Rumor: New Nintendo DS to encroach on iPod territory

With Apple recently re-positioning its iPod touch, and to a lesser extent iPhone, as a portable gaming device, in addition to media playback and Internet functionality, it would make some sense for Nintendo to move the other way with its DS handheld games console. And that’s exactly what might be about to happen.

According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, an upgraded version of the device sporting a built-in camera, larger screen, improved WiFi, and perhaps most significantly, music playback features, could be unveiled as early as Thursday.

It’s suggested that the inclusion of a camera would be utilized in new gaming experiences – think Sony’s EyeToy – while improved WiFi access could pave the way for a much better out-of-the-box web browsing experience. However, its an emphasis on music – and possibly video – playback that would raise the most eyebrows (including those in Cupertino) since it would mark a significant departure from Nintendo’s single-minded focus on gaming, and gaming alone, compared to competitors Microsoft, Sony and Apple.

(via The Register)

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