Joost 'opens' to the public — full review

JoostJoost, the much hyped online TV service from the founders of Skype, has begun opening its doors to the public. Though you can’t sign up through the company’s website, current Beta testers now have an unlimited number of invites to send to friends, so that it shouldn’t take long before anybody who wants to try out the service, can.

What is Joost?

Claiming to combine the best of TV with the best of the net, Joost is an on-demand video service that utilizes P2P technology to deliver a TV-like experience on a PC. In this respect, think of it as cable television without the need for a set-top-box. Additional functionality is provided through a number of built-in applications (called ‘widgets’) which include a channel-based chat room, an IM client (currently GTalk and Jabber only), and an RSS-based news ticker.

Picture quality

Let’s cut to the chase: picture quality is watch-able but could be better. I’d describe it as near-broadcast quality, coming close to some of the lower bit-rate channels found on digital television. When viewing Joost on a computer monitor the temptation is to sit fairly close, resulting in any compression artifacts being that bit more noticeable, especially in full screen mode.

Joost picture quality

However, when I tested Joost on my living room TV (a 23 inch LCD connected to a Mac mini) sitting much further away, picture quality was less of an issue. Having said that, Joost’s interface isn’t really well designed to be operated from such a distance (see below).


To keep with the TV-like experience, Joost by default runs in fullscreen mode and the main controls remain hidden until you mouse-over them. On the right hand side is the ‘My Channels’ button which takes you to the channel guide, and on the left is ‘My Joost’ where you can access widgets, and change any preferences (including setting a pin for adult-only access). The video controls appear at the bottom of the screen and are similar to those found on a DVD player (play, pause, skip etc), with the additional of a ‘stand by’ button which when clicked shrinks the picture down to a tiny dot before minimizing the application.

Joost controls

Although the interface is slick, a few things slightly bother me. Firstly, a number of the controls are of the ‘mystery meat’ variety, meaning that you can’t be sure of what they do until you mouse-over them. Obviously, prolonged use will bring with it familiarity, but until then, I experienced a fair bit of aimless mouse action. Secondly, and perhaps more crucially, the interface doesn’t scale too well as you move further away from the screen. While I was delighted to find that Joost is compatible with the Apple remote, from my normal viewing position it’s nearly impossible to read some of the on-screen text (including the channel guide), and there doesn’t appear to be an option to increase font size.


With the initial release of Joost’s Beta, the available content was sparse to say the least. But ramping up to its public release there doesn’t seemed to have been a month gone by without the company announcing yet another new content partner; big names signed up include: MTV, Comedy Central, CNN, Sony Pictures television, CBS, and National Geographic. Additionally, there’s a fair bit of indie content; a personal favorite is ‘IndieFlix’, which shows full length independent films. Looking through the growing list of channels it’s clear that Joost will soon have something for everyone — as long as you live in the US, that is. Joost is built using 21st century technology, but still exists in a world of 20th century licensing, resulting in lots of content not being available to viewers outside of North America.

Regional licensing aside, it’s still impressive that Joost has been able to get so many of the big studios to sign up, along with big brand advertisers. To pull these deals off, Joost has successfully positioned itself as the copyright friendly Internet TV service, where content is locked down so that it can’t easily be pirated. This is in contrast to video sharing sites like YouTube.

Non-TV features

Joost chat roomAs already mentioned, Joost utilizes widgets to provide additional functionality, the most noticeable of which is a channel-based chat room. The idea is to allow viewers to talk to each other in real-time while watching the same channel. In testing there was rarely anybody watching the same channel as me, so it was hard to get a feel for how – as more users join – this will add to the Joost experience. As with the chatroom, any of the widgets (clock, news ticker, IM client etc) has the option of being ‘pinned’ to the screen so that is constantly available, even when watching full screen video.


Joost is an impressive entry into the world of Internet TV. Its peer-to-peer technology not only lowers the cost of distribution for content owners, but also does it in a way that appears to solve the piracy problem. That said, picture quality could be better, and the license restrictions on content seriously impedes users (like me) who reside outside of the US. Overall, Joost is a welcome addition to the digital home, but I wouldn’t cancel your cable subscription just yet.

last100 is edited by Steve O'Hear. Aside from founding last100, Steve is co-founder and CEO of Beepl and a freelance journalist who has written for numerous publications, including TechCrunch, The Guardian, ZDNet, ReadWriteWeb and Macworld, and also wrote and directed the Silicon Valley documentary, In Search of the Valley. See his full profile and disclosure of his industry affiliations.

