Poll: Email addiction — where do you check your email?

I don’t have a “crackberry” problem, as I don’t own a Blackberry. But I do check my email from bed, sometimes in the middle of the night — and I’m not alone. According to a survey carried out by AOL, email “addiction” is on the rise, with 40% of respondents admitting to checking their email while in bed. 53% say they check when in the bathroom; 37% are checking email while they drive; and 12% admit to checking email in church. Perhaps, more alarmingly, 15% of those surveyed, proclaimed themselves as email addicts.

Overall, mobile email usage has doubled since 2004.

Sound familiar? Just out of curiosity, we’d like to know if you’ve checked your email in one of these places? 🙂

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3 Responses to “Poll: Email addiction — where do you check your email?”

  1. I dearly hope no-one has emailed me from the loo. I’m an atheist who values his life, and food is too important. So, just bed for me. Does that make me a chaste email user? Weird.

  2. Maggy Young says:

    Try & make Sunday a mob. free zone unless needed. Easy.

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