I is back (from the Gadget Show Live 2010)

As is becoming a tradition at last100, I was away for the best part of last week at The Gadget Show Live (2010) in Birmingham, UK and generally taking a bit of time out to recharge my batteries, or at least that was the idea.

Aside from clocking up multiple Foursquare check-ins and quite a bit of mileage, I got to check out some of the latest consumer tech, which compared to last year’s show, was a little underwhelming. It just seemed that there wasn’t much new – and a lot of products were noticeably missing in action (Apple iPad anyone?)

Unlike last year, I also didn’t spot a mobile phone in sight, aside from a car mount for 3UK’s MiFi device (review), enabling in-car WiFi.

However, we did shoot a bit of video of three products that caught our eye: New eBook readers from Elonex, the newly refreshed Flip Mino HD (Cisco), and a Wii-like remote for 3view’s HD and Internet-enabled set-top box. We’ll be publishing those shortly…

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