Skype spotted on Nokia's Internet tablet

Skype spotted on Nokia’s Internet tablet N800Skype was touted as one of the killer-apps for Nokia’s newest version of its WiFi Internet tablet, the N800, and yet the Voice-over-IP software was noticeable by its absence when the device was released earlier this year — although support for Gizmo and Google Talk was included. However, that’s set to change.

Reporting from Digital Experience in New York, jkOnTheRun’s Kevin Tofel stopped by at Nokia’s booth where he saw a a demonstration of Skype running on the N800. Better still, the software should be available for download sometime in July. On the downside, however, they’ll be no video conferencing support, despite the device’s built-in webcam.

With all media attention focused on the iPhone, it’s worth mentioning that there’s almost zero chance of VoIP functionality coming to Apple’s device any time soon.

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