Forget about getting any work done, every episode of "South Park" now available online

britneyEvery episode of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” available online is bad enough, but now we can watch 12 years worth of “South Park.” Man, I will never get anything done ever again.

(Try concentrating while playing the recent “South Park” episode “Britney’s New Look.” Impossible.)

Announced at the end of November, “South Park” episodes have finally come to the Web, legal, of high quality, and nicely organized, with minimal commercial interruption. Viacom/MTV, owner of “South Park” home Comedy Central, and SouthParkStudios are giving us every episode for free at

At the site you can stream full episodes, organized by season, and all sorts of clips (controversial goes without saying). There’s also “South Park” news, games, crap (downloads, mobile, and the store), and a fans section. Unfortunately, you cannot embed full episodes, but you can embed the 3,000 available clips.

SouthParkStudios is a joint venture between “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Comedy Central, with the parties splitting ad revenue 50/50. In addition to housing “South Park” content, the studios will also serve as a home for other animated projects from Stone and Parker. The arrangement also allows MTV Networks to expand its online video reach.

And now back to Britney’s new look.

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  1. Tanuja says:

    Well I don’t really like South Park, but it is a great way to promote South Park.It’s definitely a must with other TV series’.

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