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Internet TV: 10 UK on-demand and live video offerings compared

Last time we surveyed the UK’s live and on-demand Internet TV landscape (back in July 07), it was a bare-bones affair. The BBC’s iPlayer was Windows-only and hadn’t yet launched out of private beta, while rival broadcaster offerings were lacking content and, like the iPlayer itself, crippled by DRM and the need to install additional and sometimes conflicting software.

How things have changed.

Today, TV watching Brits are spoilt with choice when it comes to live and on-demand online from the 6 main UK broadcasters, along with a number of aggregators, including the newly launched SeeSaw, the closest yet to the US Hulu.

Read on for our full guide:

1. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayerBBC iPlayer has the most helpfully laid out video on demand site in the UK. However, the newer version of the site (currently on show at adds to this with an impressive new design. As ever, there is access to a TV schedule so you can find what was on when, for each channel.

The front page of the site has a small section that displayes featured programmes in each genre. However, clicking the “Show All” button takes you to a full listing for that genre. Down the side category pages are a list of all categories, which when clicked expand to show a list of sub-categories, and how many programmes are in each. Each of these pages have options to list programmes by how recently they were broadcast, or as a full A-Z list.

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Adobe Media Player launches – does the world need another Internet TV app?

Today, Adobe launched version 1.0 of its new desktop Internet TV application.

Adobe Media Player launches - does the world need another Internet TV app?The Adobe Media Player (AMP), built using the company’s Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) — a cross-platform technology designed to bring web-based applications to the desktop — is an aggregator and media player that enables users to subscribe to, download and playback Flash-based video. Included in the application is a directory of content provided by Adobe’s partners, including CBS, MTV Networks, Universal Music Group, PBS, CondĂ©Net, and Scripps Networks or, alternatively, users can add content from any Flash/MPEG4 video source that provides an RSS feed. In this respect, AMP can be compared to the video podcast functionality of Apple’s iTunes or the open source Miro. However, neither iTunes or Miro (or even VeohTV, which features similar functionality) offer a way for providers to monetize their content through advertising. This is where the Adobe Media Player is attempting to fill a void.

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