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  1. […] top article on our launch day is a full review of Joost, the much hyped online TV service from the founders of Skype. last100 is also currently running a […]

  2. […] top article on our launch day is a full review of Joost, the much hyped online TV service from the founders of Skype. last100 is also currently running a […]

  3. thefat says:

    I am not a member of joost yet (no invite or friends), but from that screen shot I must say that it looks to be exactly how I expected it. I bet the quality will improve nonetheless. It is still looking like a great service.

    FEEDBACK: When viewing in Firefox 2, the text for the above comments do not flow correctly. Other than that, things are looking good in this blog.

  4. jared l. says:

    heya thefat!

    go here and request for an invite today:

    joost is consider fairly good as long as you have a stable connection to the web. else, the jerkiness will put you off sometimes..

  5. smp says:

    As a Joost user from outside the US, I think the choice of content leaves a lot to be desired. While some of the lower profile stuff looks interesting (Atlantis Sci-Fi, IndiFlix, the massive amount of music channels), there’s very little, if any, “mainstream” content.

    National Geographic, Warner Bros and other “big name” content producers appear to be North America only, which I think will work against Joost in the short to medium term.

    As for picture quality, it’s okay. Not great, but from a technical point of view, I’m impressed with it. I generally watch it (when I can be bothered to watch it at all) on my laptop on the kitchen table while I’m cooking in the kitchen, with a viewing distance of about 3-5 metres. Artefacts aren’t very noticeable and the stream is generally smooth.

    I’m watching and waiting.

  6. Hi, I am not I Joost user, but would like to get an invitation. Thank you… Interesting post

  7. fiend says:

    Well “open” is the right word, but joost has 2 advantages that the other online video or broadcasting sites/software don’t have, a stable p2p platform (backed up by a strong non-p2p network) and the licensing, the rest of the stuff is just like skype or kazza, its a mater of refining with time and experience, but those 2 are big advantages that no one is right now in a position to compete, i can see in the future, pay-per-views, exclusive channels (like the “friends” channel or “seinfeld” channel), so the future seems bright for joost.

    As a side note, were i live, it’s way easier to get broadband internet than cable tv ^^

    (ohh and a invite would be nice as well ^^)

  8. Moojj says:

    Gimme gimme gimme!

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  10. Meredith says:

    Yeah looks very interesting..i’m not going to cancel my cable package just yet but it certainly looks as if it’s the way forward – send me an invite please !

  11. Steffen says:

    The content restriction for people living outside the US is annoying… but maybe that will change over time – I sure hope it will.

  12. Tony Maffuccio says:

    Wanted to try it for a long time. Signed up for beta on windows and mac platforms. Maybe they thought i was being a wise-guy.

  13. Alexis says:

    What is available for non-US citizens ? I’m from France, is there any interest in Joost ? Are there French TV shows ?

    PS: an invite would be great, thanks !

  14. ShoX says:

    would you be so kind to give me an invitation?
    Didn´t manage till now to gather one


  15. p0ps blog says:

    Joost – Complete Review …

    Here’s a complete look at the popular online TV service from the founders of Skype. Not only that, but if you haven’t already gotten one, you can get an invite from more | digg story…

  16. Ants says:

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  19. Michael says:

    By far the most exciting thing about Joost is the magnitude of it’s content partnerships. While there may be quality and UI issues, these can be improved over time. Until now, the most significant factor in hindering the growth of internet TV has been the fragmentation of content owners and therefore the inability of platforms to pull them together legally. Joost looks like it will be the first to be get this right.

    Invite me, pretty please!!!

  20. Pierre Far says:

    Great blog. Followed a link from R/WW.

    Any chance of a Joost invite please? Cheers!


  21. Cris says:

    Here’s another Joost review with more screenshots and a look at some of the content.

  22. carlos says:

    Seems like a very unique offering. I wonder what the business model will be in the future for it…

    ps-any invites?

