Google Calendar goes mobile

Google Calendar mobileAlthough most modern cell phones have a built-in calendar application, trying to sync your appointments (or remembering to do so) between different devices, such as a smart phone and desktop computer, can be a hassle. An increasingly viable alternative — as mobile web access becomes ubiquitous and more affordable — is to store your data ‘in the clouds’ by using web applications such as those provided by Google and Yahoo. But for this to work requires those companies to create a mobile-friendly version of their web app — which for email, both companies have done, but until now, only Yahoo (out of the two) offered a mobile-friendly version of their calendar app.

In typical Google-like fashion, its mobile version of Calendar is a simple affair — perhaps a little bit too minimalistic. You can browse appointments, and add new ones, but curiously, you don’t seem to be able to edit an existing one.

To check out the mobile-friendly version of Calendar, point your phone’s browser to (or if your device doesn’t redirect automatically, or you want to check out the mobile version from a desktop browser, visit

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4 Responses to “Google Calendar goes mobile”

  1. Ryan says:

    Now i wonder when Google will set it up so we can use our mail applications on our phone to automatically go out and be able to two way sync our calendar other then using third party tools. Come on google, this is a feature I am sure most of the world on the go would love you for.

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  3. Barak says:

    Snaptu has a nice mobile Google Calendar. See

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