Zatz Not Funny: Android set-top box, 3 iPad questions, Google headed to DISH

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Return of the Android set-top box

Dave Zatz: As it turns out, it does look like Google aims to conquer the television with a dedicated offering. And why wouldn’t they take their open source platform and ad serving business to a larger screen?

Three Apple iPad questions

Dave Zatz: Computerworld put together a list of 15 iPad mysteries, some now answered, but they failed to address my three biggies. Keeping in mind this will be a shared device.

Bigger than a smartphone, smaller than a laptop

Mari Silbey: Do we need another device to add to our smartphone and laptop arsenal? Maybe, maybe not, but there are now a gazillion gadgets trying to squeeze into that middle window.

Google headed to DISH set tops

Dave Zatz: Seems the blogosphere got itself into a bit of a lather upon learning DISH and Google were collaborating on set-top box functionality, including search and YouTube video. But anyone who follows DISH/EchoStar shouldn’t be entirely surprised…

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