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Note: Blogging was a little light last week on last100. Apologies, normal coverage should resume this week!

Mobile World Congress

This week was a big one in mobile, with plenty of news coming from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona…

MWC: Five handsets that caught my eye

This week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona has seen a flurry of handset announcements boasting, amongst other features, more megapixels, support for HD video, OLED screens and touchscreen UIs. Here are five handsets that caught my eye.

Nokia announces ‘Ovi’ mobile app store – is that a Facebook app I see?

Interestingly, both MySpace and Facebook are cited as early partners, with each social networking site set to offer a dedicated app when the Ovi Store launches. While this in itself feels like Nokia playing catchup, it’s very much needed and is a nod in the right direction in terms of the company not putting all of its social networking eggs in one basket.

Video: 26 minutes of Palm Pre goodness

Sadly, we didn’t learn much new about the Pre at MWC, such as an exact release date (either in the States or here in the UK), but the good folks over at precommunity.com did capture an extended demo – all 26 minutes – of Palm’s comeback device.

Internet TV

Hulu blocks Boxee, could Firefox, IE and Safari be next?

The news that Hulu has asked Boxee to remove access to its content is ridiculous on many levels.

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