Weekly wrapup, 18-22 Feb 2008

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Top digital lifestyle news

In a post titled ‘Blu-ray wins format war – much longer HD download battle lies ahead‘ we reported on the news this week that Toshiba is to cease production of HD DVD players and recorders, meaning that the next generation DVD format war is over and Blu-ray wins. “However, a much longer battle lies ahead – HD downloads – leading some to argue that the next-gen DVD format war is irrelevant. In the future consumers won’t buy physical media, they’ll purchase and download it over the Internet. True but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.”

In Apple-related news this week, BBC Worldwide (the commercial arm of the UK public broadcaster) has started selling television shows on iTunes UK. The BBC has also confirmed that a version of its UK-only TV catch-up service, iPlayer, will be coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch within weeks.

And to promote its newly launched movie rental service in the U.S., Apple has started offering “Weekend Movie Picks”, whereby a select title is being offered for rental each week at 99-cents.

We also reported on the launch of DVD Jon’s new company, doubleTwist, and the beta release of the doubleTwist application (Windows-only) that’s designed to allow users to share digital media files — music, video, pictures — across devices regardless of type or copy protection.

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Our main feature of the week was a guest post by Gerd Leonhard (author of “Music2.0“, co-author of “The Future of Music” and CEO of Sonific.com) titled ‘Flat Rate or Flat Line – further thoughts on the Music Flat Rate.’ Gerd states the case for a flat rate for digital music (something we’ve been calling a “music tax” here on last100) and how it would solve the music sharing “problem”.

That’s a wrap for the week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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