Weekly wrapup: Zattoo sued, Microsoft and Netflix, Napster tries again, Palm Pre release date, Sony PSP music downloads, and more

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Internet TV

Universal and Warner sue Internet TV startup Zattoo

Zattoo’s legal status is, arguably, a bit of a grey area. While the Internet TV service, which features live streaming of existing over-the-air and cable channels, claims it only does so within the law – either through government legislation or direct licensing agreements – its business model remains a controversial one. And it seems that Hollywood has finally taken notice.

Microsoft and Netflix bring streaming to Windows Media Center sans Extender support

It’s not the first time that Netflix functionality has been added to Microsoft’s Media Center software, but this week the two companies released an official plug-in for the PC to TV platform.

Digital Music

Napster tries again, unlimited streaming and five downloads for $5 per-month

Now under the stewardship of Best Buy, Napster is taking yet-another-stab at offering a compelling music service since its glorious P2P days of yesteryear. This time round the company is touting the combination of unlimited streaming of its 7 million strong music library in combination with 5 DRM-free downloads per month, all for a monthly subscription of just five dollars.

Sony considering PSP game rental and music download services

It’s looks like Sony may finally be getting serious about its download service for the PlayStation Portable (PSP), with the company considering a subscription-based game rental offering and a la carte music downloads akin to the iTunes Store.


Official: Palm Pre to go on sale June 6th, just two days before Apple’s WWDC – $200 with 2 year contract

After weeks and weeks of speculation, the cat is finally — and I mean finally — out of the bag. The Palm Pre will go on sale in the US on June the 6th, with the Sprint exclusive, for now at least, costing $200 after a $100 mail in rebate with a 2 year contract.

Linux on a Netbook? Intel thinks its all about the User Interface

While I remain skeptical of Linux’s chances to overtake Windows as the Netbook OS of choice, that isn’t stopping Intel who continue to invest in a Microsoft alternative.

Archos’ Android powered MID set to debut on June 11th?

Archos isn’t actually using the MID moniker and instead refers to said device as an Internet Media Tablet, emphasizing its support for a range of audio and video codecs, including High Definition video playback, along with the ability to surf the web and access other Internet-based content.

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