Xbox 360 news from Comic-Con 2007

Xbox 360 HD DVD PlayerTo coincide with the start of Comic-Con 2007 yesterday, Microsoft announced that it will lower the price of the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player to $179 on August 1st, a drop of $20. Additionally, anyone who purchases a player before September 30th will receive five free HD DVD movies. The company also unveiled new exclusive content for the Xbox Live Marketplace:

Xbox LIVE will offer “300” on demand in HD starting Aug. 14, and is working with Warner Bros. at Comic-Con on a Bringing It Home campaign featuring “300” and other Warner Bros. properties. In advance of the street date for the “Heroes: Season 1” HD DVD boxed set, Xbox LIVE members will be able to download for free the show’s pilot episode in high definition for a limited time.

The $20 price drop isn’t huge, but the addition of five free discs is a pretty good deal. The offer is basically an extension of Toshiba’s “Perfect Offer” for their HD DVD Players, according to the press release.

Microsoft would be wise to aggressively pursue further exclusive content deals. These partnerships not only help to improve Xbox Live sales among current console owners, but should also help to introduce the Xbox 360 to new audiences. Think of all the “Heroes” fans who might be persuaded to check out Xbox Live simply because of this one deal.

Comic-Con 2007 started yesterday, and runs through July 29th. In addition the “300” campaign, you can download movie themes and trailers from the special Xbox site.

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  1. David Mackey says:

    Its cool to see Microsoft continuing to make the XBox a central hub in home entertainment.

  2. Andrew says:

    Where Can I see the list of the HD DVD’s?

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