Weekly wrapup: DivX wins Hollywood's blessing, Nokia's Linux phone and Windows Netbook, Spotify on iPhone, and more

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Internet TV

How DivX delivered DRM into the living room and finally won Hollywood’s blessing

Download-to-own movie site Film Fresh (U.S.-only), in partnership with DivX, has secured content from Hollywood studios Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Sony and Warner Bros. The deal marks the first time that major studio content has been offered for sale in the DivX format in the U.S., according to Film Fresh.


Nokia can do UI design after all, Linux-based N900 unveiled

It had already been leaked to death, but frankly, if the walk-through video that’s been published today is anything to go by, I don’t think any of the previous pics or screen shots do this thing justice. I’m referring to Nokia’s new Linux-based smartphone come Internet tablet, the N900, which the handset maker has officially unveiled.

Why is Nokia entering the crowded Netbook market? Answer: the mobile carrier subsidy merry-go-round

In a move that might leave many a tech analyst scratching their head, Nokia have announced their own Windows Netbook, albeit a high-end one.

Digital Music

Spotify on iPhone approved by Apple

With Apple stuck between the FCC, Eurpean Union regulators and a hard place, I’m not that surprised to see the approval of music streaming service Spotify’s iPhone app. Apple today confirmed to paidContent that Spotify (currently Europe-only) has been given the green light and will be available in the App Store “very soon”.

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