HP’s Magic Giveaway – your chance to share the magic

We’re one of fifty blogs that have been chosen to participate in another super duper giveaway from HP. This time round, it’s bigger and better, with a new twist: we’ll ask the eventual winner to share the magic — $6,000 in HP gear, Microsoft software, and accessories. Included in that bundle are a few items that will particularly resonate with last100 readers, including the new HP netbook and a neat looking media extender. That’s in addition to a couple of other laptops and more.

(Visit the official HP Magic Giveaway site.)

The full list of kit:

  • HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC with Windows
  • HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC with Windows
  • HP MediaSmart Connect
  • HP Pavilion dv4-1145go Entertainment Notebooks with Windows
  • HP Mini 1000 series with Windows
  • HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO
  • HP 564 Series Photo Value Pack
  • Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007
  • Kung Fu Panda widescreen DVDs

Stay tuned for details on our contest and be sure to check out each of the other sites — after the jump — to enter their contests too.

Participating sites:

Gotta Be Mobile
Barb’s Connected World
Gear Live
Small Biz Vista
JK On the Run
I Started Something
Bleeping Computer
The Gadgeteer
Planet x64
Digital Home Thoughts
Digital Inspiration
Geek News Central
The Digital Lifestyle
Last 100
Geeks To Go!
Slashdot Review
Windows Connected
Techie Diva
One Day, One Job
Student Bloggers
Study Hacks – Demystifying College Success
Noticias Tech
La Bitácora de Erwin Ried
Carlos Alberto
Unión de Bloggers Hispanos
Living – In Theory
Moosh in Indy
Morningside Mom
Thoughts on poetics & tech
Stop, Drop & Blog
Down-to-Earth Mama
merlot mom

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19 Responses to “HP’s Magic Giveaway – your chance to share the magic”

  1. adacosta says:

    I so hope I win this time.

  2. Sushruta says:

    I do hope that too.There’s plenty of chances this time because of 50 sites are participating.Lot more than previous Dragon contest where 31 sites did participate. 🙂

  3. adacosta says:

    Thats true Sushruta, but then again who would have thought it would have been so easy to lose 31 contest?

  4. Sushruta says:

    Yeah i also am little tired this time even though it has just been started.I won’t be participating in any site which will require me to post like mad because i know it’ll be a complete waste of time & effort from our end.Let’s see how it goes.

  5. adacosta says:

    Those ones were definitely time wasters, but when you take into account the incentive in this contest, its at least worth doing it I believe. I am gonna be realistic though, if 10 out of the 50 blogs are running the contest that way, I am not gonna even bother. There were some creative ones though like story writing and creating a game level (which I cannot do). Wish you all the best.

  6. Sushruta says:

    Yeah i don’t know what do you think about a specific site’s contest.I can’t name them but they are holding the main prize of the contest ( the HP TouchSmart ) to themselves because they are saying that they will be giving the main price to a children charity which they haven’t yet been finalized.Something is fishy i think.What do you think those childrens will do with a touch screen PC ? But if they are seriously doing it, that’s great but i really doubt that.And they are requiring people to work hard & make a banner for their site.I’m not gonna waste my time there, where the main prize has been taken out from the prize pool.

  7. adacosta says:

    I am specifically entering for the Touch Smart. If I’m not gonna get that it would be a disappointment, then again, the other prizes are really nice too, especially the Mini 1000. I honestly don’t know what they would do with Touch Smart, then again, children would love to use it for painting and other types of interactive activities. HP said the blogs are responsible for making the rules. Could you link to those sites Sushruta?

  8. Sushruta says:

    There’s only 1 site which i was referring to.

    Here u go my friend :- ” http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=703430

    Best of luck if you do enter.

  9. adacosta says:

    Interesting, the contest is fair in the respect that a lot of persons get to benefit from the prize package. Then again, there is no choice in it all if there was only one winner. I am aiming for the Touch Smart, so its best I not enter NeoWin’s contest although the gesture is very thoughtful and they are actually loading it up with Windows 7 (which is interesting in itself because build 6801 is prebeta). I respect their decision though, but I really want that Touch Smart. 😉

  10. Sushruta says:

    I hope this event goes well for both of us. 🙂 Gearlive contest should’ve started already but donno what is on their mind.The HDX contest of Gearlive was a complete mess.Hope they don’t organize a posting contest again.

  11. adacosta says:

    I tried registering during the HP HDX back in June at Gear Live and my account was never confirmed. I tried registering this morning again and account still cannot be confirmed. I don’t know whats up with that site. Oh well, NeoWin has a post with the contest dates for each site. You might want to check it:

  12. Sushruta says:

    Thanks for sharing Adacosta.I’ve got that piece of info in my inbox because last time i’ve subscribed in nearly all those site’s RSS Feeds.So, i get to know about this contest much earlier. 🙂 And i’ve seen your comment on Gearlive.You can try registering there again using a different Email.Maybe they are filtering some of the free Email providers.In my case, my Hotmail didn’t work but my Yahoo mail did.I think, as long as you are participating using only one Email id & username,that shouldn’t be counted as cheating by them.

    What do you think about entering in the Spanish sites btw ?

  13. adacosta says:

    Thanks for the info Sushruta will try my Yahoo address. I am not sure I will enter all sites, that would include the Spanish ones, well maybe, if it just requires that you click to enter.

  14. kat says:

    good luck to all and congratulations to the winner.

  15. Sushruta says:

    Who are you congratulating to Kat ? The contest hasn’t yet been started here.

  16. kat says:

    Sushruta its just a wish for everyone,

  17. adacosta says:

    Thanks Kat. 🙂

  18. In a time when when people are losing their jobs , Homes, and ect….Thank God for companies like HP who are still out there giving!

  19. Ray Lam says:

    so how does this winning process work out..? i’m still quite confused as to how people are winning. i really never remember what i won in my life if you mention it. i do hope i win something. I was hoping to contribute to my family somehow over Christmas. Though both of my parents dont have a pc of their own currently they wish to learn but would have to buy an expensive one none the least. i hope i can give this as a Christmas wish to them since they have been along waiting for their own pc. Others stuff i was thinking about donating them back to either my community or some charity because they would probably need it more than me… but anyways i hope i do win…

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