Zatz Not Funny: Kindle 2, Media Extenders, Netflix and Win Mob

A periodic roundup of relevant news from our friends at Zatz Not Funny

The Amazon Kindle 2

Dave Zatz: After months of leaks, speculation, and zero inventory, Amazon’s second generation e-reader has arrived.

The week in media extenders

Dave Zatz: With improving sales and increased consumer awareness of network-sourced content, perhaps AppleTV will graduate from “hobby” status later this year. At the very least, Apple’s showing a bit of life around this initiative by distributing a customer survey.

Netflix Queue Manager for Windows Mobile

Dave Zatz: CES is a huge event, so it’s no surprise we might have overlooked a few hidden gems… such as the Mobile Manager for Netflix demo-ed at CntrStg. As you might expect, given the app’s name, Mobile Manager for Netflix allows you to manage your queue(s) and see the discs you have at home.

Archerfish brings video analysis to Placeshifting

Dave Zatz: One of the most frequent requests I received while employed by Sling Media came from small businesses and higher-end home owners looking for more enterprise-esque video monitoring with placeshifting features, but at reasonable prices. While Sling hasn’t yet acted on this demand, video analytics firm Cernium answers the call next week with the release of Archerfish.

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