BBC Worldwide adds MySpaceTV channel

bbcworldwideThe BBC Worldwide is bringing short video clips from programs such as “Doctor Who”, “Red Dwarf”, and “The Mighty Boosh” to MySpaceTV.

The deal brings current and archived video content from BBC Worldwide programs to a MySpaceTV channel. The programming is available globally. As Mashable notes — and we must agree — the BBC site on MySpaceTV looks great. It’s more BBC than MySpace.

bbc worldwide on myspacetvJeff Berman, an executive vice president and marketing and content of MySpace, told Reuters the deal involves ad revenue sharing but gave no other specifics. MySpaceTV, launched in June 2007, also features “LonelyGirl15”, “Roommates,” and “Prom Queen.”

Signing BBC Worldwide is significant, Mashable says, because “it solidifies the increasing value of MySpace’s online video hub, which (MySpace owner) News Corp. is beginning to leverage for a variety of purposes; promotional, distributive and otherwise.”

It also gives MySpaceTV an air of, well, respectability. For every National Geographic channel on MySpaceTV, there’s “Nuts”, “Ripe TV”, “CelebTV”, and the “Atomic Wedgie.

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