ZNF: Samsung Galaxy S review, iPhone 4 antenna fix, Sonos on Android, 3 iPad games

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Resolving the iPhone 4 Antenna Problem

Dave Zatz: Late last week, Steve Jobs cut his Hawaiian vacation short so that he could respond to iPhone 4 reception concerns with a press conference. The takeaway seems to be that most smartphones suffer degraded network performance when held in specific ways, but the issue is overblown in real world usage.

Hands On with the Samsung Galaxy S

Dave Zatz: Samsung’s making a splash with their new, high-end line of Android ”Galaxy S” handsets. And while they’ve already launched overseas, the US variants with custom enclosures and functionality, start rolling out today.

The Unofficial Android Sonos Controller

Dave Zatz: Since receiving a Samsung Galaxy S review unit, with remarkable super AMOLED display, I’ve been loading up on all sorts of Android apps. Of course, Slacker, Twitter, and SlingPlayer were some obvious first stops. But I suspect there’s a number of folks who don’t realize there’s an unofficial Sonos controller app floating around out there.

3 Household iPad Game Favorites

Mari Silbey: After three months on the market, the iPad has started to build up a decent range of games designed specifically for the tablet’s ten-inch screen.

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