We have our HP Magic Giveaway winner

We now have a winner for our latest HP super duper giveaway. The $6,000 worth of HP and Microsoft goodies goes to T. Smith from the US who named their five favorite digital lifestyle products and services of 08 as:

  • iPhone 3g
  • Wii Fit
  • HP Mini 100
  • Unibody MacBook
  • Blackberry Storm

Thanks to everybody who entered. Best of luck next time.

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15 Responses to “We have our HP Magic Giveaway winner”

  1. Caffery says:

    Congrats to Tim Smith!
    You are so lucky, without explanation on why you choose them.

  2. Bio Hazard says:

    I’m not gonna participate in these P contests.Last time i couldn’t win even after trying it in 31 sites & this time 50 sites.Luck has never favoured me in anything.Worst XMas ever for me. 🙁

  3. G.Smith says:

    Damn, I thought that was me for a second there. Congrats to the winner with the same last name as me.

  4. sushrukh says:

    Atleast you still have won some nice things Slug for your XMas.I did participate in all these 50 websites & in the 31 websites for the previous HDX Dragon contest but still didn’t win anything.Looks like i’m wasting my time & effort in these contests where i won’t win anything ever for sure.

  5. morning says:

    yeas this can get us down, especially in this season, and worst was the other sites asking why you should deserv that prize, like if they have the moral to ask that,and all the people talk about their miserable real or virtual for a sec lives. Sad, and worst was what seem to happen at jkontherun site, where 2 guys claimed the prize that was not them, this world gonne mad..

  6. Gad says:

    Congrats T.Smith! That’s an awesome prize for the year! Hopefully other companies will do similar giveaways this year. It’s always worth trying, even if you ‘never win’. Just ask T. Smith 🙂

  7. sushrukh says:

    Are you serious that spending more than 100+ hours & getting nothing for it is worth it ? Well i don’t think so.If you try your hands in only a few of them then maybe it would worthy for you but trying 50+31=81 times & still no success isn’t worth it from my point of view.

  8. hehehe says:

    why all of the sites favor winners from the US. I thought its an international competition…IMHO..

  9. Steve says:

    It was an international competition and then a random draw. That’s all. No conspiracy here folks.

  10. Gad says:

    @sushrukh, I don’t even see how your point. You’re the one who spent 100 hours+ on this. My comment reflected that you should at least put your name in, not treat it like the lottery.

  11. sushrukh says:

    Not only me who spent so much time on this.There were many.And maybe this Last100 contest was easy but there were many others where you had to do a lot of work just to enter the competition.Anyways, all has ended.So, what’s the point in arguing ? Merry Christmas to all.

  12. sushrukh says:

    @ hehehe :- Is that something new that you could found ? It always was like that & it will always be.Even in all the international contests, US residents get picked at 99% of the times while random or while hand picked. 🙁

  13. Hi . . .
    HP is the best ( Printer, Ink, Laser-jet, Server, Note book, etc )

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