Weekly wrapup, 23 – 27 July 2007

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Top digital lifestyle news

Joost co-founder, Niklas Zennström, revealed that the Internet TV service now has one million Beta testers, and is on track to fully launch by the end of the year. Speaking at a Skype press event, Zennström also acknowledged the challenge of scaling the peer-to-peer video platform, and stressed that the company’s main priority was ease-of-use.

The UK-based 24-hour news channel, Sky News, has announced that European viewers will now be able to access its content on the ‘pay-as-you-go’ Internet TV service, Jalipo (see our review). The News Corp-owned channel joins other news organizations including BBC World, EuroNews and Al Jazeera, who have all struck up partnerships with the web-based Internet TV service, since it launched earlier this year.

Sony Europe and News Corp-owned Sky have announced the formation of a Joint Venture company which will deliver video-on-demand content to PlayStation Portable (PSP) owners in the UK and Ireland.

Xbox 360 news from Comic-Con 2007: Microsoft announced that it will lower the price of the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player to $179 on August 1st, a drop of $20. Additionally, anyone who purchases a player before September 30th will receive five free HD DVD movies. The company also unveiled new exclusive content for the Xbox Live Marketplace.


This week was unofficially iPhone-week here on last100. In a four-part series, Dan kicked off by asking ‘Is the iPhone the most emotional product of all time?‘, and followed up with an in-depth review of the iPhone — one month in. Next we looked at the range of iPhone resources available on the web: blogs, reviews, applications, and iPhone-related podcasts. And finally, Dan explored the impact Apple’s iPhone could have on the U.S. mobile phone industry.

Guest writer, Ryan Jarret, wrote a great post exploring Internet TV offerings from the five major broadcasters in the UK: BBC, iTV, Channel 4, Five, and Sky.

In a post titled ‘Five Microsoft “digital lifestyle” flops, and why they failed‘, we took a look at five Microsoft products that never lived up to the hype, including a toy called ‘Interactive Barney’! and Bill Gates’ much touted ‘digital home’.

And finally, we posted a quick recap of the Internet TV applications we’ve profiled so far in a post titled ‘8 Internet TV apps in 8 weeks‘.

Video show of the week

This week we reviewed “Ask a Ninja”, the clever award-winning (YouTube’s best series of 2006) creation of two Los Angeles improvisational comedians, Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine. Sarine is the man in the Ninja mask and assassin attire who karate-chops his way through an email-a-show question from viewers on subjects such as Ninja training, Ninja skills, Ninja love, how to kill a ninja, Ninja recipes, and non-ninja subjects like podcasting, Net Neutrality, Pop!Tech, and reviews of the movies “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” and “Blades of Glory.”

That’s a wrap. Enjoy the weekend!

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