VidZone, Sony PS3's on-demand music video service, is a hit with… record labels

vidzoneI was so underwhelmed with VidZone, the PlayStation 3’s on-demand music video service, that I couldn’t bring myself to review it. The UI is clunky and videos stream in a 4:3 aspect ratio, even for recent releases, so that they don’t fill up the whole screen on my High Def telly.

However, it seems that I’m in the minority, if the company behind VidZone is to be believed. The service is a hit with the major record labels, meaning that it’s presumably resonating with consumers too, its co-founders tell

After starting off by having to persuade the major labels to license their music videos to the service, VidZone says that the music industry is now knocking at their door.

“In terms of the music we’re receiving for the service we’re getting offered a number of world premiers of music videos ahead of MTV, MSN or Yahoo,” says Louisa Jackson, director of marketing for VidZone.

“We had to approach the major record labels to begin with but now it’s a case of labels coming back to us and saying ‘okay, how can you lead the music video strategy for the new music release of our artists?’. Which is really exciting because we’ve gone from watching a music video on TV to watching online, to a console where you’re watching both online and in a broadcast environment simultaneously.”

VidZone’s catalog has reached 13,000 music videos, according to the company, and that future upgrades planned include better search and proper support for wide screen TVs. On that note, perhaps I’ll give VidZone a second chance.

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