Zatz Not Funny: Has TiVo lost its way?, Eye-Fi Explore Video, Cablevision, Moxi HD DVR

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Has TiVo, Inc lost its way?

Has TiVo, Inc lost its way?

Has TiVo, Inc lost its way?

Dave Zatz: The New York Times is out with a piece covering a number of TiVo’s advertising initiatives. Which I was ready to let go, until I came upon this beauty: “TiVo is not the only company devising a solution to commercial-skipping.”

Hands on with Eye-Fi Explore Video

Dave Zatz: The Eye-Fi folks recently shipped me their new 4GB ‘Explore Video’ WiFi card ($99) for review. Unfortunately, the higher capacity SDHC card is incompatible with my aging SD-only digital cam (and I no longer own a Zi6). So we’ve kept it in the family, and Brent’s posted a hands on review over at Geek Tonic using his more capable camera.

Cablevision breaks the speed barrier and more

Mari Silbey: Cablevision is going renegade. Unlike many other operators, the company has come out against bandwidth caps. And now to add to that rebel stance, Cablevision is introducing a new speed tier at $99.95 per month with 101 Mbps downstream.

A non-geek look at Moxi’s HD DVR

Dave Zatz: I’m still getting familiar with my loaner retail Moxi HD DVR ($800, no fees). The Moxi UI is high def lusciousness and it offers some compelling features beyond requisite DVR functionality – such as the ticker, media streaming, and web browsing (!). And not an ad in sight. However… The interface does take a bit of getting used to.

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