPod touch, this time for the wildly popular VLC Media Player.

Sony Ericsson dumping Windows Mobile for Android-powered Xperia?

The Open Handset Alliance (OHA), the industry consortium setup to oversee and lend support to the Google-led Android mobile operating system, has added 14 new members. The most notable of which is Sony Ericsson, who have reportedly confirmed that a new high end device powered by Android will be released next year.

Hands-on: G1’s Android web browser rocks

If the mobile browser is more important than the operating system, then Android has it covered.

G1’s Android Market does a good job of copying the iPhone App Store

While attracting developers is easier said than done, creating an App Store equivalent, especially in hindsight, should be a no brainer. Having spent nearly a week with the T-Mobile G1 — the so-called GPhone — I’m glad to report that Google has done a good job replicating the iPhone experience with the Android Market.

That’s a wrap. Thanks for reading.

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  1. J.T. Malloy says:

    That’s awesome that you can now get all the NFL games online. Having Time/Warner, I can’t even get NFL Network. Basically, whenever I want to watch anything football related, I have to leave the house to do so. I am definitely buying this thing when it comes out.

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