"Go!Messenger" – video, voice and IM chat coming to PSP

“Go!Messenger” video, voice and IM chat coming to PSPAt last week’s Games Convention in Leipzig, Sony announced more details of its soon-to-be released VoIP solution for the PlayStation Portable. “Go!Messenger”, developed in partnership with telco BT, adds video and voice calls, as well as instant messaging to the device using its built-in WiFi connection.

According to BT’s press release, the service will first launch in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy this January, “before extending its reach to more than 100 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.” No mention of North America, so as with Sony’s recently announced DVR solution for the PS3, U.S. customers look set to miss out.

In our earlier coverage, I noted that the PSP’s lack of a touchscreen maybe an issue when using the device for instant messaging. In response to these shortcomings, BT claims that the “Go!Messenger” software introduces “a new and intuitive on screen keyboard” which, presumably, goes someway to addresses this — although, until I get my hands on the software, I remain skeptical. However, for voice calls — and video, using the accompanying “G0!Cam” — the PSP will be perfectly adequate, especially with its gorgeous screen.

Other details:

  • The “Go!Messenger” software will be available as a download and can also be shared between users.
  • Contrary to earlier reports, you won’t have to be a BT Broadband customer as the service will work over any WiFi connection.
  • As well as enabling free PSP to PSP communication, the service will also allow free calls and messages to a range of existing BT softphone products and paid calls to fixed and mobile phones.

Kontaku has a nice video of the Games Convention announcement.

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10 Responses to “"Go!Messenger" – video, voice and IM chat coming to PSP”

  1. Decklane says:

    Wow some software for the PSP that might actually be useful. That is if they find a way to make it able to receive calls while it’s asleep. Otherwise the chance of receiving a call right when I have my psp on are extremely slim.

  2. N852 says:

    They are turning the psp into the ultimate iphone.

  3. Blaze says:

    when in jan is it gettin released

  4. Steve O'Hear (editor) says:

    @ Blaze

    That’s anybody’s guess!

  5. Beast says:

    it might sound good but u gone have 2 buy a headset jus to talk i think they jus tryin 2 get mo money out of us than dey already got

  6. psp games says:

    And that could make psp turn into another iphone but…

    Anyway, i wonder when they’re going to get more focused on producing more (quality) games for psp.

  7. Bob says:

    How much is this go messenger. Also where do you get it

  8. Bob says:

    Also is it cheap.

  9. uae_girl says:

    yaaah i have one but i think its boring i dont have anyone its boring but if any one want to be my freind This is my email in go massenger vip_girl999@hotmail.com i think

  10. Beast says:

    it might sound good but u gone have 2 buy a headset jus to talk i think they jus tryin 2 get mo money out of us than dey already got

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