The Gadget Show Live: Forget iPad, supersize your iPhone says Elonex

“What is an iPad? An iPad is basically a big iPhone”, argued Nick Smith, Elonex CEO at last week’s The Gadget Show Live.

“Err, it’s a bit more than that”, I replied, before politely indulging in a product pitch for the company’s iDock XL, a portable 10inch screen that houses an iPhone (or iPod touch) and displays any video content coming from the device. It’s available for pre-order and costs £149.

With an out of the box iPhone, the iDock XL isn’t capable of displaying anything other than video (and photo) files. That’s because Apple otherwise limits the video-out of the iPhone/iPod touch when connected to a dock. However, Smith did say that if a user’s iPhone was jail broken, which of course he can’t recommend, then the iDock XL can replicate anything that Apple’s handheld displays, including apps.

We should also mention that the iDock XL isn’t a touch screen, so the iPhone itself is still required to control navigation.

Not very iPad after all.

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