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Adobe Media Player launches – does the world need another Internet TV app?

Today, Adobe launched version 1.0 of its new desktop Internet TV application.

Adobe Media Player launches - does the world need another Internet TV app?The Adobe Media Player (AMP), built using the company’s Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) — a cross-platform technology designed to bring web-based applications to the desktop — is an aggregator and media player that enables users to subscribe to, download and playback Flash-based video. Included in the application is a directory of content provided by Adobe’s partners, including CBS, MTV Networks, Universal Music Group, PBS, CondéNet, and Scripps Networks or, alternatively, users can add content from any Flash/MPEG4 video source that provides an RSS feed. In this respect, AMP can be compared to the video podcast functionality of Apple’s iTunes or the open source Miro. However, neither iTunes or Miro (or even VeohTV, which features similar functionality) offer a way for providers to monetize their content through advertising. This is where the Adobe Media Player is attempting to fill a void.

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Review: SyncTV offers more hope than promise

Review of SyncTVA new on-demand Internet TV service, SyncTV (see our previous coverage), aims to challenge the cable television industry by offering the a la carte model — only pay for the channels or shows you watch — that customers crave, but which the cable operators refuse to offer.

At least that’s what the San Jose-based startup says publicly.

However, after playing with the service today (currently in private Beta) and learning more about SyncTV’s technology, I suspect a target much closer to home: Apple’s iTunes, along with the many other Internet TV offerings that make it difficult, if not impossible, for consumer electronics manufactures (CEMs) to build devices — set-top boxes, Internet-connected televisions and portable media players — that can download and playback content from their service.

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