Report: 100,000 Roku Netflix set-top boxes sold

It was only yesterday that our friend Dan Rayburn over at Streaming Media was talking down the impact that Internet-delivered video was making in the living room. Or to quote Rayburn himself, his guest post for GigaOm was intended to “set expectations properly”, based on official figures and various estimates, which suggest that consumer facing set-top boxes from the likes of TiVo, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Roku and Vudu that are capable of delivering online video, have sold a lot less than what most people think.

Today, however, Rayburn admits he got one figure wrong. Based on a new source, Rayburn says that rather than selling 10,000 units, the Netflix player by Roku has sold closer to 100,000.

While it surprised me the number was that high, it does seem possible, as that would equal about 1% of Netflix’s 8.2 million customers. Considering the price point ($99) and the fact that the product’s marketing is very focused, to a targeted audience, Roku’s penetration rate would be higher than the average product that has only been on the market for eight weeks. Plus, once you have the Roku box, the content is free.

Rayburn goes on to suggest that it won’t be long before the Roku box outsells the AppleTV (we don’t disagree), especially with the promise that the Roku player will soon support more than just Netflix. “This little device has some real potential to make a real impact in the market”, he says.


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2 Responses to “Report: 100,000 Roku Netflix set-top boxes sold”

  1. JOEL says:

    I love my Roku Netflix Player. I’ve had it for a little over a week. I have it in my bedroom. Don’t have cable in that room so it’s perfect. Catching up on old episodes of L&O.

  2. Dave Zatz says:

    My Roku hasn’t been plugged in since the first week. There’s nothing on it worth watching or that I haven’t already seen. I’m thinking of giving it to my mom and letting her leach off my Netflix account.

    By the way, I highly doubt 100,000 units have moved.

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