SanDisk portable media players to support DivX

SanDisk SansaDivX have announced a partnership with SanDisk which will see the company license its DivX video technology for use in SanDisk’s Sansa line of portable media players. As a result, future Sansa devices will be DivX-certified so that they are guaranteed to support DivX video including content from the company’s Stage6 video website.

SanDisk’s Daniel Schreiber is quoted as saying:

“This partnership aims to allow our customers to take full advantage of innovative video features and content found only through DivX”

While there is plenty of video only available through DivX, much of it is copyright-infringed content (including television episodes and feature films) found on file-sharing networks. As a result, SanDisk’s support for DivX will be popular with users who want the broadest access to content (legitimate or not), and could also give the company’s Sansa line of players a shot in the arm when trying to compete with the iPod, which currently doesn’t feature DivX playback.

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