Weekly wrapup, 30 July – 3 August 2007

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Top digital lifestyle news

Lots of news this week.

In a post titled ‘CBS, Nielsen betting on gaming’s future‘, we reported on CBS’ coverage of the World Series of Video Games, thought to be the first major U.S. TV network to broadcast a video game tournament as a sporting event. Coincidentally, Nielsen Media Research, the TV ratings folks, launched last week “Nielsen GamePlay Metrics”, the first service of its kind to electronically track video game console usage and games played on PCs.

It’s being reported that eMusic has signed a deal with AT&T to sell ‘over-the-air’ music downloads to the telco’s millions of mobile phone users. eMusic is the second largest provider of paid-for music downloads (iTunes is number one) and specializes in selling tracks from independent record labels, DRM-free.

The Federal Communications Commission voted to approve rules governing an auction of 700MHz wireless spectrum that could alter the U.S. wireless industry’s competitive landscape. The commission voted to give consumers more choice and freedom with their cell phones and wireless devices. The “open access” provision will allow customers to use whatever phone and software they want on one-third of the network to be auctioned. The FCC, however, stopped short of a more ambitious provision that would have required a licensee to sell access to its network on a wholesale basis, something Google has openly sought.

More digital lifestyle news:


Our main feature of the week looked at Amazon’s invasion into the living room. The company’s products include: Amazon Unbox (a digital video download service), a soon-be-launched music service, and “information products” such as the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com). In the future, the Amazon could also integrate its various offerings via “cloud services”.

In a post titled ‘Old technology creates meaningful connections‘, Josh Catone argued that some older technology — particularly physical media —  has a more tangible connection with the user. He asks: “Is there any old technology that you refuse to give up? Why? Am I crazy not to give in and upgrade to an MP3 player?”

Video of the week

This week’s video review of the week was  “the show with zefrank”. Dan describes the show’s host, Hosea Jan Frank, as insightful and self aware as any of the top stand-up comedians performing today. His sign-off line is, “This is ZeFrank, thinking so you don’t have to.”


We also ran a poll this week asking…

Email addiction — where do you check your email?

That’s a wrap for the week! Enjoy the weekend. 

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