More Nokia tablet rumors, and what's this? MeeGo for touch

Another day, another rumor of Nokia’s next-generation Internet tablet.

This time from Digitimes, which pegs the device at 7-9 inches, based on an ARM chip and running the Nokia/Intel MeeGo OS.

Yes, that’s right, not a version of Windows 7, despite Nokia’s increasingly cozy relationship with Microsoft and its track record with the Booklet 3G netbook (see first impressions).

See also: Nokia said to be readying iPad competitor – Windows or MeeGo anyone?

And low and behold, on the same day as the report, MeeGo shows off a multi touch-friendly version of the Linux-based OS, which looks quite promising.

It very much borrows from the smartphone ‘home screen’ approach that we first saw in Moblin – remember MeeGo is Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo merged – with lots of aggregating of content and tie-ins with social networking updates, media and messaging. Alternatively, there’s a simpler or iPad-esque UI mode with a traditional grid of icons.

There’s also the now compulsory app store – dubbed the AppUp Store – so that MeeGo apps can be browsed, purchased (?) and installed.

See the video after the jump…

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