Weekly wrapup: YouTube on PS3 and Wii, DivX 7, Blockbuster/CinemaNow, Palm and more

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Internet TV

10 feet away: YouTube lands on PS3 and Wii

Perhaps taking a leaf out of the BBC iPlayer’s book, Google-owned YouTube have launched a version of the video sharing site designed specifically for viewing on a television.

DivX 7 adds support for Blu-ray rips

DivX looks set to continue to be the video format of choice for ‘grey’ content, with the company announcing that version 7 adds support for H.264 video and, more significantly, the Matroska (MKV) container.

Playing catch up, Blockbuster partners with CinemaNow

In a bid to play catch up with the likes of Apple, Netflix, Sony and Microsoft, video rental chain Blockbuster has signed a strategic partnership with Sonic Solutions, owners of the video download store CinemaNow.


Who has the most to fear from Palm’s “New-ness”?

Palm’s new webOS and Pre smartphone has the potential to take the mobile experience to the next level. Who should fear Palm’s “New-ness” most: Apple, Google’s Android, Blackberry, Nokia or Windows Mobile?

Why you may never see Firefox, Opera or Chrome on the iPhone

A report on Macrumors observes that the company appears to have relaxed its iPhone App Store policy in relation to third-party web browsers. This has led to many speculating that heavyweight competitors, such as Firefox, Opera or Google’s Chrome, could be next to land on the iPhone. Not so fast.

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