Poll: Can Skype replace your landline?

IPEVO skype handsetSkype has been my Instant Messenger of choice for quite some time, and ever since purchasing a proper Skype handset (see picture) I’ve used it more and more for voice calls. In my experience it leaves iChat’s audio quality in the dust. Where Skype has really impressed me is in its ability to patch in regular land line and mobile phone calls whilst holding a conference. For me it’s become a critical business tool — although I do still maintain a traditional landline.

Others I know have been brave enough to dump their landline completely, opting to use a SkypeIn number instead — only to regret the decision. Having to ask a client to call you back in the hope that you’ll get a better peer-to-peer connection is, to say the least, a little embarrassing.

What’s your experience with Skype? Take our poll, and let us know more in the comments.


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20 Responses to “Poll: Can Skype replace your landline?”

  1. Moojj says:

    I tried replacing my landline with Skype and, I’m sorry to say, it was a failure.

    When my net went down I couldn’t be reached and at other times I couldn’t even make outgoing calls.

    Also, for some odd reason, when I picked up the phone I needed to wait a few seconds before talking, otherwise noone would hear me.

  2. Andray says:

    Just wondering, where did you get the ajax poll widget for wordpress, actually a really net one? 😉

  3. amer says:

    Whether any of these new services can replace a traditional line is the 64 million dollar question. Skype may not have all the answers but using a combo of services you can get rid of your POTS line and save money. I was able to do this after reading this post:


  4. ShoX says:

    Sure Skype is a very neat tool, especially for communicating to people familiar with basics of internet, but I would not rely on it. Definitely I would not kick my phone-number in favour of skype, even if the only reason is I will be found in the phonebook.


  5. Steve O'Hear (editor) says:


    The poll widget comes from wordpress.org


    – Steve

  6. Andrew says:

    Strictly speaking, the poll thing is a plugin, rather than a widget. The things that WP calls widgets go in the sidebar.
    Anyway, excellent decision to go with WordPress. I’m not sure whether it was Richard’s or Steve’s decision.

  7. I’ve tried replacing the landlin with Skype via several methods…
    – running the client on the PC
    – using a Linksys iPhone
    – using a Belkin Skype phone
    – using an SMC Skype phone and running a Fonera gateway
    … all of them suck
    Sadly the problem isn’t quality of the calls, it’s the client software on the phones. It does a very poor job on maintaining a connection to the cloud.
    For good measure the usability is badly thought out – call volume is low, but system noises (dialing, error, disconnect) get spewed out of the handset at max volume so really adds insult to injury.
    And don’t ever try to do touch-tone navigation of an IVR system…. it’s not very good at that either.

    Currently we’re running the Fonera solution even though the SMC handset that comes with it can’t even consistantly connect to te public AP let alone the private AP.

    If these guys could only apply some real polish to the offering then they’d have a winner on their hands – simple, straight forward and cost effective…. sadly it appears that once the product is out the door they don’t really care if it works (customer support for Linksys, Belkin and SMC have all been low in actual care though polite)

  8. fluencev says:

    i have used the socalled skype for three or four times.
    i like it
    but people around me donot like it .a lot of friends of mine never heard this word “skype”
    so it is a fuuny thing that i use the tool call with myself!

  9. […] It is becoming harder and harder to avoid Skype. I uninstalled it after a week of getting nothing done and vowed to avoid it at all costs. However, recently a lot business contacts have been asking for my Skype address, leading to the decision that next week I will again give into temptation and see if I am disciplined enough to still get anything done. Last 100 has recently conducted a poll to see if Skype could replace their landline for business calls. […]

  10. Mark says:

    Moojj – the few seconds delay would be due to you having too many programs running which rely on packets of data running through your ports. Things like file sharing programs, chat programs and so on would all slow Skype down. So if you need to use Skype, try shutting some of those programs down and you should see a difference.

    Also try updating your sound cards.

  11. […] a poll we ran during our launch week here at last100, we asked ‘Can Skype replace your landline?‘, noting that, for business at least, the peer-to-peer technology on which Skype is based, […]

  12. Isac says:

    Skype is addicting, but I don’t see it replacing landlines anytime soon. Unless there are some very impressive software updates or breakthrough coding to improve the sound quality, it will be inferior to cell phones. Land lines will slowly become a thing of the past in my opinion, but they’ll be replaced by cell phones, not Skype. Just my 2 cents

  13. Paul says:

    I have a land line and my skype phone numbers plugged into a zoom 5900 phone adapter
    but when I call out all calls are on the land line and not my skype phone. What am I doing
    wrong? I am trying to save money on my phone calls. I would prefer to make calls on skype
    and get calls on my land line.

  14. Ge says:

    If software is installed on your computer for the adapter, try setting the options to something like ‘skype perferred’, or look in your manuel for changing the settings. often, adapters come preset to always make calls on landlines if possible, because most people aren’t willing to give them up yet (for obvious reasons explained in this article).

  15. SMC says:

    I love smc. They have helped me make my life so much better. Many thanks to the smc crew, you guys rock!

  16. SMC says:

    I love smc. They have helped me make my life so much better. Many thanks to the smc crew, you guys rock!

  17. hamada180 says:

    guys how can i use my landline on pc.? i mean is there any way ti use landline via modem,to call ?just landline,no internet ,plz if anybody can help me ,send me an email @ hamada180@hotmail.com

  18. hamada180 says:

    guys how can i use my landline on pc.? i mean is there any way ti use landline via modem,to call ?just landline,no internet ,plz if anybody can help me ,send me an email @ hamada180@hotmail.com

  19. john9fu90e4 says:

    to dial out using skype with your zoom adapter u must dial 011 (country code) (state code) (area Code) and the last four digits then * so if i was calling somewhere it might look like this when i dialout on my phone 011-1-(304)644-2837*

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