Video: Could the Nintendo DSi become the second mainstream WiFi tablet?

Following Apple’s iPod touch, could Nintendo’s revamped handheld games console – the DSi – become the second “mainstream Wi-Fi mobile platform”? That’s a claim that the company’s first attempt – the DS Lite – could have made if it wasn’t for the crippling speed of its otherwise innovative dual screen web browser.

On Nintendo’s original device, web pages simply render far too slowly, and as I noted at the time, the company didn’t even bother to offer the Opera web browser on-board the console itself. Instead, the software came stored on a separate memory card so that you have to keep swapping it out when you want to actually play a game, and then change cards again every time you want to browse the web. Both these issues, however, have been addressed in the updated DSi model, as the following video demonstrates…

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  1. Sarah says:

    We think so, the originail Nintendo DS had some great usability features and the new model, should in theory be much better. It will be interesting to see if the “low res” camera is a killer feature or not. In the uk, it’s now about preordering and finding good places to get them..

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