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  26. Toby says:

    I’ve been wanting to check joost out for some time now. I hope it provides enough quality content that i can tell the cable/sattelite providers to take a hike, get an hd antenna for local channels and call it a day. An invite would be terrific.


  27. Barney says:


    I’ve known about Joost for a while and would love an invite too!

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    Looks good, can’t wait to try it out.
    Could I have an invite, please? Thanks!!

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    Just got here from Readwriteweb, looks interesting!

    Additionally, i am also interested in an invite. Even if there is no Linux-client..

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  34. JP says:

    If only the programming were HD….[sigh]…may I have an invite to see?

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    Clemente Hernandez

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    terrific Review. R/R web is the only blog I read evryday and now this is really cool!

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  48. Wow – good review. Even though I analysed these features, Way its been express in blog is good.

  49. Steve Crowley says:

    Looking forward to the potential of Joost. Would love an invite. Thanks

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    Congratulations to you guys (Last100) on your launch. I look forward to hearing your perspecives.

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    I could do with a less-than-perfect picture. Jerkiness? No.

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    Not sure to what extent Joost could pull me away from regular TV (and the stuff I get from the Internet anyway), but I would sure like to have a go and see. May I please have an invite? 🙂

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    It seems cable companies business model is runnnig out of time… but so far, the stock exchange hasn,t noticed yet

    May I please have an invite? 🙂

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    I’m catching up with the invites! Thanks for stopping by everyone 🙂

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  127. Chuck says:

    What is the business model here? Advertising? Same as Skype?

  128. Mark says:

    Looks interesting indeed. My concerns are cost and security.

    P2P technologies are notorious for distributing spam, spyware, trojan horses, keyloggers, etc. Just look at the bad track record of kaazaa, limewire, etc. I know somebody who used limewire and he got so much malware on his computer (despite all the antivirus, anti-spyware, firewalls, etc he had) the only way to fix it was to spend many hours reformatting the hard drive, reinstalling windows and installing & configuring all the different programs, minus limewire.

    The joost site says it is free, but is that going to be permanent, or only during the beta phase? It says the P2P technology lowers the cost of distribution, so if it costs companies to distribute, then there must be a charge to cover that cost, no?

    Over time, I hope that issues like these will be resolved and the service will gradually improve.

    Send my an invitation please!

  129. Jove says:

    Hi, i would like an invite to Joost please.

    The business model is a good question. Does it have ads on it? Will it be pay-per-view?

    The main problem I see with these kind of internet TV services is that I also have to pay my ISP for the priviledge of paying for the content itself (or to watch the ads).

    And all this, because ISPs do not seem to be willing to roll out well established technologies like IGMP to enable multicasting. Running IGMP proxies on their routers would reduce the bandwidth usage for ISPs drastically (as the traffic would only be duplicated when necessary, not at the source).

    Perhaps we should look more to the router and networking hardware industry for the reasons why these technologies are not adapted.

  130. Rodrigo says:

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    Too bad that’s out of reach for the average joe.

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  150. […] Our verdict: Joost is an impressive entry into the world of Internet TV. Its peer-to-peer technology not only lowers the cost of distribution for content owners, but also does it in a way that appears to solve the piracy problem. That said, picture quality could be better, and the license restrictions on content seriously impedes users who reside outside of the US. […]

  151. […] Our verdict: Joost is an impressive entry into the world of Internet TV. Its peer-to-peer technology not only lowers the cost of distribution for content owners, but also does it in a way that appears to solve the piracy problem. That said, picture quality could be better, and the license restrictions on content seriously impedes users who reside outside of the US. […]

  152. […] Joost co-founder, Niklas Zennström, has revealed that the Internet TV service now has one million Beta testers, and is on track to fully launch by the end of the year. Speaking at a Skype press event, Zennström also acknowledged the challenge of scaling the peer-to-peer video platform, and stressed that the company’s main priority was ease-of-use. […]

  153. […] Internetová televize, které slibuje propojit to nejlepší z obou světů, otevřela své brány pro širokou veřejnost. Záleží na úhlu pohledu. Na webu Joostu zatím žádný registrační formulář nenajdete. Beta testeři ale dostali neomezený počet pozvánek, zdá se tedy, že po nedávném navýšení kapitálu se jedná pouze o promyšlený marketingový trik. Zdroj: last100 […]

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