Zatz Not Funny: 5 suggestions for Roku, Netflix coming to iPhone and Wii?, Of course Apple’s anti-competitive, and more

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What’s next for Roku? 5 suggestions

Dave Zatz: At $99 the Roku’s in impulse purchase territory – it’s hard to go wrong. Having said that, as an owner and a guy who follows this space, I’ve got a few suggestions for the Roku team (and their partners). Enable some of these, and I’ll pick up a box for every room.

Netflix Streaming to iPhone & Wii?

Dave Zatz: We’ve seen the Wii pop up as a potential Netflix streaming video destination on a few occasions – what we don’t know is the period of gaming platform exclusivity Microsoft currently enjoys with the Xbox 360.

Of course Apple’s anti-competitive

Dave Zatz: Of course Apple’s anti-competitive. They’re savvy business people, protecting their turf. But, are they (or AT&T) breaking any laws with the iPhone app “approval” process? The Wall Street Journal reports that the FCC’s launched an inquiry with letters out to Apple, Google, and AT&T.

TiVo enables custom Video Podcast feeds

Dave Zatz: I know I’m not the only one who’s been holding out for this… TiVo has enabled us Series3/HD owners to specify custom video podcast RSS feeds which aren’t found in their (growing) directory of web video.

Congrats to Vudu, lands on HDTVs

Dave Zatz: Despite sluggish hardware sales, two rounds of layoffs, and flirting with disaster, a shift in strategy along with a rumored cash infusion, Vudu has landed some interesting licensing deals. It looks like LG HDTVs will be the first to stream Vudu video on demand.

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