MySpace Music is reportedly set to launch in September as music store, subscription service

TechCrunch noted today that MySpace’s music store will launch in September with three of the four major labels providing content. The lone holdout, EMI, is expected to give in soon.

Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace, told TechCrunch co-editor Erick Schonfeld that MySpace Music will be a music store and subscription service, with unlimited playbacks of full tracks for free.

DeWolfe said the revenue model will be advertising and paid downloads. Advertisers are reportedly lining up.

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MySpace Music first surfaced in March when Sony BMG and Warner were close to signing deals. Universal entered the picture in April, but this is the first time that a launch date has been discussed.

It’s interesting to see how important music is to MySpace, which hosts pages for five million artists. Sixty-five percent of MySpace users embed music on their pages and more than five billion songs are streamed on MySpace monthly.

Music, undoubtedly, will be a growth business for MySpace.

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  1. Tina Acouri says:

    The indie artist is left out, Myspace got in Bed with the majors so they can get the content. The Indie artist needs to do things themselves and sell and promote there music independently with all the opportunities out there. And this is not only for artist but also for producers and beatmakers. Producers are selling there beats on sites like and any artist can now get beats quality for a reasnable price, that before they could not as the Major labels owned them.

    Myspace had a great thing going but they sold out long ago, letting plays get inflated, kissing up to the majors and throwing the indie artist to the side, even though Indies made myspace

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