Weekly wrapup, 2 – 6 July 2007

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Top digital lifestyle news

We opened the week with news that Jaman, a service which sells high definition movie downloads (rental and to-own), will soon be releasing an unofficial plug-in for the AppleTV. Although hackers have already had success adding new features to Apple’s set-top-box, this is the first known effort by a commercial company aiming to plug their service into the device to create a level playing field with Apple’s own content offerings.

Next up we reported on Universal’s decision not to renew its yearly licensing deal with Apple’s iTunes. Instead, Universal will license its music to Apple “at will”, meaning that the company can remove its songs from the iTunes store at short notice, which it hopes will put it in a stronger position when negotiating pricing and other terms in the future. However, we remain convinced that Universal needs Apple more than Apple needs Universal.

In other news: MGM is experimenting with ‘straight to download’ distribution. “A Dog’s Breakfast”, directed by David Hewlett (star of the sci-fi series, “Stargate Atlantis”), has made its debut on Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s Unbox.

When the Live Earth concerts take place tomorrow, all eyes (on the net at least) will be on MSN. In partnership with Control Room, Microsoft has secured the exclusive Internet streaming rights in 24 countries, and is predicted to pull in 500 million visitors to their dedicated Live Earth site.

More digital lifestyle news:


Three Internet TV applications were reviewed this week! VeohTV, which is pitching itself as a more open alternative to Joost; Zattoo, a p2p live streaming offering; and LiveStation, which like Zattoo also specializes in ‘live’ TV over the net, rather than on-demand content.

That a wrap for the week. Have a nice weekend!

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