Survey: consumers want an Internet-connected TV

Survey: consumers want an Internet-connected TVAccording to a survey carried out by iSuppli, nearly two-thirds of U.S. consumers want their televisions to link to the Internet. This, it’s suggested, could path the way for an explosion in sales of network-enabled consumer electronics devices in the next few years.

Home networking is migrating beyond the PC, says the report, and instead devices that sit on a user’s home network now include: DVD recorders, cable modems, Digital Televisions, multi-room Digital Video Recorders, digital media extenders, set-top boxes and video game consoles.

According to iSuppli:

Shipments of these network-equipped devices, along with consumer PCs and home network bridges and gateways, are expected to rise to 732.9 million units by 2011, more than triple the 225.3 million that were shipped in 2006.

The report also noted that by 2011, Wi-Fi will be the most common network interface for such products, followed by Cat 5, power line and coax. “The interface technology of choice will be significantly influenced by geographic region”, says iSuppli.

And although 76 million home LANs were deployed worldwide by the end of last year, there’s still plenty of market growth to come, as only 3 percent of homes currently are networked. As a result, makers of TVs and other consumer electronic devices are rapidly adding WiFi and other forms of connectivity to their products in order to deliver both user-generated and professional content from the Internet to the TV.

Of course, none of this is really news to readers of this blog!

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4 Responses to “Survey: consumers want an Internet-connected TV”

  1. Austin says:

    Surveys like this are always a little misleading. I’ve had my TV connected to the internet ever since I bought a Dreamcast.. (was that 1999? It was a while ago). 360, PS3, Wii, Apple TV, etc etc are all adding tremendous functionality right now.

    So If people really want this, why isn’t the explosion happening right now?

  2. Steve O'Hear (editor) says:

    I think there are a number of factors. First, as the article mentions, not everybody has a local area network (WiFi or otherwise), yet. This is changing fast, as more people get broadband and want it to be spread around the house. The second factor is ease-of-use. Things are getting easier to network, but not easy enough. The third factor is, as always, content!

  3. This would happen a lot faster if you could get a device straight from the store, turn it on and is already connected. The only device even remotely close to that is a 3G mobile phone.

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