Zatz Not Funny: Joost on TV, TiVo spam, Griffin RoadTrip review and more

A periodic roundup of relevant news from our friends at Zatz Not Funny

DivX Connected brings Joost to TV

Dave Zatz: It’s been well over a year since DivX and Joost discussed the possibility of bringing Joost content to the television. And suddenly, with no fanfare at all, a DivX Connected plug-in has appeared.

New solar laptop bag a step in the right direction, but…

Mari Silbey: Voltaic Systems has just announced a new computer bag – the Generator – designed to charge a laptop computer solely with stored energy from the sun’s rays.

Hands on with Griffin RoadTrip

Dave Zatz: Over the years, I’ve owned several iPods. And along with them, several car charging solutions and/or car mounts. They’ve run the gamut from a low-tech cup holder to higher end solutions from Monster and Belkin. But my new favorite, by a long shot, is the latest iteration of the Griffin RoadTrip.

TiVo spam machine revs engines

Dave Zatz: In case the TiVo Central banners, Now Playing List banners, Music & Photos menu banners, banners after recordings, and commercial button overlays weren’t enough, TiVo’s now pitching ads that render while programming is paused.

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